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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 03:59 PM
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The Donald Trump Wig Field can be found outside Tromsø, Norway.


A photographer hung out with the KKK in Tennessee and Maryland. Here’s what he saw.






TYT’s Cenk Uygur booted from American Airlines flight because pilot wasn’t ‘comfortable'

Late Friday night and into Saturday morning, Young Turks host Cenk Uygur live-streamed an altercation at an American Airlines boarding gate in Los Angeles over a flight that was delayed 4 hours, leading the host to be kicked off the flight before he even took a seat.

On Twitter, Uygur posted: “Management at @AmericanAir just kicked me off a flight to Miami because I complained the flight was delayed for 4 hours. Never got on plane.”

He later added: “If you book a flight with @AmericanAir they will ruin your day, ruin your plans and then rob you. They say they won’t give me money back.”

In a video he uploaded, he and other passengers can be heard angrily arguing with boarding agents over the fact that no plane was available after a 4 hour delay. Uygur can be heard repeatedly asking, “Who made the decision that we weren’t ever going to get a plane,” after accusing America Air supervisors of “thinking this is funny.”

According Uygur, he was told “the Captain didn’t feel comfortable” with him on the plane.


The “Hastert Rule” takes on a whole new meaning.

Hypocrisy of the GOP is now at a level that is unspeakable.


The report says the alleged abuse took an emotional toll on the boys.

"He made them feel alone, ashamed, guilty and devoid of dignity," prosecutors wrote. "While the defendant achieved great success, and all the benefits that went with it, these boys struggled, and all are still struggling now with what the defendant did to them. Some of them have managed better than others, but all of them bear the scars defendant inflicted upon them... It is profoundly sad that one of their earliest sexual experiences was in the form of abuse by a man they trusted and whom they revered as a mentor and coach."




President Obama: 'Mr. Trump Is Not Succeeding Me'

President Barack Obama said Thursday that Trump was not "succeeding" him when he addressed the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee fundraiser, according to a transcript of his remarks released a day later.

Obama said that Democrats, unlike their Republican counterparts have gotten things accomplished.

"And that's why this election is so important. And I recognize that there is a deep obsession right now about Mr. Trump," Obama said. "And one of you pulled me aside and squeezed me hard and said, tell me that Mr. Trump is not succeeding you. And I said, 'Mr. Trump is not succeeding me.'"

Obama went on to say that both Republican presidential candidates Donald Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) have done a "service" to reveal the "nonsense" of the current Congress.


Rick Scott Releases Attack Ad On Starbucks Woman Who Called Him An ‘Asshole’

Florida Gov. Rick Scott’s political action committee has put out a new ad that goes after Cara Jennings, the woman who confronted him at a Starbucks and called him an “asshole.”

The new ad from Scott’s PAC, “Let’s Get To Work,” calls Jennings “a terribly rude woman,” a “latte liberal” and someone who “clearly has a problem.” It defends Scott’s record on job creation, arguing that “almost everybody” has a job “except those who are sitting around coffee shops, demanding public assistance, surfing the Internet and cursing at customers who come in.”


Arizona Republican’s Vote Against Airplane Seat Comfort Hilariously Bites Him In The Ass

On Thursday, Arizona Republican Senator Jeff Flake joined his conservative colleagues in voting down an amendment that would have put an end to the airline industry practice of reducing the size of seats in order to cram as many passengers as possible into planes in a clear move that puts profit over the comfort of customers.

According to the Washington Post , the amendment would have “empowered the FAA to set new standards, in consultation with experts, for seat dimensions that maintain “the safety, health and comfort of passengers.”

And as usual, Republicans sided with the lobbying arm of the airlines and killed the amendment. But one Republican already humiliatingly regrets his vote against the measure.

After boarding a flight and taking his seat, Flake discovered that his own legroom was seriously impeded and trying to use his laptop was even more uncomfortable.

So, he took a picture and posted it to Twitter. “Okay, so perhaps my vote against this bill was a tad impetuous,” Flake wrote.


TAIBBI: Bernie or no Bernie, 'Times' columnist Paul Krugman is wrong about the banks

Why the Banks Should Be Broken Up

Bernie or no Bernie, 'Times' columnist Paul Krugman is wrong about the banks

Paul Krugman wrote an op-ed in the New York Times today called "Sanders Over the Edge." He's been doing a lot of shovel work for the Hillary Clinton campaign lately, which is his right of course. The piece eventually devolves into a criticism of the character of Bernie Sanders, but it's his take on the causes of the '08 crash that really raises an eyebrow.

By way of making a criticism of the oft-repeated Sanders charge that the big banks need to be broken up, Krugman argues that banks were not "at the heart of the crisis."

This is Krugman's assessment of who was responsible:

"Predatory lending was largely carried out by smaller, non-Wall Street institutions like Countrywide Financial; the crisis itself was centered not on big banks but on 'shadow banks' like Lehman Brothers that weren't necessarily that big."[/

Forget about the Sanders-Clinton race, because it's irrelevant to the issue. Krugman is just wrong about this.


Read more: http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/news/why-the-banks-should-be-broken-up-20160408#ixzz45KsrBJ85
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