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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 03:59 PM
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No matter what Nunes says tonight-Remember-Sen McConnell walked out & declared support for Mueller

No matter what @DevinNunes says tonight, remember that @SenateMajLdr walked out of the Gang of 8 meeting and declared his support for the Mueller investigation.


Updated at 6:31 p.m. ET

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., told NPR in an interview that he continues to support the Mueller Russia investigation ó and that nothing in Thursday's hotly anticipated secret briefing on the Russia probe to congressional leaders changed his mind.

"The two investigations going on that I think will give us the answers to the questions that you raise ó the [inspector general] investigation in the Justice Department and the Mueller investigation," McConnell said. "I support both of them, and I don't really have anything to add to this subject based upon the Gang of Eight briefing that we had today, which was classified."

McConnell spoke with NPR immediately following a classified intelligence briefing from law enforcement and intelligence officials. The Gang of Eight ó a bipartisan group of the four top congressional leaders and the four bipartisan leaders of the House and Senate intelligence committees ó met with representatives from the Department of Justice and the FBI to discuss materials regarding a confidential FBI source who met with Trump campaign officials.

McConnell has remained the most prominent congressional Republican to defend Mueller and his investigation amid a concerted effort by Trump and conservative supporters to discredit that investigation.


McConnell knows that Donald will be taken down by Mueller. in fact, anybody in the GOP with even a slight amount of intelligence knows it. McConnell wants to teeter on the right side of history AND keep his office, so he knows better than to try to discredit Mueller.


In USA: Woman forced to wear yellow insignia bracelet as she is ripped away from her children

A weeping mother has been forced to wear a yellow insignia (bracelet) as she is ripped away from her children indefinitely.

In the United States. By policy.

Read this story.


Giuliani: 'Trump more likely to sit down with Kim Jong Un than with Mueller'

Rudy Giuliani said Trump is more likely to eventually sit down with Kim Jong Un than with Robert Mueller: "At least theyíre not going to try to trap him into Korean perjury.Ē


Schiff will now attend BOTH briefings, including the Nunes/Gowdy/Ryan briefing at noon,

Yet another change of plans to briefing over confidential FBI source: Pelosi says that Schiff will now attend BOTH briefings, including the Nunes/Gowdy/Ryan briefing at noon, per @ElizLanders



Can we laugh in their faces this morning?

New commemorative coin released...


Cracked Me Up: South Korea reacts to Pres Trump's letter to North Korea:

South Korea reacts to Pres Trump's letter to North Korea: "We are attempting to make sense of what, precisely, President Trump means"


Remind you of anyone?


RUDE PUNDIT: "Won't someone, for the love of God, stop him from fucking those sheep?"


I have been sitting here, drinking away the lunch hour(s), trying to figure out a way to encapsulate the hogpile of fuckery that has involved the Trump administration just in the last few days.

I've thought about metaphors, like say Donald Trump is pretty much a guy who likes to fuck sheep but he's always just lived on a small farm with only a couple of sheep in the barn for him to fuck, but then, all of a sudden, someone mistakes his fucking of sheep for being a really good shepherd and he's hired to take care of a giant flock which for him is like fuck paradise and now he's fucking all the sheep he can, fucking them every which way, in their sheep asses, in their sheep pussies, in their sheep ears, sometimes just rubbing his dick on the fleece on their bodies until he orgasms, and no one's stopping him, no matter how much people point over the fence and say, "He's fucking the sheep, sweet Jesus. He's fucking the sheep," but no one who could stop him from sheep-fucking is going to stop him, and, horrible as it is, you can't look away because there's a fat old man fucking sheep.


I know we keep thinking, like a mantra to give us some modicum of peace, "Just wait until the midterms. Wait until the midterms." But unless Democrats take back both houses of Congress by overwhelming majorities, something that is frankly impossible, we still need Republicans to shake off whatever combination of craven political power-mongering and greed they have in order to step the fuck up here. Even in 2019, Republicans would be needed to remove Trump from office over any of the extravagantly impeachable scandals that are racking up on a daily basis.

Again, I'm not even talking about whatever Robert Mueller's investigation might find. I'm saying that the crisis is here, now, and it's not just in the big, grand uber-scandal that Trump is not the legitimate president. I'm talking about the quotidian, easily comprehensible graft and threats. What we might simple call "the dictator shit." And he's getting away with the dictator shit because the elected officials who are supposed to stop the dictator shit aren't doing a goddamn thing.

That's on Republicans. But the GOP has signaled, in ways small and big, that not only are they not interested in holding Trump to account, but they will do what they can to aid and abet the entire hogpile of fuckery, starting with the repulsive pile of goat vomit, Devin Nunes, who will go down the shitter of history as "that fucker who kept letting Trump get away with it." And that'll go for nearly every Republican in Congress right now. This is the other big scandal: the dereliction of duty by the majority party in the Legislative Branch.

But that kind of talk does us no good. The best we can hope is that a 2018 Democratic wave will scare the shit out of Republicans. Hell, it might even make a few of them change party when the choice is fealty to a vile orange blob or the possibility of some kind of redemption. Trump's balls can't taste that good.

And Democrats should run on those easily understandable scandals, not the Russia stuff, precisely because it's just easier to communicate in a 30-second ad: He took a bribe. He threatened to make your Amazon deliveries cost more. He's an asshole because of that and needs to be stopped. Right now, Republicans aren't doing their fucking jobs. Democrats can run on just doing the fucking job of a member of Congress.

Otherwise, yeah, we're all just standing at the gate, yelling, "Won't someone, for the love of God, stop him from fucking those sheep?"

the rest:

Michael Cohen's Business Partner pleads guilty to tax evasion & agrees to cooperate as a witness

A significant business partner of Michael Cohen, Evgeny A. Freidman (a Russian immigrant known as the Taxi King), has quietly agreed to cooperate with the government as a potential witness, NYT reports.

A significant business partner of Michael D. Cohen, President Trumpís personal lawyer, has quietly agreed to cooperate with the government as a potential witness, a development that could be used as leverage to pressure Mr. Cohen to work with the special counsel examining Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

Under the agreement, the partner, Evgeny A. Freidman, a Russian immigrant who is known as the Taxi King, will avoid jail time, and will assist government prosecutors in state or federal investigations, according to a person briefed on the matter.

Mr. Cohenís conduct was initially examined by Robert S. Mueller III, the special counsel investigating the 2016 election that led to Mr. Trumpís victory, and then referred to the United States attorneyís office in Manhattan. Last month, federal agents carried out search warrants at Mr. Cohenís home, his office and a hotel room where he was staying, seeking documents related to his business associates and accountants.

Mr. Trumpís lawyers have been resigned to the strong possibility that the investigation of Mr. Cohenís businesses could lead him to cooperate with federal prosecutors.



"Trumpís lawyers have been resigned to the strong possibility that the investigation of Cohenís businesses could lead him to cooperate with federal prosecutors. That likelihood could become greater with a business partner of Cohenís cooperating with law enforcement."


A business partner of President Donald Trump's lawyer Michael Cohen has agreed to cooperate with prosecutors, The New York Times reported Tuesday.

The partner, the large New York City taxi fleet operator Evgeny Friedman, pleaded guilty Tuesday to evading taxes in court in Albany Court.



When TPM interviewed Friedman last year he told @allegrakirkland that he and Michael Cohen "talk daily sometimes."

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