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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 03:59 PM
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Sounds like Speaker Ryan needs a refresher on what his party has been doing:

Ryan re Trump:

"This party does not pray on people's prejudices. We appeal to their highest ideals. This is the party of Lincoln."


Quite a nugget on the wire this morning:


People Are Committing Hate Crimes With Their Votes.


Lot of that crazee going around.


7-Year-Old Black Boy In Alabama Sent Home For "Part In His Hair" Despite Being On Honor Roll

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - A mother is asking school officials to define acceptable hair styles after she said her 7-year-old son's haircut got him in trouble at school.

"He was like upset and he said I had to come get him out of school because he was being suspended. He was pulled out of class, saying that he had a design in his head but it really wasn't a design, it was a part," Keisha Rembert said.

Keisha Rembert said her son Rashaad Hunter is an honor roll student who doesn't get in trouble. He attends Greenwood Elementary School in Bessemer.

"He was walking with his head down, when I saw him he was like teary-eyed at first because he doesn't want to be suspended for no part in his head. I told him, 'Don't hold your head down...continue to make these A's and B's because that part is nothing,'" Rembert said.

"They need to notate or clarify what is a design?


TRUMP: He is to American politics what Martin Shkreli is to Big Pharma.

Andrew Bacevich, on target as usual.

the political establishment and flouting its norms. Yet to classify him as an anti-establishment figure is to miss his true significance. He is to American politics what Martin Shkreli is to Big Pharma. Each represents in exaggerated form the distilled essence of a much larger and more disturbing reality. Each embodies the smirking cynicism that has become one of the defining characteristics of our age. Each in his own way is a sign of the times.

In contrast to the universally reviled Shkreli, however, Trump has cultivated a mass following that appears impervious to his missteps, miscues, and misstatements. What Trump actually believes -- whether he believes in anything apart from big, splashy self-display -- is largely unknown and probably beside the point. Trumpism is not a program or an ideology. It is an attitude or pose that feeds off of, and then reinforces, widespread anger and alienation.

The pose works because the anger -- always present in certain quarters of the American electorate but especially acute today -- is genuine. By acting the part of impish bad boy and consciously trampling on the canons of political correctness, Trump validates that anger. The more outrageous his behavior, the more secure his position at the very center of the political circus. Wondering what he will do next, we can’t take our eyes off him. And to quote Marco Rubio in a different context, Trump “knows exactly what he is doing.”

the rest:

What Donald Trump Finds Out When He Researches the KKK


Morning Joe: "I Didn't Do It"

Morning Joseph wasn't covering Trump, he was promoting him.

Now he wants to pretend otherwise.

JOE SCARBOROUGH (HOST): And you know Mika, we've actually been hammered by people saying, "oh, you're supporting Donald." No, we're not supporting Donald Trump. We haven't supported Donald Trump. There's a great article in The Washington Post yesterday where somebody said, "even giving him a chance, suggesting that his candidacy might be viable, was so misperceived by an arrogant mainstream media, that just saying he had a chance to win meant you were somehow supporting him." And it's just a lie, and it's been a lie. I've said very clearly on this show that I supported Jeb Bush time and time again. But we saw the viability here. Nobody else did. And that's just -- okay. Other than Steve Schmidt, who's the only other person that came on, early on, this set and said it.


Obviously, for the sake of journalistic integrity, MSNBC should give him 10 more hours on the air per day.

Internal doc: "Trump Univ" instructs recruiters how to pressure students to go into debt to enroll

Internal doc from scam "Trump University" instructs recruiters how to pressure students to go into debt to enroll


RNC rewriting rules in July to "unbind" delegates.

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