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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 03:59 PM
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Bloody Immigrants Coming Here

Times are tough




It ain't socialism when it helps white people


If Trump plays games with relief funds-NYC should seize his hotels & use them as hospitals

Tom Tomorrow

If Trump plays games with relief funds for New York, the city should seize his hotels by eminent domain and use them as hospitals.


Brutal. Scathing. Accurate.


How come Stormy Daniels got a check for $130,000 for being screwed by Trump and we only get $1200?

Steven Beschloss @StevenBeschloss

I assume Trump wants to sign the coronavirus checks because heís always thought writing a check is a way to shut someone up after he screws them.

1:55 PM - Mar 28, 2020


Why I Am Not Leaving New York - BY MOLLY JONG-FAST

Why I Am Not Leaving New York

March 28, 2020


Iím always enraged by the assumption that I would leave my city ó the only place I've ever lived ó in her hour of need. I am not leaving New York. Not that a smart person would stay. My apartment building is almost empty. And I canít blame them. New York City isnít normal. New York isnít even post-9/11 New York. No, pandemic New York is completely different than any New York Iíve ever experienced in my 41 years of New York.

I've never left New York. Iím not one of those people who went to seek their fortunes elsewhere. I grew up in New York, both my parents both grew up in New York. My children are growing up in New York. This is not a phase for us; itís a pathology. We are more New Yorkers than we are Americans. But the New York of right now is not the New York that we have known for all our respective lives. Itís more like post-nuclear-explosion Chernobyl.

Weíre the epicenter of a pandemic. Weíre Milan. Weíre Wuhan. Weíre a cautionary tale. Every day around 11 or so, Andrew Cuomo tells us what's happening in our broken city, ďNew York is your future, New York is a warning.Ē The warning is that other cities could soon drown in a sea of bodies, the way we are. Our morgues are almost at capacity. Our hospitals have lines that snake around the block. Our doctors are on TV every night begging for 99- cent masks to shield their faces. "The apex is higher than we thought and the apex is sooner than we thought," Cuomo told us on Wednesday. "New York is the canary in the coal mine, New York is happening first, what is happening to New York will happen to California and Illinois, it is just a matter of time."


Many of my friends have left, gone to parents or friends or summer houses. They were scared and who can blame them. Iím scared too. Every time my asthmatic teenage son coughs, I wonder if I made the wrong choice to stay. Am I irresponsible? Am I selfish? Am I a terrible parent? I donít know, maybe. But Iím here in my city, my poor broken city, as she shakes and her people suffer. Weíre all scared, and we should be. But Iím here and Iím not leaving.

Sometimes at night when I lie in my bed haunted by the silence of the city streets I am convinced that I am a violinist on the Titanic, playing away to keep myself from being afraid.

the rest:

If Michigan agrees to investigate Hunter Biden they can get the ventilators they need.


Drug dealer Some people are panic-buying cocaine

I sell cannabis and cocaine to suppliers in the north of England. I have around 20 guys on the street, with approximately 200 regular customers. We have two main concerns now: sourcing drugs and getting enough money. We expect no more cocaine shipments from abroad for the next six weeks, so prices have shot up. Iím maintaining the same prices Iíve always charged but Iím concerned that, when stock begins to run low, people higher up the chain will charge more or cut the cocaine and decrease its quality. People are panicking Ė the amounts of cannabis theyíre buying is ridiculous Ė so we are just dealing to regulars now. Iíve told my workers to be strict with what they sell and who to, but they arenít changing their behaviour much, other than offering to post through letterboxes and accept bank transfers from trusted customers. People running out of money is a big concern, but weíll always have the regular cokeheads who buy most days.

Iíve been doing this for 12 years and donít have any dependants Ė other than sometimes helping my parents out with bits of cash Ė so Iím not financially worried. My biggest concern is handling money. Iíve been wearing gloves. DH

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