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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 03:59 PM
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REVEALED: Full List Of ALEC’s Corporate Members

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) has been under fire lately after the 15 major corporations and organizations pulled their support for the conservative organization, which helps quietly implement corporate-backed legislation in statehouses across the country.
Now, the watchdog advocacy group group Common Cause has released a complete list of corporations on ALEC’s task forces.
Not surprisingly, four of the five major oil companies are members, as are many other energy comanpies. Some houshold names on the list include Johnson & Johson, State Farm insurance, and AT&T. There are lots of major online businesses, including AOL (the parent company of the Huffington Post), eBay, Amazon.com, Yahoo, and Time Warner.
See the full list here.

Chicago billboard compares belief in climate change to mass murder


Utah Woman Discovers Cocaine Hidden in Tampons

A Utah woman was shocked when she discovered cocaine inside of tampons she purchased and police are investigating whether the discovery could be connected to a larger smuggling scheme.

Cindy Davidson, 39, went to an NPS Store in Salt Lake City in search of a bargain. The store is described as "a salvage and freight recovery company" on its website.

On Saturday, while shopping at the NPS Store with her sister, she spotted the box of 16-count Boots tampons for $1.99.

"On Sunday, I went to use one and inside the plastic applicator was cellophane with the cocaine wrapped in it," Davidson said. "I didn't know it was cocaine. It was just white powder to me."


CHART: Under Obama, Economy Has Recovered All Private Sector Jobs Lost During Bush Recession

Source: Think Progress

CHART: Under Obama, Economy Has Recovered All Private Sector Jobs Lost During Bush Recession
By Guest Blogger on May 4, 2012 at 3:00 pm

As of April, there are now more private sector jobs in the United States than there were in January 2009, when President Obama took office. You read that right. We have now replaced all of the private sector jobs lost while Obama has been president. And that was no mean feat, given that over the course of 2009, the private sector shed about 4.2 million jobs.

Unfortunately, the news is not nearly so good when it comes to the public sector, where there are currently 607,000 fewer people working than there were when President Obama took office.

The chart below tells the whole story. Under President Obama, the private sector has experienced a relatively robust recovery, and is now back to where it started when he took office. The public sector continues to shed jobs, and as a result, the overall jobs picture in the US remains weak. If you want to understand why conservative efforts to slash funding for teachers, firefighters, cops is bad for the economy, look no further than this graph.

Read more: Link to source

Romney 'The Green Vegetable The Repubs Have To Eat Before It Gets Its Ice Cream' (Charles P Pierce)

How Romney Should Close the Big Fking Deal
By Charles P. Pierce

Read more: http://www.esquire.com/blogs/politics/mitt-romney-deal-closer-8583199#ixzz1tvhReGZa

.........I don't think Romney spent this kind of money to be treated like the green vegetables the Republican party has to eat before it gets its ice cream. So, one more time, I put on my speechwriting hat — it's a neat little derby, with a green feather — and suggest a possible national address that Willard can give to get himself — and all the goofy runners-up — out of this curious dilemma in which they find themselves. To wit....

I'm Mitt Romney, bitches, and I'm all you've got left.


I told you this day was coming. I told you that I had enough money to buy every one of the people in the whole damn clown show and still have more than enough left over to buy the wife a few more $990 T-shirts that look like body tattoos. By the way, she looked good in that, didn't she? Let the lefties and the smart eggs in the press corps have their fun. They can laugh all the way to the consignment shop. I've got the cash to keep the wife in clothes that cost more than what most of those scrawny little creeps with their portable internets make in a lifetime because...

I'm Mitt Romney, bitches, and I can buy your world.


And of course those other bozos are coming around. Newt's on his way to debtor's prison if he's not careful. (Hey, Newt, how's that for a historical remedy? Just kidding. Here's a sawbuck. Go buy the wife something nice at the Gas 'n Sip.) And Bachmann? All I had to do was set my jaw and talk about "liberty" and those eyes of hers went counter-clockwise. (How the hell does she do that, anyway? I wonder if she does kid's parties? One of the grandkids has a birthday coming up.) Did you think they wouldn't come around? Did you think they got to the end of their campaigns, and looked at the bank statements and the letters from the phone companies and the internet providers and the people who made their stupid lawn signs, and didn't think to themselves, "Holy hell, I'm going to be paying this thing off until 20 years after I'm dead."? Sure, they could hock the house and sell a kidney to make the nut, but you don't think it took about eight seconds to dawn on them that I was over here with enough money to retire all their campaign debts? Hell, I've got the dough to settle everyone's campaign debt back to Julius Fking Caesar, and still have enough left over to keep these lightweights out of hock, because,

I'm Mitt Romney, bitches, and I have more money than all your gods.

