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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 03:59 PM
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....needed to be said....

I’m going to start a subreddit for women who can’t get laid.
We’ll probably just talk about hobbies, and tv shows we like, and then not kill anyone.


After firing the Chaplain and holding 50+ votes to repeal ACA. Super touching.

My wife has a brain tumor. Because it affected her thinking, she couldn't do her work and lost her job and with it our health insurance. Fortunately your boss failed to repeal the ACA. She's having brain surgery next week. I expect your boss to send her a nice get well card.


in answer to:

Yesterday I witnessed something that sadly happens often: my boss taking time with someone harmed by cancer. This week it was a young girl who lost her dad to cancer in Jan. Beyond proud to work for @SpeakerRyan this week & always. Thanks to @TexasTribAbby for making it happen.


Paralympics fires back at Trump for insulting disabled athletes as 'tough to watch'

Record numbers around the world are not finding @Paralympics tough to watch. Billions of viewers now take in the Paralympics in hundreds of countries around the world. We hope the US President continues to watch and be inspired by the Paralympics.


Someone alert Rudy 911 and Victoria Toensing!!!




The GOP is now outraged by lawyers with conflicts representing clients.

Someone alert Rudy 911 and Victoria Toensing!!!


Conservatives Will Never Get the Respect They Crave. They Don't Deserve It.

Conservatives Will Never Get the Respect They Crave. They Don’t Deserve It.
by David Atkins April 28, 2018

Conservatism is fundamentally about preserving current in-group power structures and maintaining established social hierarchies. It keeps the powerful in power, and keeps the downtrodden underfoot. Insofar as government helps keep rich, powerful white men rich and powerful, conservatives love it and rally around the flag. Insofar as it helps equalize the balance of power, they despise it and want to drown it in a bathtub.This has always been the case for conservatism throughout history across the globe (replace “white” with “relevant regional powerful ethnic/religious majority” and it applies in all cases), and it has never been more true than of American conservatism today under Trump.


And just what are these traditions the modern conservative wants respected?They’re very rarely stated out loud, and when they are it’s usually in code: family, God, country. But dig deeper and it’s the sort of deplorable stuff that no one involved in the creation of culture would ever want to countenance: that women should serve as obedient reproductive vessels; that white men are biologically and culturally superior to others; that the ability of corporate executives to get rich from polluting air and exploiting workers is a greater freedom than that of communities not to be poisoned and abused; that it’s the inherent right of powerful countries to bomb less powerful ones and steal their resources; that being rich is a sign of divine favor, and the poor deserve their plight; and so on.

These are bad ideas. They are deplorable. They appeal to our baser instincts, and they preserve the power of society’s abusers at the expense of its victims. In every case, the hindsight of history looks with displeasure on those who defended such things. And in every case, the heroes are not only the activists, but also the culture bringers who pushed slowly but surely to drag societies into a better place.

It doesn’t matter how many elections conservatives win, or how much power they hold. Politics is downstream of culture, and they will never get the cultural respect they crave.

They don’t deserve it,
those who shape our culture will never give it to them, and with the rise of a more progressive generation than ever, even corporate power is shifting to acknowledge the views of its customers. The battle for the soul of America is already over until the next realignment, and today’s conservatives know it. It’s just going to take a few more elections for it to filter through the system.

the rest:

Paul Ryan Translates Bible:

"Trump's draining the swamp! He's removing the gators! The grifters and crazies, the autofellators."


It started with Yates, she “betrayed” her position,
She raised flags about Flynn but Trump wouldn’t listen.
Speaking of Flynn, he was gone in three weeks,
A “very good person,” always lies when he speaks.
Next was James Comey, an apparent “nut job,”
Tickled the “Russia thing,” made it swell up and throb.
And bossy Sean Spicer, the poor guy said enough!
Afraid of the Mooch, he wasn’t so tough.
Then Priebus unhanded as the Chief of Staff,
His busy two hands pried off the Trump shaft .
Scaramucci, Bog love him, lasted all of ten days,
Drug-dialing a journo just never pays.
Then ruddy-faced Bannon was given the boot,
Couldn’t even hang on to the Breitbartian loot.
Next Gorka was ousted, he of large swollen head,
Now a feature on Fox, a fucking witless retread.
And then entitled Tom Price flew away on the breeze,
In charge of health, he was the doctor of sleaze.
And goodbye Omarosa! as she’s shown the door,
Back to pop culture like a herpetic sore.
Wife-beater Porter was then brought to light,
If canned by a woman he would have put up a fight.
Then lovely Hope Hicks cut her White House stay short,
Don’t cry for her folks, she’ll see her old friends in court.
Next some Trump tariffs proved too much for Cohn,
He’d put in his year to take his tax-free gains home.
Then Trump dropped the axe on his Secretary of State,
It seems that ol’ Rex talked a little too straight.
Clock-setter McEntee was then hustled out,
Presented the trough, he turned into all snout.
Then hours before he could calmly retire,
McCabe was a victim of the TrumpDumpster fire.
And McMaster, the general, was pulled out of battle,
Replaced by a moustache given sabres to rattle.
Gone too is Shulkin from Veterans Affairs,
As Captain Trumptanic rearranges the chairs.
And now his replacement Doctor Candyman,
Is dead on arrival, done before he began.


Trump’s draining the swamp! He’s removing the gators!
The grifters and crazies, the autofellators.
He knows what he’s doing, hires only the best,
So don’t be despondent! Don’t be depressed!
The Trumpster is on it! The best president ever!
Ask him, he’ll tell you, this is all him being clever.


Teacher in Arizona--"I have alway voted Republican, but now i'm seeing firsthand what that gets us.

Teacher in Arizona—"I have alway voted Republican, but now i'm seeing firsthand what that gets us. Classrooms are falling apart. We have festering bathrooms. We have tattered textbooks."

"If you're a Republican politician, you better get behind education"


Flynn: things "will happen...via cyber operations...by both hacktivists (&) nation-states"

1. To me, the previously unreported July 15, 2016 email from Flynn is a bombshell

He says things "will happen...via cyber operations...by both hacktivists [and] nation-states"

A week later, Wikileaks starts releasing DNC emails hacked by Russia

2. The Republicans on the Intel committee attempt to explain this away as just a coincidence -- and that Flynn could have been just talking about what was publicly known

But grammatically, he's predicting future events. He's talking about things that "will happen."

3. How many of these coincidences are we supposed to believe?

Stone also said it was Podesta's "time in the barrel" before his emails were released by Wikileaks

Papadopoulos was told about emails stolen from Hillary

Don Jr. met with Russian cut outs who said they had dirt

4. Remember, the committee never interviewed Flynn.

So they've come up with this fairly implausible excuse for him, that he was referring to public information, on their own.


Gateway Pundit bots are out pushing a recycled narrative about Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya.

Gateway Pundit bots are out tonight pushing a recycled narrative about Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya.

We were recently made aware that @alhousedems had received a barrage of unexpected followers that look like bots. Scrolling through the recent followers, this does indeed appear to be the case. (Thanks @DePoInLa and @bweaver!)

(FYI: The Gateway Pundit story is blaming the Obama administration for the fact that Natalia Veselnitskaya was in the US... because apparently it's Obama's fault that the Trump campaign was conspiring with a Russian spy to get dirt on Hillary Clinton)


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