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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 03:59 PM
Number of posts: 67,620

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A chyron for our time...

Rick Wilson: About "Stupid-Gate"

“On Fox News, talk radio and in the Trump-right online media armies, the innocent Trump campaign was the victim of FBI spying against them, ordered by notorious Kenyan Muslim sleeper agent Barack Obama, evil sorceress Hillary Clinton and their army of Deep State apparatchiks.

The President wants you to call the FBI's Russian counterintelligence program Spygate, but rational people have declined to indulge him. Stupidgate is instead just a ludicrous new chapter in the long chronicle of Trump dumbassery. (snip)

For the FBI actions Trump calls Spygate to be a real concern, it would require malice. Instead, we've seen justification after justification for a robust counterintelligence response to Russian malfeasance. Drawn to the Trump campaign like flies to the biggest manure pile in the universe, the FBI wasn't after him, but rather — quite properly — the Russians who sought to (and may have succeeded) in subverting American democracy and corrupting our elections.

There's a line in the 1990s film "Grosse Point Blank" where John Cusack's assassin character defends his line of work. He says, "If I show up at your door, chances are you did something to bring me there."

the rest:

American Taliban - the real threat to USA

A Trump Memorial Day

Trump bemoans the "young and beautiful lives" of his band of aging, treason-happy thugs...


.....He is using the “bleeding heart” arguments he’s hearing about the children ripped from their mothers, turning them around and applying them to his own staffers. Think he’s not that evil? Think AGAIN!


ACLU to Lying Potus: No law requires this -- separating parents & children is your admin's choice

No law requires this — separating parents and children is your administration’s choice.

Hundreds of kids as young as 18 months are in danger of suffering lifelong trauma.

We won’t let you shift the blame or use families as bargaining chips for your wall.


In 1934, a German football team was banned from playing because they wouldn't give Nazi salute



Mueller has a dead man switch. If they start firing people they'll press Send on pile of indictments

Mueller has a dead man switch. If they start firing people they’ll press a Send on a pile of indictments.

On @chrislhayes just now we learned that Mueller has a dead man switch. If they start firing people they’ll press a Send on a pile of indictments.

at around 8:35 minutes...

When will the injustice end


Rocket Man

President Trump, fearing the North Koreans might beat him to the punch, wanted to be the one to cancel first, multiple officials told NBC News.
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