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On behalf of my generation of grandparents to all of you, I want to apologize.

On behalf of my generation of grandparents to all of you, I want to apologize.

I am sorry we used up all the oil. It took a million years for those layers of carbon goo to form under the Earth’s crust and we used up most of it in a geological instant. No doubt there will be some left and perhaps you can get around the fact that what remains is already distant, dirty, and dangerous, but the low-hanging fruit will be long-gone by the time you are my age. We took it all.

There’s no excuse, really. We are gas-hogs, plain and simple. We got hooked on faster-bigger-more and charged right over the carrying capacity of the planet. Oil made it possible.

Machines are our slaves and coal, oil, and gas are their food. They helped us grow so much of our own food that we could overpopulate the Earth. We could ship stuff and travel all over the globe, and still have enough fuel left to drive home alone in trucks in time to watch Monday Night Football.



Mike Luckovich: "Mr. Vice-President, Wait Before Resuming Regular Activities"

Don’t Exert Yoursel

Posted on Mar 29, 2012
By Mike Luckovich



(XLNT ?) Why should buying a gun be any easier than having an abortion?"

This is Linda from Oklahoma:

"Why do lawmakers make it harder and harder to get an abortion, even in the cases where the mother will die, but easier and easier to get a gun? Do they only care about a life before it is born?

Why don't gun buyers have to follow the same rules women are forced to follow? Wait 48 hours after applying. View on ultrasound of a body with a bullet in it. Listen to the heartbeat of someone as they die of a gunshot wound. Get a lecture from a surgeon on what it is like to operate on a gunshot wound. After all that, if a person still wants a gun, he or she can buy one. Why should buying a gun be any easier than having an abortion?"


Sanford police threaten to arrest reporters

Source: Miami Herald

Sanford police threaten to arrest reporters

[email protected]
Sanford Police threatened to arrest members of the media who approach or ask questions off the clock.

A press release sent out Wednesday said police would arrest journalists who attempt to make contact with city employees during non-working hours. They asked to not approach, call or email the city employees at home.

Some city staffers have been "followed or approached at their home or in settings outside of working hours," the release said.

"Law enforcement officials will not hesitate to make an arrest for stalking."

Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2012/03/29/2720590/sanford-police-threaten-to-arrest.html#storylink=cpy

Maddow on SCOTUS loss of legitimacy-"Conservative justices happy to take radical action, as long as-

"In Bush v Gore, Conservative justices]were pretty happy to take radical legal action, as long as it achieved a political aim that they wanted." (7:54)

"If you go by what people tell pollsters — we think the majority of the Court is a partisan body that will do anything in their power to help politicians who are on their side, and to hurt politicians who are on the other side." (10:57)


Seamus inspires new anti-Mitt super PAC

PI EXCLUSIVE ... NEW ANTI-ROMNEY SUPER PAC ON DOG TREATMENT: Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has caught flak for putting the family dog in a kennel on the roof of the car for a road trip, but now he's getting opposition in the form of a super PAC focused on his treatment of animals. Bob McDevitt has filed paperwork to launch the super PAC Animal Lovers Against Romney. McDevitt, a longtime Democratic supporter and political operative, tells PI the goal is to "get the message out just how callous in temperament Mitt Romney is.' The owner of a rescue dog said the issue is personal. The group, whose website is mittismean.org, has its official rollout next week and plans on targeting 10 battleground states with Internet ads. The budget: $1 million.

Scalia's Retirement Has Started Early-By Charles P Pierce-'He's really just a heckler at this point'

Tony Scalia's Retirement Has Started Early
By Charles P. Pierce
at 3:47PM

Here's the deal. I think Justice Antonin Scalia isn't even really trying any more. It's been clear for some time now that he's short-timing his job on the Supreme Court. The job bores him. All these inferior intellects coming before him. All those inferior intellects on the bench with him, now with some other Catholics who aren't even as Catholic as he is, Scalia being the last living delegate who attended the Council of Trent. Inferior Catholics with inferior minds. What can a fellow do? He hung in there as long as he could, but he's now bringing Not Giving A Fuck to an almost operatic level.

His "originalism" was always a shuck, even if it was consistent, which it rarely was, and even if it was principled, which it never was. Bush v. Gore was proof enough of that. More often, it was just an excuse for Scalia to be an arrogant bully to the people appearing before him, and to the clients out in the world that those people were representing, most of whom were unworthy of the time that Scalia and his mighty mind had to devote to their petty little grievances. But at least, for a while, he actually tried to act like a judge in a democratic republic, and not the lost Medici pope. Reports pop up periodically that he's bored, that he's unsatisfied, that he knows he'll never be Chief, so he'd rather just chuck it all and go teach, and write, and flip off the occasional tabloid reporter. Now, though, it appears that the man has pretty much checked out without going through the formality of resigning from the bench.

It is plain now that Scalia simply doesn't like the Affordable Care Act on its face. It has nothing to do with "originalism," or the Commerce Clause, or anything else. He doesn't think that the people who would benefit from the law deserve to have a law that benefits them. On Tuesday, he pursued the absurd "broccoli" analogy to the point where he sounded like a micro-rated evening-drive talk-show host from a dust-clotted station in southern Oklahoma. And today, apparently, he ran through every twist and turn in the act's baroque political history in an attempt to discredit the law politically, rather than as a challenge to its constitutionality. (What in hell does the "Cornhusker Kickback" — yet another term of art that the Justice borrowed from the AM radio dial — have to do with the severability argument? Is Scalia seriously making the case that a banal political compromise within the negotiations from which bill eventually is produced can affect its ultimate constitutionality? Good luck ever getting anything passed if that's the standard.) He's really just a heckler at this point. If he can't do any better than that, he's right. Being on the court is a waste of his time.

Read more: http://www.esquire.com/blogs/politics/scalia-retires-7675276#ixzz1qVwQoQ2u

Women Voters Can't Help Fawning Over Sexist GOP 'We Should Know Better-But There's Just Something...

WASHINGTON—Saying they know its no good for them but they just can't help themselves, gushing women voters acknowledged Monday the overwhelming and uncontrollable attraction they feel toward the sexist Republican party.

Smitten female voters across the nation told reporters that despite the way it treats them, they still find everything about the GOP—from its reckless, devil-may-care neglect of women's health issues to its devastatingly bold misogyny—completely irresistible.

"They openly insult me, undermine my intelligence, and act as if I lack the basic responsibility to take care of myself, but every time I hear them talking about why I shouldn't be able to choose what I do with my own body, I get a little turned on," registered voter Jennifer Wilson said. "My friends keep telling me I'll get burned like I always do when I elect guys who think their authority extends to my uterus, but there's just something unbelievably sexy about politicians who see something they want and then go out and take it."

"Sure, I could probably find a party that would respect me and be sympathetic toward my desire to make my own personal health care decisions," Wilson continued. "But what can I say? That's not what drives me wild."

the rest:

Zimmerman's father: "I never foresaw so much hate coming from the president"

WED MAR 28, 2012 AT 10:03 PM PDT
Zimmerman's father: "I never foresaw so much hate coming from the president"
byHayate YagamiFollow

I never foresaw so much hate coming from the president, the Congressional Black Caucus, NAACP, every organization imaginable is trying to get notoriety or profit from this in some way, but there's so much hate.

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