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"I Hate Seeing What It (KKK) Represents"

KING: Anger?

Mr. TRUMP: It's anger. I mean, that's an anger vote. People are angry about what's happened. People are angry about the jobs. If you look at Louisiana, they're really in deep trouble. When you talk about the East Coast - It's not the East Coast. It's the East Coast, the middle coast, the West Coast-

KING: If he runs and Pat Buchanan runs, might you see a really divided vote?

Mr. TRUMP: Well, I think if they run, or even if David Duke- I mean, George Bush was very, very strong against David Duke. I think if he had it to do again, he might not have gotten involved in that campaign because I think David Duke now, if he runs, takes away almost exclusively Bush votes and then a guy like Cuomo runs- I think Cuomo can win the election.

KING: But Bush morally had to come out against him.

Mr. TRUMP: I think Bush had to come out against him. I think Bush- If David Duke runs, David Duke is going to get a lot of votes. Whether that be good or bad, David Duke is going to get a lot of votes. Pat Buchanan - who really has many of the same theories, except it's in a better package - Pat Buchanan is going to take a lot of votes away from George Bush. So if you have these two guys running, or even one of them running, I think George Bush could be in big trouble.

look in the mirror:

Kentucky studentís portrait comparing KKK to police shakes school distric


Secret Service Agent Slams Photog To The Ground At Trump Rally

Source: Talking Points Memo

A Secret Service agent slammed a Time magazine photographer to the ground Monday during a rally for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, CNN reported. Several videos of the confrontation circulated on social media.

Time's Christopher Morris was tackled to the ground when he tried to photograph an outburst by protesters, according to CNNís Jim Acosta.

Morris told CNN that he stepped "18 inches" outside of the press pen to snap a photo of the departing protesters when he was approached by an agent. In video of the incident shared by the Independent Journal's Joe Perticone, Morris can be heard saying "fuck you" to the agent, who then tackled him to the ground:

Read more: http://talkingpointsmemo.com/livewire/chris-morris-tackled-secret-service-trump-rally



Chris Morris, a veteran White House photographer working on the campaign for TIME, stepped out of the press pen to photograph a Black Lives Matter protest that interrupted the speech. A video shows that Morris swore at a Secret Service agent who tried to move Morris back into the pen. A separate video of the event shows that the agent then grabbed Morrisí neck with both hands and threw him into a table and onto the ground.

Video also shows that once on the ground, Morris kicked at the agent who was trying to restrain him. Later, Morris briefly put his hand on the agentís neck. After the exchange, Morris said that he did so in order to demonstrate the choke hold he had just experienced.

TIME has contacted the U.S. Secret Service to express concerns about the level and nature of the agentís response. Morris has also expressed remorse for his part in escalating the confrontation. A TIME spokesperson said, ďWe are relieved that Chris is feeling OK, and we expect him to be back at work soon.Ē


trump is the symptom, limbaugh running wild on the right for decades is the disease

Rush Limbaugh: Priest Sex Abuse Scandal "Was About The Gay Infiltration Of The Catholic Church"

RUSH LIMBAUGH: The movie that won (the Academy Award for) Best Picture last night was Spotlight. You know what Spotlight was about? Well, "Spotlight" was the investigative journalism arm of The Boston Globe. That's what the section of the paper was called, I gather. And they did a huge exposť on the Catholic Church and uncovered the fact that priests were abusing young boys, primarily, but young children, for years and years. It was pedophilia, it was rape, it was any number of things. And so what this was about was the -- who's doing this stuff? This was about the gay infiltration of the Catholic Church and had all these priests preying on -- I mean, it had to be a very contradictory moment or a conflicting moment, I would think, to expose something like this. Because that's -- we're told that that really doesn't happen. But yet, the movie of the year -- or yeah, is that what they -- the best picture highlighted that very thing.


Report: New York Times Sitting On Blockbuster Trump Tape

Donald Trump Secretly Told The New York Times What He Really Thinks About Immigration

posted on Feb. 29, 2016, at 10:55 a.m.

The New York Times is sitting on an audio recording that some of its staff believes could deal a serious blow to Donald Trump who, in an off-the-record meeting with the newspaper, called into question whether he would stand by his own immigration views.

Trump visited the paperís Manhattan headquarters on Tuesday, Jan. 5, part of a round of editorial board meetings that ó as is traditional ó the Democratic candidates for president and some of the Republicans attended. The meetings, conducted partly on the record and partly off the record in a 13th floor conference room, give candidates a chance to make their pitch for the paperís endorsement.

After a dispute over Trumpís suggestion of tariffs on Chinese goods, the Times released a portion of the recording. But that was from the on-the-record part of the session.

On Saturday, columnist Gail Collins, one of the attendees at the meeting (which also included editor-in-chief Dean Baquet), floated a bit of speculation in her column:

The most optimistic analysis of Trump as a presidential candidate is that he just doesnít believe in positions, except the ones you adopt for strategic purposes when youíre making a deal. So you obviously canít explain how youíre going to deport 11 million undocumented immigrants, because itís going to be the first bid in some future monster negotiation session.

Sources familiar with the recording and transcript ó which have reached near-mythical status at the Times ó tell me that the second sentence is a bit more than speculation. It reflects, instead, something Trump said about the flexibility of his hard-line anti-immigration stance.


Rachel Maddow, still here for us


Thanks, we need you more than ever,
and peace to you and yours,

The right is acting shocked ó shocked! ó that anyone would ever say thereís racism going on in GOP

The right is acting shocked ó shocked! ó that anyone would ever say thereís racism going on in their party, and they are all practically calling for the smelling salts at the mere suggestion that Donald Trump might be appealing to white people who hold racist views. This is to be expected. After all, even their protestations are a form of dogwhistle at this point: The pretense of horror at being called racist is a signal to fellow racists.

But the right wing isnít alone in protesting the very obvious fact that Trumpís appeal is based in racism. There are more than a few members of the left who get similarly upset at any suggestion that the Trump phenomenon might be driven by race. This is odd considering his blatant xenophobia with respect to Hispanic immigrants and Muslims, his blaming of every economic problem on cunning leaders of foreign governments and his long history of outright racism when it comes to African Americans.

If these racist and xenophobic polices werenít the central message of his campaign ó if he werenít promising to deport and ban millions of people ó perhaps it might be believable that the white people who are voting for him [he doesnít have any other kind] do so in spite of this agenda rather than because of it. The data does not support that. The New York Times reports:

"According to P.P.P., 70 percent of Mr. Trumpís voters in South Carolina wish the Confederate battle flag were still flying on their statehouse grounds. (It was removed last summer less than a month after a mass shooting at a black church in Charleston.) The polling firm says that 38 percent of them wish the South had won the Civil War. Only a quarter of Mr. Rubioís supporters share that wish, and even fewer of Mr. Kasichís and Mr. Carsonís do.


Nationally, further analyses of the YouGov data show a similar trend: Nearly 20 percent of Mr. Trumpís voters disagreed with Abraham Lincolnís Emancipation Proclamation, which freed slaves in the Southern states during the Civil War. Only 5 percent of Mr. Rubioís voters share this view.

Mr. Trumpís popularity with white, working-class voters who are more likely than other Republicans to believe that whites are a supreme race and who long for the Confederacy may make him unpopular among leaders in his party. But itís worth noting that he isnít persuading voters to hold these beliefs. The beliefs were there ó and have been for some time."


Jesus Huckabee


Can't be overstated what an asset Morning Joseph will be to the WaPo opinions team


tee hee:

Trump's new bumper sticker available now.

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