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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 03:59 PM
Number of posts: 67,544

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The prelude to a beautiful love letter to Zelinskyy?

President Putin: Any integration of Russia and Ukraine, along with their capacities and competitive advantages, would lead to the emergence of a rival, a global rival for Europe and the world. No one wants it. That's why they'll do anything to pull us apart.


Small town votes for terrible thing. Terrible thing passes and immediately does harm to small town.

The UK’s vote for Brexit is so very much like the rust and farm belts voting for Trump. https://twitter.com/nicktolhurst/status/1231168412266749952

Barrow - for the 1st time in over 30 years - voted for Boris Johnson & the Conservatives in order to get Brexit done at the last election.

Today McBride closes its factory there in order to transfer production to the EU in order to survive Brexit.


The more things change.....

My daughter & I have decided:


LEAKED REPORT: JP Morgan economists warn climate crisis is threat to human race

The world’s largest financier of fossil fuels has warned clients that the climate crisis threatens the survival of humanity and that the planet is on an unsustainable trajectory, according to a leaked document.

The JP Morgan report on the economic risks of human-caused global heating said climate policy had to change or else the world faced irreversible consequences.

The study implicitly condemns the US bank’s own investment strategy and highlights growing concerns among major Wall Street institutions about the financial and reputational risks of continued funding of carbon-intensive industries, such as oil and gas.

JP Morgan has provided $75bn (£61bn) in financial services to the companies most aggressively expanding in sectors such as fracking and Arctic oil and gas exploration since the Paris agreement, according to analysis compiled for the Guardian last year.

Its report was obtained by Rupert Read, an Extinction Rebellion spokesperson and philosophy academic at the University of East Anglia, and has been seen by the Guardian.

The research by JP Morgan economists David Mackie and Jessica Murray says the climate crisis will impact the world economy, human health, water stress, migration and the survival of other species on Earth.

“We cannot rule out catastrophic outcomes where human life as we know it is threatened,” notes the paper, which is dated 14 January.


Half of Americans Don't Vote. What Are They Thinking?

Inside the largest ever survey of the politically disengaged.

“There’s a lot of conventional wisdom as to why somebody would not vote, but nobody has really gone to these citizens and asked them why they don’t vote,” says Sam Gill, chief program officer at the Knight Foundation, which decided to undertake the study last winter. “It’s the story of this huge portion of the population that consistently sits this out.”

In the broadest terms, the study found the average chronic nonvoter is a married, nonreligious white woman between 56 and 73 who works full time but makes less than $50,000 a year. She is most likely to identify as a moderate, lean toward the Democratic Party, get her news from television and to have a very unfavorable impression of both political parties and President Donald Trump. She has a 77 percent chance of being registered to vote and says she doesn’t because she doesn’t like the candidates but claims to be certain she will vote in November. But the study’s real lesson is that averages are deceiving, concealing more than they reveal.

Nonvoters are an eclectic faction with distinctive blocs that support Democrats and Republicans—but don’t show up to cast their ballots—and an even larger group that is alienated from a political system it finds bewildering, corrupt, irrelevant or some combination thereof. These blocs are so large that when a campaign is able to motivate even a portion of one, it can swing an election, which may have been what allowed Trump to bust through the “blue wall” in the Great Lakes region in 2016 and Barack Obama to flip North Carolina, Virginia, Florida and Indiana in 2008. What these blocs do in November could well decide the 2020 presidential election.

Long article:

Bloomberg's massive Vegas Strip ad campaign is impossible to miss


Nunes admits that the Russians have complete control over our elections?

“Why did they LET...”

Devin Nunes asks if the Russians only like Republicans, why did they let the Republicans lose the House of Representatives


Parasite Film Studio Slams Trump's Criticism of Movie: 'Understandable, He Can't Read'

The film studio behind the South Korean movie Parasite fired back after President Donald Trump criticized its historic Oscar win by suggesting he is not a fan because he cannot read.

At a rally in Colorado Springs on Thursday night, Trump criticized the Oscar committee for awarding Bong Joon-ho's movie an Academy Award for Best Picture, the first time a non-English language film won the award.

"How bad were the Academy Awards this year?" Trump asked, prompting boos from the crowd. "Did you see them? And the winner is a movie from South Korea. What the hell was that all about?

"We got enough problems with South Korea with trade," Trump added before admitting he has never seen the film.


Some Good Advice:

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