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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 03:59 PM
Number of posts: 66,226

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Joe Biden just told a very good joke, at Ted Cruz’s expense


Trump admits under oath that his fake university was a scam


After trying to act like Trump University was a yuuuuge success during the Republican debates, reality has finally caught up with Donald and boxed him hard right across the jaw.

Two sworn depositions have been unsealed, showing that Trump himself admitted that he had nothing to do with the choosing or vetting process of Trump University instructors. These are the same people that he had been touting for literally years as “hand picked” representatives who were going to tell you the secrets of Trump’s success for the low low price of more than an entire year’s wages.


The plaintiffs in the suits, as well as New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman in a totally separate case, say that Trump and Trump U willfully exploited Trump’s brand to defraud students out of thousands of dollars for a series of increasingly expensive programs that turned out to be an outright sham, as you will see below. The lawsuit totals up to approximately $40 million in fees that were stolen from thousands of people who Trump screwed.


Republican Senator Floors Hannity – Tells Him He’s Full Of Sh*t To His Face

According to Glenn Beck’s blog post, he was interviewing Sasse this week at CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) discussing their mutual displeasure of Trump. After the interview, Sasse walked off, and Hannity stopped by Beck’s booth to talk to him. As reported on the Blaze:

“’Sean and I are friends,’ Beck recounted on his television program. ‘He said, “Hey can I talk to you?” I said, “Sure.” So we went back … and we were having a conversation about Donald Trump and what is going on, very friendly, when Senator Ben Sasse walked up.’”

That’s when it got real.

“’He came over and he said, ‘Sean Hannity, what you are doing is bull!’ Beck said. ‘And I have never seen Ben like that.'”


According to Beck, Hannity was taken aback, at first, and he didn’t even recognize the senator.

“‘He was angry. … And Sean said, ‘Excuse me?’ And he said, ‘What you’re doing is bull!’ And he said, ‘Who are you?’ Which didn’t make things better,” Beck continued. ‘And he said, ‘I am Senator Ben Sasse.'”

Hannity must have wanted to crawl into a hole at that moment.

“‘Sean just didn’t recognize him and that happens,’ Beck added. ‘And he (Hannity] said, ‘You can cuss me out all you want.’ And he (Sasse] said, ‘I’m not cussing you out, I’m cussing out your actions.’

‘He (Sasse] said, ‘You have gone on the air and said because I took what I believe to be a moral position and said I cannot vote for Donald Trump, I will not vote for Donald Trump, you are telling my constituents that I am voting for Hillary Clinton. And I am not voting for Hillary Clinton. And Sean said, ‘I didn’t say that. It’s half a vote for Hillary Clinton.’”


President Lincoln to Today's GOP Candidates:

Politics of destruction can cause blow back.

They brought the snake into the hen house.
Now asks, what happened to their chicks.
Reaping what they sowed.


Paint moderate Obama as dangerous radical dictator,
then wonder why your bad is riled up.
GOP is shocked! to find anger ruling


FOX doesn't want any of these guys to win.....

Bundy doesn’t brand his cattle – Nor has he taken proper care of them.

Won’t Someone Think of the Cows!

it is estimated that 3/4 of his heard (approximately 750 out of 1,000 total) are unbranded. Nor has he taken proper care of them. So in addition to being feral, and a specialty breed, because they’ve not had proper veterinary care there is no telling what they are carrying disease wise. This means that bringing them anywhere where they can come into contact with other ranchers’ cattle, or even people, is not a good idea. In order to do this right they would have to a) round them up, b) transport them in a controlled manner to a containment facility – at this point they become temporary property/in custody of the State of Nevada, c) have each cow evaluated by a veterinarian, d) go through a complete course of treatment for whatever they might have, e) be reevaluated to make sure they’re disease free, and then finally to f) be made available for auction with the proceeds going to pay off Cliven Bundy’s outstanding grazing fees and the fines and interest that has accrued on them. That last step of putting them up for auction only comes after Cliven Bundy is given a chance to pay his overdue fees and the fines and the court costs to reclaim his cattle. If he refuses to do so, or fails to do so, the BLM can apply to the State of Nevada Brand Inspector to sell the unbranded cattle. If the application is approved the cattle can then, finally be auctioned, but only the approximately 750 or so without brands. I do not know what happens to the remaining branded cattle.


(Not enough cameras or popcorn) Trump Is About To Get Trolled... By A Giant Penis Brigade

An activist group found a cheeky way to protest the "dong" leading the GOP.

Members of the group, which calls itself the Church of Satanic Activism or "The Church," are planning to attend the Republican debate at the University of Miami on March 10, dressed in inflatable penis costumes in a less-than-subtle nod to Trump. They'll don the phallic ensembles, once again, at various polling spots throughout Florida on March 15, the day of the state's primary.

Political activist Chaz Stevens, who founded "The Church," is no stranger to cheeky demonstrations. He made headlines in December when he won approval to erect an LGBT-themed "Festivus Pole" in rainbow colors and topped with a disco ball in the Oklahoma Capitol rotunda. That decoration was a nod to the fictional holiday "Festivus," which was featured in a 1997 episode of "Seinfeld."

Like the "Festivus Pole," Stevens' plans are also rooted in holiday lore. In this case, he says, the costumes are a reference to Japan's Shinto Kanamara Matsuri, or the "Festival of the Steel Phallus," which is an obscure celebration of fertility that incorporates penis-shaped adornments each spring.

Stevens, who identifies as straight but says he is deeply committed to activism around LGBT issues, also plans to observe the event in Florida by impersonating Trump as an enormous penis that spews gold confetti.


"You might not care if Donald Trump says....."

Yes, we klan

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