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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 03:59 PM
Number of posts: 67,645

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In Colorado - NRA-backed congressman booed at town hall over guns

In Colorado, near where the Aurora and Columbine massacres happened... https://twitter.com/JoyAnnReid/status/969433081475223552

NRA-backed congressman booed at town hall over guns


GREENWOOD VILLAGE, Colo. — Grumbling and jeers met the request for a moment of silence for the 17 people killed last week in the Florida school shooting.

"Let's do something for them!" one man yelled at the beginning of Republican Rep. Mike Coffman's town hall Tuesday night. Another participant cried out, "We're done with thoughts and prayers!"

Coffman's swing district in the Denver suburbs is all too familiar with mass shootings.

A few miles to the northeast of the high school that hosted Tuesday's town hall is the location of the Aurora theater massacre, where 13 people were shot to death in 2012. A few miles to the southwest of the town hall site, just across the district line, is Columbine High School, the site of the 1999 school shooting that killed 12.


KRUGMAN: "Taxpayers, You've Been Scammed"

Trump and his allies pretended to give you a gift, but they gave themselves and their wealthy patrons much bigger gifts


So you go out for dinner with a wealthy acquaintance. “I’ll take care of everything,” he says, and orders you a hamburger. Then he orders himself an expensive steak and a bottle of wine, which he doesn’t share. And when the waiter comes with the check, he points at you and says, “Charge it to his credit card.”

Now you understand the essence of the Trump tax cut, signed into law a little over two months ago.


How’s that $75-a-year saving going to look when the teacher finds out that, partly because of that tax cut, her mother’s Medicare plan has been converted into an inadequate voucher system and Medicaid won’t pay for her father’s nursing home care?


So far, we’ve seen about $6 billion in bonuses versus more than $170 billion in stock buybacks, that is, handing money to wealthy stockholders. And money spent on buybacks is money that isn’t being invested in plants and equipment, the supposed point of the tax cut.


Donald Trump and his allies pretended to give you a gift, but they gave themselves and their wealthy patrons much bigger gifts — and they’re going to stick you with the bill. You’ve been scammed.


The Joke's On Trump As The Washington Post Turns His Nickname For Jeff Sessions Against Him

Ouch! This has to really piss off Trump:


Trump's Military Parade!

CNN: WH aides have been told to decide before end of January whether they intend to leave or.....

Washington (CNN)White House aides have been told to decide before the end of January whether they intend to leave the administration or stay through the November midterm elections, an official said, a deadline intended to help bring a sense of order to an anticipated staffing exodus.


Was Hope Hicks asked in January to decide if she was staying through the midterms?

Did she give an answer before January 31?

Did John Kelly know her plans?

Did Mike Pence know? (I kid, the VP never knows anything!)

Asking for a Haberman




Fox's ​Kilmeade to NRA's Dana Loesch: "No one had it worse than you" in CNN's Parkland town hall

DANA LOESCH (NRA SPOKESPERSON): And you spoke with a bunch of people in Bowling Green, Kentucky. I'm telling you what. I'm hearing from people, and Brian, I'm sure you are too, all over the country, who are saying, "Yes, can we make it to where our kids are not soft targets, and just implement some of these common sense strategies?"

BRIAN KILMEADE (CO-HOST): Right. Yeah, and --

LOESCH: That's one of the things that the president has discussed. I hope that we can explore that. And I hope the media can do it genuinely.

KILMEADE: Right. No one had it worse than you in that town hall, where people were just so emotional and illogical. They were unconsolable.

Horrifying Video:

A Little White Liar...

White lies: when I asked hope Hicks about trumps use of amphetamine derivatives in 1982, she said he took them for a few days. When I said medical records I had showed he used them till 1990 - or 8 years when 25 days is max before addiction - she called me liberal & hung up.


Ah, what the hell....this is the portion on Trump's drug use from the Newsweek story that set off a war. Matt Mcallaster, soon fired under sex discrimination cloud, said he was 2 frightened to publish despite push by every other editor. I've left Newsweek. https://www.scribd.com/document/372716093/According-to-Medical-Records-Obtained-by-Newsweek

No Need For Intelligence.....


1999 Article - Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Students React To The Shooting At Columbine

Check out this article from May 12, 1999, edition of the South Florida Sun Sentinel, describing the reaction of the students at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School to the shooting massacre at Columbine.

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