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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 03:59 PM
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If only...

New filing: Feds to get 1,025,363 more items of evidence on Michael Cohen tomorrow.



Chelsea Clinton to Roseanne: "Have a great day!"

Good morning Roseanne - my given middle name is Victoria. I imagine George Soros’s nephews are lovely people. I’m just not married to one. I am grateful for the important work @OpenSociety does in the world. Have a great day!


Saw a pig fly by my window.....WAPO changed its headline to "racist"

WAPO now (post-Roseanne)

from earlier today:


Thank you, ABC Network. You did the right thing.

Thank you, @ABCNetwork. You did the right thing. There is not any room in our society for racism or bigotry




the original:

The president's son retweeted the Roseanne Barr Soros Nazi lie


SNOPES: Fact Check Politics
Was George Soros an SS Officer or Nazi Collaborator During World War II?
Despite politically-motivated rumors to the contrary, billionaire leftist George Soros was neither in the SS nor a Nazi collaborator in the
During World War II, George Soros was a member of the SS (a Nazi paramilitary organization) or a Nazi collaborator who helped confiscate property from Jews.

As a prominent political activist and supporter of left-wing causes, Hungarian-born billionaire financier George Soros has frequently been the target of smear campaigns, none more odious than the persistent — and false — claim that Soros, a Jew, was a Nazi sympathizer, collaborator, and/or paramilitary officer during World War II.

That Soros was only nine years old (born in 1930) when the war broke out and all of 14 when Nazi Germany surrendered in May 1945 hasn’t dampened his detractors’ enthusiasm for spreading these rumors, of which none is more absurd than the claim, which first surfaced in November 2016, that Soros literally served as an officer of the paramilitary Schutzstaffel (SS) in Germany.


Uh, if the Holocaust cookies didn't do it...

Her entire shtick — from her stand up to her show — is that she happens to be a normal, regular white woman. Quick-witted, observant, funny, and (now) powerful, also. But the normal, regular white woman thing is her base thing. And the election proved, quite demonstratively, that normal, regular white women are Trump supporters. Expecting her to be anything else is like expecting to be able to breathe underwater.

Her defense of Trump is what you’d expect from a normal, regular white woman with her power and platform. As is her regular attacks on Barack Obama and her tweets about Valerie Jarrett, for which she has now apologized for. She is a tiger gone tiger.

And because she’s a normal, regular woman who is also white, she will continue to be defended. Excuses will continue to be made for her. Opportunities will continue to exist. Chances will continue to refresh. Consequences will continue to be a thing that other people have to deal with, like consequences are seasonal allergies.

But who knows? Maybe I’ll be surprised.


Rudy Giuliani was booed at Yankee Stadium on his birthday.

Rudy Giuliani gets booed when Yankees announce it's his birthday at Yankee Stadium
MAY 28, 2018 | 3:07 PM

Yankee fans gave Rudy Giuliani the Giancarlo Stanton treatment.

The former New York City mayor was at The Stadium to celebrate his 74th birthday on Memorial Day, with the PA announcer sharing the news with the crowd and wishing him a happy birthday.

The fans, however, greeted him with hearty boos.


Update to add video:

Sen Schumer: Memo to the press re "spygate"

Memo to the press: When you quote the president saying “spygate,” it is only fair to immediately follow that by noting there is absolutely no evidence of a spy being inserted in his campaign. It seems to me, failure to do so is a disservice to your readers, viewers & the country.


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