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TPM: Senate Intel Committees Russia Probe - Whether Trump was involved is the probes core question

Whether Trump was involved is the probe’s core question

Asked if there was evidence of “direct links” suggesting the President played any role in Russia’s interference, Burr said that was the ultimate question the committee would seek to answer.

“We know that our challenge is to answer that question for the American people in our conclusions to this investigation,” said Burr, who noted that he voted for Trump in November.

He and Warner also said it was too early to definitively reject coordination between Trump’s campaign team and Russian officials, saying they would “let this process go through before we form any opinions.”


Committee has more access to classified information than it had in previous probes

The senators said the classified information they have been able to access far exceeded what was available to them during their investigation of the 2012 terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya.

Seven committee staffers assigned to sift through thousands of intelligence documents have access to information typically only available to the most senior members of Congress, known as the Gang of Eight, the senators said.

“That is unprecedented in the history of the committee,” Burr said, adding that this makes it easier for the committee to determine who needs to be interviewed.

More insight:

In case anyone wonders what Putin and Trump have in common...

Police crackdown of the anti-corruption protests in Russia on March 26, 2017 (Image: social media)



Objects In Mirror Are Crazier Than They Appear

I thought Trump was avoiding the Nats' first pitch because of the booing. Turns out it's the cameras



Trump took 69 days to accomplish something country's most unpopular presidents took yrs to achieve


If Trump sinks any lower, he will be one of just six presidents to do so, as Johnson and Reagan bottomed out at 35%.

Here's a list of the presidents who hit 35% or lower in the Gallup approval rating, with how many days it took them to get there:

Trump | 69 days
Truman | 524 days
Reagan | 741 days
Carter | 851 days
H.W. Bush | 1,283 days
Nixon | 1,659 days
Johnson | 1,725 days
W. Bush | 1,926 days

Trump's past week featured the failure of the American Health Care Act, the Republican healthcare bill that was pulled from the House floor Friday after it became clear it did not have enough votes to pass. Also last week, FBI Director James Comey confirmed publicly that the bureau was investigating Trump associates in connection with Russia's attempts to meddle in the 2016 presidential election.


The bank Jared Kushner met with as a Trump adviser paid the legal tab for a Russian intelligence age

(CNN)As federal prosecutors in New York prepared their case against a man accused of covertly working for Russian intelligence two years ago, they began raising questions about an unidentified "third party" paying the defendant's legal bills.

The defendant's benefactor turned out to be VneshEconomBank, the same financial institution at the center of a recent controversy over its chairman's meeting with Jared Kushner, President Donald Trump's son-in-law and one of his top White House advisers.

On the one it hand it should be no surprise that bank, also known as VEB, was paying for Evgeny Buryakov's legal defense -- Buryakov was one of its employees, after all.

But what made the matter more complicated was that Buryakov was charged with illegally gathering intelligence on behalf of the Russian government and the Russian government owned the bank that provided his cover.


George Takei: "Say it with me: Radical White Supremacist Terrorist".

White supremacist who murdered Timothy Caughman in NYC has been charged with terrorism. Say it with me: Radical White Supremacist Terrorist.


Former CIA deputy director Phil Mudd just said he believes "indictments are coming."

"He doesn't do that if there's just smoke, he does that if there's fire"- Phil Mudd on FBI Director Comey.

SEN INTEL CMTE: "Some of techniques Russia used in this election-would send a chill down anyone."



NBC News: Senate Intel in talks to interview the British ex-spy who wrote the Trump/Russia dossier

Senate Intel Committee May Interview Ex-UK Spy Christopher Steele

The Senate Intelligence Committee is in talks to interview Christopher Steele, the former British intelligence operative who compiled the dossier that alleges a conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia, three sources with direct knowledge told NBC News.

Steele, however, remains concerned about his safety and is not inclined to leave London. He is also concerned about how he might be treated by the Trump administration, according to the sources. The FBI was poised last fall to pay Steele, a former officer with the British Secret Intelligence Service, for information, but that deal fell through, sources familiar with the matter told NBC News.

Two Congressional officials told NBC News that the Senate Intelligence Committee has not yet reached an agreement on how and when to interview the Trump associates who have volunteered to testify, including Paul Manafort, Carter Page and Roger Stone. If any of those men seek criminal immunity for their testimony, the committee would not be inclined to grant it, officials say. The committee could then subpoena them, but they could assert their Fifth Amendment rights and refuse to answer questions.

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