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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 03:59 PM
Number of posts: 67,648

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FOX looks on the bright side.....

Who Is Burning Black Churches?

America knows who has been burning black churches, but it refuses to say
After several suspicious fires in just one week, many have been tweeting #WhoIsBurningBlackChurches, but we all know the answer

Read about it here:

The inspiring story of how hard work & his dad becoming president made Jeb! a millionaire

Jeb Bush’s income soared after his dad — and then his brother — became president



mr. fish

"Why don't you get off welfare & put on something more conventional"

"She was this far outside the box."


Cruz: “Here I was as a 26-year-old man looking at explicit porn with Justice Sandra Day O’Connor"

Cruz watched pornography alongside Supreme Court justices:

During Cruz's clerkship, the court took on a case challenging a law that regulated online pornography. The justices and their clerks had to do some interesting research before the oral arguments:

Most of the justices were in their sixties or older. Few knew much of anything about the Internet. So the librarians of the Court designed a tutorial for them. They set up sessions for two justices at a time and their clerks. As it happened, our Rehnquist group was paired with Justice O’Connor. In a small room gathered the Chief, Justice O’Connor, and their respective law clerks. The librarians’ purpose was to demonstrate to the justices how easy it was to find porn on the Internet. I remember standing behind the computer, watching the librarian go to a search engine, turn off the filters, and type in the word cantaloupe, though misspelling it slightly. After she pressed “return,” a slew of hard-core, explicit images showed up on screen. Here I was as a twenty-six-year-old man looking at explicit porn with Justice Sandra Day O’Connor who was standing alongside the colleague she had once dated in law school. As we watched these graphic pictures fill our screens, wide-eyed, no one said a word. Except for Justice O’Connor, who lowered her head, squinted slightly, and muttered, “Oh, my."

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