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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 03:59 PM
Number of posts: 67,655

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Rich Jerk:“As soon as that baby’s lips touched that girl’s bosom, forget it”

Paul Tudor Jones, Billionaire Hedge Funder, Says Babies Destroy Female Traders' Ambition (VIDEO)

“As soon as that baby’s lips touched that girl’s bosom, forget it,” Jones said, MOTIONING TO HIS OWN CHEST (emphasis mine) during an April symposium. Jones was talking about two women who worked at the same stock brokerage firm as he did in the late 1970s — both got married, had children and, according to his account, no longer had the laser focus needed for the intense world of macro trading.


Obama places a brilliantly phrased dagger to the heart of the Bush administration in speech today

In the 1990s, we lost Americans to terrorism at the World Trade Center; at our military facilities in Saudi Arabia; and at our Embassy in Kenya. These attacks were all deadly, and we learned that left unchecked, these threats can grow. But if dealt with smartly and proportionally, these threats need not rise to the level that we saw on the eve of 9/11.

on the eve of 9/11 alluding to the fact the previous administration was AWARE OF the threat, but its response to intel of an imminent threat was tragically inadequate.

complete transcript:

When the purity of beer is threatened, fracking has to stop.

German Beer Purity Threatened by Fracking Say Brewers

German brewers called on Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government to block the tapping of shale gas by means of hydraulic fracturing, citing industry concerns that fracking could taint the purity of the country’s beer.

The Association of German Breweries, which represents companies including Anheuser-Busch InBev NV (ABI) (ABI) and Bitburger Braugruppe GmbH, rejected the government’s planned legislation on fracking until groundwater contamination can be safely excluded. They said the current proposals are inadequate to protect drinking water and hence risk infringing the country’s 500-year-old law on beer purity.

“We are concerned that fracking endangers the brewing water that more than half of Germany’s breweries take from private wells,” Marc-Oliver Huhnholz, a spokesman for the group, said today by phone from Berlin. “And that it threatens our absolutely pure beer.” The association has sent a letter voicing its concerns to six Cabinet ministers including Environment Minister Peter Altmaier, he said, confirming a report in Bild newspaper today.

Fracking, which is already politically and environmentally contentious in Germany as federal elections loom on Sept. 22, has attracted a powerful opponent in the country’s brewers, which together employ more than 25,000 people in an industry with sales of about 8 billion euros ($10 billion) last year.


Jon Stewart DESTROYS what's left of Peggy Noonan's credibility

Now think hard, Peggy Noonan. Never in your lifetime have you seen a scandal this bad? What if a President secretly sold weapons to Iran, in return for American hostages, and then used the proceeds to illegally fund a bunch of coked-up right-wing jungle rapists in Nicaragua? Ring a bell? Here's a hint: you worked in his White House as a high-profile speechwriter.

much more:

Rape in the military: "see? I told you...."

hmmmm?-An FBI agent was involved in a deadly shooting connected to the Boston Marathon bombing case

An FBI agent was involved in a deadly shooting connected to the Boston Marathon bombing case.

The man who was shot, Ibragim Todashev, had been interviewed about his connections to the bombing suspects before by the FBI and started out cooperative, NBC sources said.

The suspect then went to attack the agent and was shot, the sources said.

The suspect is deceased, the FBI said.



Newcastle, Oklahoma. In a matter of minutes it went from a funnel cloud to a full F4 tornado.
holy shit mother nature

Oklahoma Tornado Survivor Finds Missing Dog During Live Interview (you'll need a tissue)


Oklahoma Tornado Survivor Finds Missing Dog During Live Interview
Barbara Garcia, a resident of Moore, Oklahoma, who survived yesterday's potentially historic tornado, was being interviewed by CBS News about riding out the storm in the bathroom of her former home.

Garcia was holding on to her dog when the winds came, but after the walls fell down the two separated, and she had been unable to locate him since.

Then, in the middle of the interview, little "Toto" suddenly emerged from the rubble, and the two were reunited in the most tearjerking of fashions.

"Well I got God to answer one prayer to let me be okay, but he answered both of them," Garcia said.


another video with more "happy time":

TORNADO from the parking lot of a local Kentucky Fried Chicken by a cook at the restaurant.


IRS destroyers of freedom

by Matt Bors

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