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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 03:59 PM
Number of posts: 67,652

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Trump rally fashion report


Excuse me, but YOU look like the warmonger to me

Michele Fiore Shames Nevada Again By Posing With Gun On Her Islamophobic Magazine Cover

and aren't you a Christian?


More icing on the legacy cake

Obama pursued transformation as Republicans chose self-destruction
Obama More Popular Than Presidential Candidates, Poll Shows

Calif. school district puts Wi-Fi on wheels to close digital divide

The bus essentially works as a large mobile hot spot, thanks to Coachella Valley school district superintendent Darryl Adams.

He’s a former rock musician, who believes technology is the key to a quality education. Under his direction, Coachella became the first school district in the country to put iPads in the hands of every student — Pre-K to 12th grade.

But that’s when Adams uncovered a new problem: most of his students, like Anisa, don’t have Internet at home.

“I would be here sometimes on Friday night and drive by school and there would be parents with kids in the car sitting there doing their homework.”

More than 95 percent of the students there live below the poverty line. Many just can’t afford Internet access at home.

High school senior Michelle Penital said she would go to Starbucks when she needed Internet access. “I would do my homework with my friends.”

More plus video:

Obama tells Fox News: ‘Republicans have their own TV station’

"There's no doubt that I feel frustrated about it," the president said. "Number one, we're still shell shocked from what happened in 2007-2008... People lost homes, lost jobs, lost life savings and they still don't fully know how that happened and was the system fixed in a way they can have confidence in."

Wallace wondered why Obama had not "fixed that in eight years."

"The perception is going to be changing over time as people see results," Obama replied. "But -- and this is the big but -- nobody is going to be 100 percent satisfied in a democracy like ours with every outcome."

"And I think the danger both among Republicans and among Democrats who just listen to each other or they just listen to people that already agree with them -- you know, Republicans have their own TV station," he noted.

"Go ahead," Wallace interrupted. "You can say Fox News."

"They've got their own publications, their own blogs," the president continued. "Democrats, same thing. Increasingly what happens is, we don't hear each other. And so what happens then is when Republicans promise to repeal Obamacare and it doesn't get repealed, they're outraged.


Who wants change?


"Get me the artist who paints Jesus for nursing homes."


Billboard In NC Mocks Anti-Gay Gov: Visitors Should ‘Set Clocks Back 100 Years’


Laura Bush hints she'd rather see Hillary as president

“I want our next president – whoever he or she might be – to be somebody who is interested in women in Afghanistan and who will continue US policies… that we continue to do what we're committed to do as a country,” she said, as she appeared on stage alongside her twin daughters Jenna and Barbara.

“That's who I want - or the kind of people that will do that and will pay attention to our history, and know what's what's happened before and know specifically how we can continue to do the good things that we do around the world.”

Many in the packed auditorium took her words as a coded criticism of Mr Trump, whose foreign policy plans have been condemned as isolationist and weak on detail.

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