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The "I can't believe that comedienne would say something so vulgar" starter pack.


Netanyahu: Don't look here where we're shooting children, look over there at Iran -by Juan Cole

What is going on now is an attempt to pull the wool over people’s eyes about that and to con them into spending $6 trillion on another ruinous Middle East conflict.

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, a notorious warmonger, serial liar and supremacist racialist who used to lead the closest thing Israel has to a fascist party until parties even more extreme got elected to parliament, is attempting to bamboozle the clueless Trump into getting on a war footing with Iran.

Netanyahu’s breathless announcement that there was a potential weapons aspect to Iran’s nuclear enrichment program has been known for a decade and a half.

Netanyahu even seems to have provoked the White House to issue a communique falsely stating that Iran has a weapons program presently, which it promptly had to retract. The incident is so scary because it shows how easy it is to manipulate the erratic Trump and his not-ready-for-prime-time staff. That sort of thing, David Frum said on Twitter, can cause a war. And he should know.

But the retraction is incorrect, as well. Iran in the distant past had done some things that would be helpful if it had launched a full blown weapons program. It never did launch such a program.


So why try to put Iran on the front burner of American war-making? It is a desperate attempt on Netanyahu’s part to divert world attention from the ongoing Israeli Apartheid discrimination against the stateless Palestinians, which it militarily occupies (directly with jackboots and colonial settlers on the West Bank, indirectly with military encirclement and the sniping of innocent protesters in Gaza).

In recent weeks, Israeli snipers have used live ammunition to kill some 40 and wound hundreds of Palestinians who were unarmed and peacefully protesting their imprisonment in the Gaza Strip (70% of their families were kicked out of their homes in Israel and now live in squalid refugee camps while European Israelis took over their houses and farmland and are living it up). The sniping victims have including children, journalists, demonstrators distant from the Israeli confinement fence, and worshipers at prayer with the mention of God on their lips. Shooting unarmed people who pose no threat is a war crime, and doing it systematically amounts to a crime against humanity. So too is the crime of Apartheid described in the Statute of Rome as a “crime against humanity,” and Israel manifestly and robustly practices Apartheid against the Palestinians under its military heel.

the rest:

Gates To Trump: Offered White House Position Is 'Not A Good Use Of My Time'

When Bill Gates brought up the vacant White House science adviser position to President Donald Trump in an Oval Office meeting last month, Trump immediately offered him the position—only to be rebuffed.

“That’s not a good use of my time,” Gates responded, according to an interview he did with medical site Stat published Monday.


Mueller says he needs to question Trump -To see if he acted with "Criminal Intent" when firing Comey

This seems key.

Whether or not Trump would ever be charged w/obstruction...

...Mueller told Trump's lawyers that he needs to question Trump to determine whether he acted with "criminal intent" in firing James Comey:


Trump: "No questions on Collusion"?

13 of the questions are about collusion and there’s no indication it’s an exhaustive list. (Also the questions were leaked by someone who got them from Trump’s lawyers)

44. What knowledge did you have of any outreach by your campaign [incl. Manafort] to Russia about potential assistance to the campaign?

45. What did you know about Russian hacking, use of social media or other acts aimed at the campaign?






Mike Luckovich: Kool-aid time!

Two of the Mueller questions are about specific Trump tweets



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