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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 03:59 PM
Number of posts: 67,655

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"If Obama had stopped the Russians then I wouldn't have colluded with them."

“If Obama had stopped the Russians then I wouldn’t have colluded with them. So, when you think about, my treason is really Obama’s fault.”


The Wall Street Journal asks, “WHERE IN THE WORLD WAS BARACK OBAMA?” A very good question!


... Reuters now reporting that Giuliani's claim of a Sept. 1 deadline was "entirely made-up".

Good job again, NYT! Wow, story could just have been:

"Rudy lies again!"


2 wks ago-A woman tried to call police re: Black folks barbecuing -The Scene TODAY in that same spot



The view from Trump's brain - by Tom Tomorrow


Nancy Pelosi: THIS is who THEY are:


They will go to church today and “pray.”

Then, tomorrow and during the rest of the week, Republicans will prey on children and vulnerable communities through their rotten #GOPFarmBill.

This is who they are.

Democrats are rolling out a new plan to make the midterms about Trump corruption, WaPo reports.

Also a good reminder that corruption helped Dems flip Congress in 2006:


Joan Walsh: "When our young people show they've studied history it is so beautiful!"

David Hogg to NRA:

You know what else is a stimulent? The Cocaine that Oliver North helped bring into the US via his criminal support of the Contras in the 80s.

I can't wait to see you defend a criminal Felon that helped flood the streets of America with Cocaine in the 80s and gave guns to terrorists. I am genuinely curious as to how your PR team will respond to this.





-Rudy says-: "Mueller's office told him they plan to complete investigation of Trump by Sept. 1"

SCOOP: Rudy says Mueller's office told him they plan to complete investigation of Trump by Sept. 1. Rudy says if it goes longer it could improperly impact midterms. w/@maggieNYT https://www.nytimes.com/2018/05/20/us/politics/mueller-trump-obstruction-september-giuliani.html


George Conway just retweeted this:

The Department of Justice doesn't open investigations for political purposes, which is what the president says today he will order tomorrow. There are rules. And I'm convinced there are people left in this government who will follow them.


Scott Dworkin: Tump WH bracing for indictments of Americans for conspiring against US & fraud...

From Scott Dworkin:

BREAKING: Republican lobbyist just told me that Trump and his White House are “bracing” for indictments of Americans prob for conspiring against US & fraud. Likely to include Roger Stone, Sam Clovis, and more charges against Paul Manafort. Maybe Kushner and Don Jr.

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