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Jim Carrey Submits - Potus Portrait: You Scream. I Scream. Will We Ever Stop Screaming?

Dear Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery @NPG, I know it’s early but I’d like to submit this as the official portrait of our 45th President, Donald J. Trump. It’s called, 'You Scream. I Scream. Will We Ever Stop Screaming?'


CREW files criminal complaint against Bannon, Cambridge Analytica, Trump campaign & John Bolton...

March 29, 2018 CONTACT: Jordan Libowitz
202-408-5565 | [email protected]

Washington—The FBI should investigate whether SCL Elections, Cambridge Analytica, Alexander Nix, Stephen Bannon, the John Bolton Super PAC, and the Trump campaign criminally violated federal law prohibiting foreign nationals from participating in American elections, according to a complaint filed today by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) and Democracy 21.

As recently reported by Britain’s Channel 4, numerous non-U.S. citizens appear to have participated in U.S. elections through work for SCL Elections Ltd., a corporation based in the United Kingdom, and Cambridge Analytica, its U.S. arm. Alexander Nix, a British national, directed much of this work in his role as a manager at Cambridge Analytica; Nix, in turn, was directed by Stephen Bannon, a co-founder of Cambridge Analytica. In particular, Nix and other SCL Elections Ltd. employees reportedly participated in strategic decision-making processes of John Bolton Super PAC, a U.S. political committee, starting as early as 2014, and according to Nix played a similar role in the presidential campaign of Donald Trump.

“The law prohibits foreign nationals from participating, directly or indirectly, in elections in the United States,” said CREW Executive Director Noah Bookbinder. “What’s worse than the fact that it apparently happened in this case is that the people involved apparently knew they were breaking the law and continued to do so anyway.”

In 2014, two weeks after the John Bolton Super PAC made its initial payment to Cambridge Analytica, a lawyer with Bracewell & Giuliani sent a memo to Bannon and Nix, advising them on the steps that they would have to take to comply with the prohibition on foreign national participation in United States elections related to activities with the Bolton Super PAC. SCL, Cambridge Analytica, Bannon, and Nix ignored the legal advice. In 2016, Bannon left Cambridge Analytica for the Trump campaign, which then hired Cambridge Analytica despite Bannon’s knowledge that the company apparently failed to follow U.S. law prohibiting foreign nationals from participating substantially in U.S. campaigns.

“These are very serious apparent violations of federal law,” Bookbinder said. “The Justice Department and the FBI should immediately commence an investigation into this matter and take appropriate action.”

Common Cause previously filed complaints asking the Federal Election Commission and Department of Justice to examine whether Cambridge Analytica and related parties violated election law by having foreign persons perform work related to a United States election; this complaint asks the Department of Justice to examine whether criminal laws were violated and includes the American organizations that were the recipients of the work.


Fun fact Stormy Daniels got more viewers then Roseanne

If you missed the big Stormy Daniels interview on 60 Minutes last night, well, you’re in the minority on that one. Early Nielsen projections state that approximately 22.06 million people tuned into CBS on Sunday, making it the week’s #1 program.


America still loves the Conner family! The Roseanne reboot opened to massive ratings on Tuesday night: Per Nielsen, 18.2 million same-day viewers tuned in for the sitcom’s return, a bigger audience than it attracted with its original series finale back in the pre-DVR, pre-Netflix TV stone age of 1997 (16.6 million).


BREAKING: Bombings were domestic terrorism, Austin police chief says

took them long enough. what ye say heir trump?

9:55 a.m. update: When he looks back at what the Austin bomber “did to our community, he was domestic terrorist for what he did to us,” Interim Austin Police Chief Brian Manley said at a panel discussion Thursday that focused on how police, the media and the community responded to the Austin bombings.

“This is a distinction i wanted to make today,” Manley said. Knowing the case would be in the legal system at some point, he said, he was trying to be sensitive about the terminology he used during the investigation.

