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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 03:59 PM
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The Moron-A-Virus


"The American president has to be honest with his own people" - Bolton prompts LOL's at Duke

"The American president has to be honest with his own people," Bolton says, prompting a round of laughter in this Duke University auditorium.

Asked if he agrees with President Trump that his call with Ukrainian President Zelensky was perfect, Bolton replied, simply: “You’ll love Chapter 14.”


Trump campaign manager deletes dramatic Air Force One photo after people point out it's from 2004

Washington (CNN)President Donald Trump's campaign manager deleted a tweet featuring a dramatic photo of Air Force One at the Daytona 500 after users pointed out that the shot was from President George W. Bush's visit to the NASCAR race in 2004, not from Trump's visit on Sunday.

Brad Parscale tweeted the 2004 photo, which shows Air Force One rising above packed stands at the Daytona International Speedway in Florida, and wrote, "[email protected] won the #Daytona500 before the race even started."

The tweet stayed online for about three hours, drawing at least 6,700 retweets and 23,000 likes before it was deleted. Users identifying themselves as Trump supporters replied with messages like "Amazing shot wow" and "WOW WHAT A SHOT!!!!!!!!!"

But the photo was taken by photographer Jonathan Ferrey on February 15, 2004, after Bush's visit to the racetrack, as Air Force One took off from the adjacent Daytona Beach International Airport.

"I have a lot of talented colleagues photographing the Daytona 500 this year," Ferrey told CNN. "I am unfortunately not there today, but apparently I won the Daytona 500 photography before the race even started."


2nd & 3rd Place Winner Are ALWAYS The Lead Story! Thats Just How This WORKS! (by: Tom Tomorrow)


John Oliver DESTROYED every argument against M4A last night.

Oliver, in his usual brilliant style, systematically destroyed every argument against M4A:

Nobody knows what it will actually cost. Anyone saying otherwise is full of shit.
Most cost estimates come in at or below our nations current public and private sector combined health care spending, and even if it doesn’t end up that way, it’s worth it.
The idea of “choice” is an illusion. Most people have one choice: Whatever their employer offers them.
People often have no choice at all in emergencies but to go out-of-network — often even when they’ve gone out of their way to try to stay in network.
Under M4A, every provider is in network.
The “wait time” argument about other nations with nationalized healthcare that is currently a favorite of those opposed to M4A is basically bogus and based on non-emergency or elective procedures.
People wait ridiculous amounts of time *now* because they simply cannot afford the co-pays and deductibles needed to be met to get said procedures.
A system where people have to choose between one life saving medication or another due to cost is inherently unjust.
Yes, people in the health care bureaucracy will need new jobs, but that can be handled and is part of the plans offered by both Sanders and Warren.
The current system, as Oliver put it, is a “shit sandwich”, while “Medicare for all who want it” is “still a shit sandwich, only with avocado on it because the same shit still remains.”

And finally, the most succinct point:

If you’re arguing against M4A, you’re arguing for all of the flaws and unfairness inherent in our current system and you need to own that.

Update: Video added

Ronald Reagan's Daughter Patti Davis: Presidents Didn't Used to Be Dictators

According to Patti Davis, writing under the telling headline, “Presidents Didn’t Use To Be Dictators,” she once had a dinnertime conversation with her father who explained to her, “Dictators are never benevolent, that’s why they’re dictators. They want to control people, hold onto their own power, and not allow people to be free. America has the most perfect government.”

“I knew a lot about dictators when I was a kid. My parents had a friend who had numbers tattooed on her arm. She was at our home often, and I knew the story about how she was put into a concentration camp with her family when she was a child, and only she and her mother survived. I had seen photographs of Nazi soldiers herding Jewish people into cattle cars. I asked my father once why the people didn’t turn and trample the soldiers—they outnumbered them by a lot. He told me they were too afraid. When people are frightened, he said, anything can be done to them,” she wrote before making the connection to the current political climate.

“Almost on a daily basis now, we hear about how frightened people are of Donald Trump—Republican Senators, people working in the White House in various capacities, apparently many in the Department of Justice,” she explained. “They fear his wrath and his insatiable appetite for revenge. Those of us who are horrified at the dismantling of our democracy fear him because he may very well be destroying more than we can ever rebuild.”

“We run the risk, it seems to me, of forgetting what the presidency is supposed to be. We are so bombarded with the crudeness of Donald Trump, his cruelty and wanton disregard for the tenets of our Constitution, that the image of a president who has a moral compass, reveres our democracy and follows its laws is fading from our collective psyche,” she added, before warning, “We will never save this democracy until we remember what it feels like to have as our president someone who puts democracy above personal, selfish interests.”



This is how it REALLY went down...

To Jim Jordan from ex-OSU wrestler:'Other things are going to come out-it's just going to get worse'

Jim Jordan served notice by ex-OSU wrestler: ‘Other things are going to come out … and it’s just going to get worse’


“Well, in his statement, he didn’t say that he didn’t call me. I find that amusing, because, you know, he — he knows that he called me that day, and there’s proof and he doesn’t want to go there. So as far as the lie, I’ve already gone over this several times. I mean, it was blatant knowledge throughout our wrestling team, and there’s others that are going to come out on my behalf, and it’s just going to get worse.”

“Jim Jordan is just a symptom of the bigger problem at Ohio State,” added DiSabato. “He had superiors, Russ Hellickson, who I just found out called me a liar as well. This guy, we have text messages of him sending it to my teammates telling them to flip. So these people are delusional. And, you know, it’s all going to come out and Ohio State is — it’s going to get worse, because there’s other things that are going to come out. You know, they — they don’t want to go there.”

“And for — I was going to ask you, you say things are going to come out, is there specific evidence that you have, or that you or others that were victims or connected to victims at Ohio State have, that Jordan himself knew about the abuse that was taking place?”

“Yes,” said DiSabato. “I mean, the fact that he called me on the Fourth of July. I haven’t talked to this guy in, you know — the last time I saw him was at my teammate Kevin Randleman’s funeral. And Kevin Randleman was a captain as well. If he was alive, he’d be sitting here next to me, you know, with the same story, because he was adamant against it as well. So, you know, to keep denying it is just digging himself a bigger hole. If he would have just came out at the beginning and said, hey, you know, our superiors did nothing, then I wouldn’t be here right now. You think I want to be here?”

the rest:

This is how democracy dies -- in full view of a public that couldn't care less

"A recent Gallup poll found that Trump’s approval rating among Republicans — the supposed law-and-order party — is at a record-high 94 percent. His support in the country as a whole is only 43.4 percent in the FiveThirtyEight average, but he is still well positioned to win reelection, because most people seem to care a lot more about the strength of the stock market than about the strength of our democracy. This is how democracies die — not in darkness but in full view of a public that couldn’t care less."



looks like a Russian journalist got a photo

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