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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 03:59 PM
Number of posts: 67,652

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Why War?

stumbled onto this artist's site this morning:

More interesting art here:

Obama: GOPers Like Huck, Trump Would Be 'Ridiculous' If They Weren't So Sad

Obama said Huckabee's remark was
"part of just a general pattern that we've seen that would be considered ridiculous if it weren't so sad."


Holy Chutzpah Batman! Dick Cheney's Nuclear Confession:

CHENEY: "Usually, we have historically underestimated the nuclear efforts of others"

You Think?????

See how he "underestimated" Iraq WMDs?

There weren't any.



It is who we are-It is a price to pay for freedom-we are told -& yet-somehow-we are less & less free

Re-Post: Of Course It's the Guns. It's Always the Guns.
(This is a repost from a month ago because there's very little left to say. One word has been added: Lafayette, which is the Rude Pundit's hometown.)
- See more at: http://rudepundit.blogspot.com/#sthash.zpVhDGzf.dpuf


But we are so afraid. Politicians are afraid of the NRA. Gun owners are afraid of government power. Everyone is told to be afraid of their neighbors, the black guy walking down the street, the Muslims in front of a mosque. And that fear has made us hold to our guns, if not in actuality then in support of mild laws and compromising politicians.

Yet reality demonstrates again and again that, mostly, the fear is over nothing, over a lie. There's never a good guy with a gun around when you need one. And, no, more guns won't solve that.

This post is absent of facts. It's absent of links. It's absent of stated context, although you know what the reference points are. They have become a mantra of places: Lafayette, Charleston, Newtown, Aurora, and many more already part of the chant and many more to be added.

This blogger has grown weary of the depraved ignorance that has taken the place of rational discussion. He's long been amazed at how people who are wary of the motives of the government they elected don't have any suspicions of the organizations and corporations who only answer to the dollar. Very little surprises him anymore, not even this latest massacre.


- See more at: http://rudepundit.blogspot.com/#sthash.zpVhDGzf.dpuf

President OBAMA re: GOP Candidates: "The American People Deserve Better"

The president said Huckabee's comments were "part of just a general pattern that we've seen that would be considered ridiculous if it weren't so sad."

"Maybe this is just to push Mr. Trump out of the headlines but it's not the kind of leadership that is needed for America right now," he added. He also pointed back to Trump's remarks deriding the war record of Sen. John McCain, R-Arizona, and said, "The Republican party is shocked and yet that arises out of a culture where those kind of outrageous attacks have become far too commonplace and yet circulated nonstop through the Internet and talk radio and news outlets."

Plus, the president added, when "outrageous statements like that" are made about him, the same people who were outraged by what Trump said about McCain were "pretty quiet."

"We are creating a culture that is not conducive to good policy or good politics. The American people deserve better. Certainly presidential debates deserve better,"
Mr. Obama said.


It turns out that somebody is doing the raping --- "job creators" like Donald Trump

It turns out that somebody is doing the raping --- "job creators" like Donald Trump:

The H-2 visa program invites foreign workers to do some of the most menial labor in America. Then it leaves them at the mercy of their employers. Thousands of these workers have been abused deprived of their fair pay, imprisoned, starved, beaten, raped, and threatened with deportation if they dare complain. And the government says it can do little to help. A BuzzFeed News investigation...

All across America, H-2 guest workers complain that they have been cheated out of their wages, threatened with guns, beaten, raped, starved, and imprisoned. Some have even died on the job. Yet employers rarely face any significant consequences.

Many of those employers have since been approved to bring in more guest workers. Some have even been rewarded with lucrative government contracts. Almost none have ever been charged with a crime.

In interview after interview, current and former guest workers often on the verge of tears used the same word to describe their experiences: slavery.



Aren't They Just SO Special?

Following a successful raid (ie: sign up) at local free food pantry, the patriots had to share their spoils of war!


Oh Dear FOX - Please Stop Trying To Teach US

Rush Limbaugh Praised The Size Of An Iran Protest - But It Was A Trayvon Martin Protest


Take a load off dick.....

pics still blowing my feeble mind:
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