“I was so focused that we put a stop to it,” the chief said, but now he says he comfortable calling the bombings domestic terrorism “for what it did to our community.”

About 100 people attended the forum hosted by KUT-FM at the George Washington Carver Museum in East Austin.


Mueller's Big Reveal...

What Mueller just revealed in advance of explaining how Manafort indictment relates to hack-and-leak case:


It has been clear for some time that Mueller has been trying to line up as many cooperating witnesses as he can and obtain evidence in the case in chief without revealing to Trump details that will make Trump do something rash, like firing Mueller and/or pardoning Manafort and all his spawn. Manafort has, unsurprisingly, employed various tactics to undermine Mueller’s ability to implement his timing strategy unchallenged. This one is a legitimate tactic bolstered by his trial schedule.

So faced with the deadline to lay out how the Ukrainian lobbying relates to Manafort’s involvement in the hack-and-leak, Mueller asked for a slight delay. One thing he did in that slight delay was reveal that he knows that Rick Gates knows that Konstanin Kilimnik — who was working with Gates to try to delay the disclosure of how Gates and Manafort had screwed over Ukraine before the election, and was trying to help Manafort spin his prosecution as recently as November — is or was part of the same intelligence agency behind the hack-and-leak conspiracy.

Surely Mueller’s team knew they were going reveal this detail in the sentencing memo, and the certainty that Mueller would provide such details may be why Manafort agreed to the delay.

Mueller just revealed that at the same time GRU was implementing a hack-and-leak campaign designed to hurt or defeat Ukrainian hawk Hillary Clinton, a current or former GRU official was also conspiring to prevent or delay (until after the election) full disclosure of how GRU and Russia conspired with Trump’s campaign manager and his deputy to tamper in Ukrainian affairs.

At the same time GRU was tampering in our election, GRU was conspiring with Trump’s campaign manager to hide how they had conspired to tamper in Ukrainian democracy as well.

The other thing Mueller did with the delay is win one more day before the grand jury.


Parkland survivor calls on Melania to intervene after Foxs Ingraham cyberbullies her brother

Citing First Lady Melania Trump’s campaign to end cyberbullying, Parkland survivor Lauren Hogg tagged the president’s wife in a tweet asking her to intervene after a Fox News personality attacked her brother for his gun control protests.




BUSTED: Trump caught tweeting old photos in post hailing 'the start' of his border wall

Great briefing this afternoon on the start of our Southern Border WALL!

As Buzzfeed fact-checked, this was not actually the start of Trump’s wall, but a repair effort that was started back in 2009 to fix a portion of existing fence that was built in the 1990s.

“Although the existing wall has proven effective at deterring unlawful cross border activity, smuggling organizations damaged and breached this outdated version of a border wall several hundred times during the last two years,” CBP said when announcing the project.

As yet, construction has not yet started on Trump’s border wall.

And to-date, Mexico has been adamant that they will not be paying for his wall.


Stormy Census...

Oh Noooooooo: Jeff Sessions is on the cover of TIME.

Remember, Trump was reportedly bothered and annoyed last year when Bannon was on the cover of TIME.


Coming to a confirmation hearing near you:

Dem Senator: Dr. Jackson, are you aware that you are under oath?

Jackson: Yes.

Dem Senator: Good. Now, how did Trump really do on his mental health evaluation?

Washington – Ronny Jackson passed his screen test with President Donald Trump before casting even began.

Jackson, the president’s personal physician and surprise choice to lead the massive Department of Veterans Affairs, stood before the White House press corps in January to announce the results of the president’s first physical in a performance that showed he was quick-witted, hard to throw off-kilter and unfailingly complimentary of Trump.

Marveling at the 71-year-old president’s good health, Jackson opined, “It’s just the way God made him.”


WH official says Dr. Ronny Jackson’s performance at the White House briefing where he praised the president’s health played a part in Trump’s decision to hire him for the VA job. Trump liked the way Jackson handled himself with reporters.

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