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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 03:59 PM
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If Russian hack made any difference, it's because fruit was hanging so low worms were able to feast

The Trump era is a golden age of conspiracy theories – on the right and left
The only way to fight the spread of conspiracy theories is to reduce the conditions of social inequality that produce them


Those intent on continuing oligarchic policies that serve the interests of an increasingly small fraction of the population cannot rely on it to form a majority. They turn to conspiracy-mongering in order to capture support and deflect the social resentment generated by the policies that leave most people in the lurch.

But even when they refrain from using such tactics and lose elections, they can indulge in conspiracy-mongering. When it comes to explaining the loss of the 2016 primaries and general election, American centrists have no qualms laying the blame on shadowy forces. They should know better. After all, it was their ultimate forbear, the 19th-century French liberal François Guizot, who acknowledged that conspiracies are what weak governments conjure out of the resentment they generate in order to cover up their own mistakes. This is clearly true of current governance too. But it also applies to all those who believe their elections are being stolen while never succeeding in garnering enough votes to win.

The point is not that Russia did not intervene in 2016 – everything indicates it did – but that the obsession with conspiracies misses the point. If the Russian hack made any difference, it is only because the fruit was hanging so low that the worms were able to feast on it. Peddling or debunking conspiracy theories are just two faces of the same coin: the avoidance of true politics.



Powerful! Here's the video: "Jim Jordan called me crying"

WATCH: “Jim Jordan called me, begging me to change my story. To go against my brother. I had to get my lawyer to tell him to stop. That’s the kind of cover up it is. He’s a coward.”

Trumpist Rep. @Jim_Jordan won’t outwrestle the sex abuse scandal demons.


Rep. Jim Jordan was in the room for this sexual harassment hearing but has since left. Jordan is facing allegations that he covered up reports of sexual harassment when he was a wrestling coach at Ohio State.

My congressman has been a politician since before I was homeless - Now I'm running to unseat him.

Terrific political ad.

Actual reason Hope Hicks is being brought back to WH is due to Trump's declining mental state

This is 100% true. You can take it to the bank. Dementia is dominating everything w/ Trump now. What’s sickening are his enablers thinking Hope Hicks can buy them more time. He needs to be removed & receive neurological evaluation & caregiver assistance that eases his decline.

Was just told by one of my contacts that the actual reason why Hope Hicks is being brought back to the WH is due to Trump’s declining mental state.


The Demon-Haunted World

Sorry, Mr. Putin...


End the GOP - In order to save our democracy, we must not merely defeat the Republican Party.

Trump is not a departure from the values of the GOP, but the culmination of its efforts to secure power.


The capacity of our political elites to be shocked anew by the Republican Party has been more shocking than anything Republicans have stooped to doing in the Trump era. It should be no surprise that a party willing to deny the reality of a climate crisis that imperils all civilization has given the presidency to a man who denied his black predecessor is an American. It is entirely logical that a party currently dismantling the right to vote has turned itself over to a man willing to undermine faith in the democratic process. Despite what the Democratic Party’s chosen rationale for impeachment has implied, the gravest offenses President Trump has committed against our country can be found not in the White House’s call logs but in the detention centers where the president has caged the children of migrant parents—children abused and traumatized in the service of a racist mythology Trump has crafted about the impact of immigration. The Republican Party has helped him promulgate it and stands ready to help him do worse, because Donald Trump, beyond holding office as a Republican president, embodies the very soul of the Republican Party.

Every single aspect of his administration has been foreshadowed not only by fringe figures within the GOP and voices in the conservative media, but also by the last Republican president—a man now embraced, sometimes literally, by liberal and moderate conservative figures decrying Trump’s conduct. Trump’s own rhetoric of division and exclusion was preceded by the 2004 reelection campaign for George W. Bush, which took advantage of homophobia to boost turnout from social conservatives. Before thousands of Puerto Ricans devastated by Hurricane Maria were forced by the Trump administration’s shoddy recovery effort to ask themselves whether they were really Americans after all, thousands of African Americans failed by the Bush administration’s relief efforts after Hurricane Katrina posed the same question to themselves. Trump’s intimations that the federal executive is above the law may well have been bolstered by the Bush administration’s warrantless surveillance of the American people. Even Trump’s efforts to integrate his companies within the processes of the state were preceded by the Bush administration’s curious keenness for contracts with Halliburton, the company Vice President Dick Cheney ran before Bush took office.

The propaganda and misinformation campaigns that characterize what some have called a new post-truth era under Trump should, in fact, be quite familiar to those who remember the denialism that characterized defenses of the Iraq War and the hundreds of thousands of casualties it produced. The two Republicans who have occupied the White House in the first two decades of the new millennium have shared not only an address, but an enthusiasm for torture and war crimes, a zeal for using fear and the threat of terrorism to quash political dissent, and near-total support from the Republican political establishment.


It’s left to the rest of us to face the truth squarely: Donald Trump is not a departure from the values defining the Republican Party, but the culmination of its efforts to secure power in this country. The question before us is not how much more the Republican Party might be willing to tolerate from the president but how much more we are willing to tolerate from the Republican Party.


What we become in this decade and this century depends entirely upon what we decide to do with the Republican Party we have before us today. Either we will be a nation committed to prosperity and political equality for all—a new republic for the many and not the few—or we will not. Our choice is clear—and is, in fact, being made for us by the functionaries of prejudice and business as we speak. We must wrest that choice back and set the country forward. We must end the GOP.


Trump Demands What He Doesn't Give

"I moved on her like a bitch."

Corey Lewandowski: Imagine If Trump Called a Woman Something Like 'Dog-Faced'


It's a long road, and the journey has barely started.

Can y’all chill with the political obituaries until some black folk have voted? Thanks.

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