Sources close to the Romney camp have told the blog that the candidate is unlikely to adopt this strategy.

Read more: http://www.esquire.com/blogs/politics/mitt-romney-deal-closer-8583199#ixzz1tvgKUlXo

Feds: Ala. immigration law boosts bullying

Source: Politico

A top Justice Department official issued a stark warning this week about the controversial Alabama immigration law, arguing that it has caused a spike in absentee Hispanic students by making kids feel “unwelcome in schools” and causing “increased hostility, bullying and intimidation.”

The Alabama immigration law has “diminished access to and quality of education for many of Alabama’s Hispanic children, resulted in missed school days, chilled or prevented the participation of parents in their children’s education, and transformed the climates of some schools into less safe and welcoming spaces for Hispanic children,” Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights Thomas Perez wrote in a letter addressed to Alabama Superintendent of Education Thomas Bice.

In the letter, which was made public on Thursday, Perez points out that immediately following the law’s implementation, Hispanic student absence rates “tripled,” and that the rate of Hispanic student withdrawals from school has “substantially increased” compared to prior school years, with more than 13 percent of them dropping out between the beginning of the school year and February.

These conclusions were drawn from a preliminary review of the data that the Alabama Department of Education submitted to the Justice Department in April.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0512/75923.html

W. never ever bragged...

mittens wishes he could have kept the gay guy

Romney was also asked about Grenell, who is openly gay, thanking him in his resignation letter for believing in him.

"We wanted him to stay with the team," Romney said. "We select people not based on their ethnicity or their gender, but upon their capability. He was a capable individual and we're sorry to have him go."


Nugent: Romney Campaign ‘Expressed Support’ After Controversial Remarks About Obama

Nugent: Romney Campaign ‘Expressed Support’ After Controversial Remarks About Obama
By Ben Armbruster on May 4, 2012 at 2:07 pm

Last month, the U.S. Secret Service met with right wing gun advocate and National Rifle Association board member Ted Nugent after he made what many interpreted to be threatening remarks toward President Obama. “If Barack Obama becomes the president in November again, I will be either be dead or in jail by this time next year,” he said at the NRA’s annual conference in St. Louis.

Nugent endorsed Mitt Romney for president. And while the Secret Service thought Nugent’s remarks warranted a chat, the Romney campaign didn’t directly condemn his remarks. Instead, a campaign spokesperson derided “divisive language” in a general sense, adding that “Mitt Romney believes everyone needs to be civil.” In fact, in an interview with CBS News that aired this morning, Nugent said the Romney campaign “expressed support” and never advised that he tone down his rhetoric:

Q: Have you heard from the Romney campaign after these comments?

NUGENT: I have.

Q: And?

NUGENT: I have to say what I say the way I say it.

Q: Were they unhappy with you for saying that?

NUGENT: No. They expressed support.

Q: Did they say to you, “Listen we appreciate the support, tone it down.”



Newspaper Rescinds Endorsement After GOP Candidate Goes Birther: ‘He Has Done Nothing But Embarrass

Source: Think Progress

Newspaper Rescinds Endorsement After GOP Candidate Goes Birther: ‘He Has Done Nothing But Embarrass Us’

The Observer, which originally praised Pendergraph as “conservative” was not pleased, publishing a scathing retraction of its support today for the North Carolina candidate:

[div]After winning the Observer’s endorsement in his bid for Congress, he has done nothing but embarrass us and himself.

By buddying up to one of America’s more hateful egomaniacs and then joining with fringe “birthers” to question President Obama’s citizenship, Pendergraph has contradicted much of what he told the Observer’s editorial board in his endorsement interview last month. As a result, we have lost faith in him, and urge voters to consider Edwin Peacock or Ric Killian in the 9th Congressional District race.


The paper’s editorial board went on to say that it had originally thought Pendergraph was intelligent and reasonable and moderate, but that they don’t trust him now and are afraid he will “say whatever a given audience wants to hear, if it will help him get elected.”

Read more: http://thinkprogress.org/election/2012/05/04/477958/jim-pendergraph-birther/
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