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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 03:59 PM
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Hey kids, you know what time it is!


🎶If you're guilty and you know it tweet some more👏👏
If you're guilty and you know it tweet some more👏👏
If you're guilty and you know it and can't help yourself but show it
If you're guilty and you know it tweet some more👏👏🎶


Trump cuts Michael Cohen loose

Rush preparing the sheep for "the Pee Tape"

From Rush:

Do you remember when I said to you yesterday, I said get ready folks,
somebody is going to produce a tape of prostitutes peeing on a bed. It's
going to look like security camera footage from a hotel room. It may be
in black and white. And we're going to be told that this may well be
it, this may well be the it, this may well be Trump hired the
prostitutes to pee on the bed. That bed right there, that might be the
one Obama and Michelle slept in that the prostitutes are peeing on. Well
what's to stop them from doing that? They haven't stopped faking and
making up -- what do you think the [former British intelligence officer
Christopher] Steele dossier is?


Three guesses whose money he was launderin'?

To sum up, Michael Cohen, who has three "clients"...

1) Elliott Broidy - former RNC finance chair
2) Sean Hannity - Fox News anchor
3) Donald Trump - President

...is now "likely to be indicted" for money launderin' and bank fraud. Three guesses whose money he was launderin'?

In which the federal judge in the Stormy Daniels lawsuit says Michael Cohen is likely to be indicted in NY




CNN: NRA gathers documents amid scrutiny over ties to Kremlin-linked banker

Washington (CNN)The National Rifle Association is setting aside years of documents related to its interactions with a Kremlin-linked banker, as the gun-rights group appears to be bracing for a possible investigation, according to sources familiar with the situation.

The NRA has faced fresh scrutiny from congressional investigators about its finances and ties to Alexander Torshin, one of the 17 prominent Russian government officials the US Treasury Department recently slapped with sanctions. The gun-rights group has said it is reexamining its relationship with Torshin, who is a lifetime NRA member, in the wake of the sanctions.

The renewed attention has highlighted the close-knit if sometimes uneasy alliance between top NRA officials and Torshin -- a relationship that ensnared members of Trump's team during the presidential campaign, inviting further congressional scrutiny.

Those inquiries could shed light on the tightly held fundraising practices and political activities of the NRA. The political powerhouse shelled out more than $30 million in 2016 to back Donald Trump's candidacy -- more than it spent on 2008 and 2012 political races combined, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. Vice President Mike Pence is slated to speak at the National Rifle Association's annual convention in Dallas next Friday, an official told CNN.


He is a sick, sick human.

Full quote on the Paralympics section I quoted from above: "What happened with the Paralympics was so incredible and so inspiring to me. And I watched — it's a little tough to watch too much, but I watched as much as I could. It was really fantastic, and I want to thank you."



Reporters Would Just Scream at Her About Emails -How much media is to blame for Hillarys defeat.

“Reporters Would Just Scream at Her About Emails”
A New York Times campaign reporter on how much the media is to blame for Hillary’s defeat.


When it comes to the issue of the emails, and the FBI investigation of Hillary Clinton’s handling of it, you say about the Times that “there was an insatiable appetite for email-related stories. I can’t explain it exactly except to compare it to a fever that spread through every newsroom and made us all salivate over the tiniest morsels.” You say you regret and resent this, but what role do you think the Times had in how big a story it became? And do you connect the way you describe the “salivating over the tiniest morsels” to your description of Ryan and the type of political stories the Times wanted?

I don’t say that it spread through the Times. I say it spread through every—the insatiable appetite is clearly across all media. It’s not specific to the Times in the book.

You say it “spread through every newsroom and made us all salivate over the tiniest morsels.” That presumably includes the Times.

“Us,” the media, yeah, the media including the Times. I think a lot of the furor over the emails came from cable news and what was feeding cable, so I want to make clear that that section wasn’t just about the Times. Look, I understand Hillary’s supporters complaining about the veracity and volume of stories around the email server. But I think it’s hard to say that the leading candidate for the presidency of the United States being under FBI investigation is a nonstory, which seems like what some of her supporters have argued. You can debate the legitimacy of the FBI investigation, but it was definitely a big story. There is an easy sense of comparing it to the scandals on the other side, on Trump’s side, and saying, “Well, compared to what Trump has done, it’s nothing.” I think it’s a dangerous proposition to say, well, because the other guy is beyond the pale, we are going to ignore this other big story.

That said, I do write in the book that I regret and even resent that it became the only story. We would go to see these press conferences when Hillary did them—because she rarely did—and reporters would just scream at her about emails. There would be people trying to get other questions in and it just got completely drowned out. My best example of this is that I spent a year trying to talk to this woman Sarah Ehrman, who was this feminist firebrand Democrat who Hillary lived with after law school when she was working on the Watergate committee and she was moving down to Arkansas to marry Bill Clinton. And Sarah Ehrman offered to drive her down and on the three-day road trip she tried to talk her out of it. She said, “You are throwing your life away. You are the most gifted woman I have ever met. You could do anything you want to do.” So I had wanted to re-create this road trip to show readers this vulnerable, different side of Hillary, and it took me a year to convince Sarah Ehrman to speak on the record. I had to bring her babka and wine, and finally I get the story together, and it posts [online] and three hours later Comey sends his letter to Congress, so the story never even made it into the paper. It was impossible to get other sympathetic stories to break through in the environment we were in.



NEW from Rep. Schiff: Before Trump Tower meeting - Don Jr placed a call to an "unknown recipient".

Before Trump Tower meeting, Don Jr placed a call to an unknown recipient. Between those two calls, the Democratic response recounts, Donald Jr. made a third call to a blocked number. Who might Donald Jr. have been calling?

According to the Democratic response, Democrats wanted to find out - but Republicans blocked that from happening.

"We sought to determine whether that number belonged to the president, because we also ascertained that then-candidate Trump used a blocked number," Rep. Schiff said in an interview. "That would tell us whether Don Jr. sought his father's permission to thake the meeting, and (whether) that was the purpose of the call".



@RepAdamSchiff tells us Ds thought it might be Trump -- that Don Jr may have alerted Trump to the meeting.

Schiff asked to subpoena phone records.

Rs refused, Schiff says:


Freudian slip?"Trump Tower meeting resulted in collusion, conspiracy, or coordination w Russian gov"

This appears to be a very weird typo in the House Intelligence report, saying there was collusion with Russia: "However, questionable contacts like the Trump Tower meeting resulted in collusion, conspiracy, or coordination with the Russian


Oh, Russia asked to set up a Trump backchannel using the NRA. House GOPs refused to investigate.



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