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Evidence Of Republican Delusion


We've got work to do: Voters in at least five states just endorsed all of this...AND MORE


New Yorker’s Toobin takes a peek at Scalia’s hunting buddy:

Scalia travelled to the Texas hunting trip on a private plane with a friend named C. Allen Foster, a seventy-four-year-old lawyer in D.C.
Foster has a varied law practice, specializing in the law of construction, but also representing several right-leaning clients. He represented the Republican Party in redistricting cases and the company formerly known as Blackwater in a case arising out of the death of four of its contractors during the American occupation of Iraq. (Foster did not reply to an e-mail or return a phone call.)

Foster is a hunting enthusiast, as was Justice Scalia. The lawyer described his passion a couple of years ago in an autobiographical portrait for the fiftieth reunion of the Princeton Class of 1963. Like many such essays, Foster’s begins in a jocular vein—“You’re only as old as your current wife,” he writes. But then he goes on to say that while he spent his professional career practicing law, “I’ve also been pursuing my passion—killing things. I’m sure many of you have become mamby-pamby girly men and think that killing things is oh, so redneck and lower class. Well, you’ll be delighted to know that I generally go killing things with Continental royalty and English nobility, and we look down on the rednecks just like you do.” (According to the Web site of the Order of St. Hubertus, the current grand master is His Imperial Highness Istvan von Habsburg-Lothringen, the archduke of Austria.)

Foster went on, “I am pleased to report that I’ve killed lots of elephants, lions, buffalo, leopards, kudu, deer and the last legally shot black rhinoceros, together with more than 150,000 birds of various species. When the last duck comes flying over with a sign around his neck ‘I am the last duck,’ I will shoot it.” Concluding with a political observation, Foster writes, “It also won’t surprise you that I still rail against liberals, the academic kleptocracy, Washington bureaucrats and feminazis.”


This pretty much sums up the Trump campaign:

Axelrod tells us how he would attack Trump

Trump? "He is the antithesis to Obama in the race," Axelrod says.

Axelrod's first rule, then, is to "take him seriously. Don’t look at him through the lens of the elites. Recognize that he’s a salesman, and a very good one. He’ll say whatever it takes to get you in that car."

To attack Trump effectively, Axelrod argues, you need to understand his appeal. "There are a lot of folks out there who want to deal the system a punch in the face, and Donald Trump is the clenched fist."

The mistake Axelrod seems worried Democrats will make is that they'll attack Trump as if he's a normal candidate as opposed to an orange symbol of voter rage. "Because his candidacy is so much about him and his persona, I’m not of the mind that taking him apart on policy will be successful," Axelrod says. "I think you take him apart on his business record and his offensive statements."

The argument here is that attacking Trump's policies is almost a kind of category error: He doesn't take his policies seriously, and it's not clear voters do, either. Trump's appeal isn't the solutions he promises so much as the problems he identifies and is, uniquely among major American politicians, willing to talk about.


White Supremacists Are Broadcasting From INSIDE Trump Rallies

James Edwards, a notorious white supremacist and radio talk show host, is promoting a recent interview with the son of Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump that'll air on Saturday.

Edwards talked to the real estate mogul's eldest son and campaign surrogate, Donald Trump, Jr., for his "pro-white" radio show, "The Political Cesspool." Previous guests on the show have included Neo-Nazis, Holocaust deniers, and Ku Klux Klan leaders.

He heralded the 20-minute interview in a blog post that boasted about his access inside a Trump rally in Memphis, Tennessee, last Saturday, where Edwards was broadcasting his show live. He said Trump's campaign gave Edwards and his co-hosts full press credentials and "VIP" parking near the event.

"We're watching history in the making," Edwards said at the start of his three-hour broadcast from the press area of the Memphis Trump rally. "Donald Trump will be the first Republican nominee that I have ever voted for."


Some of the things said by the white nationalist show that the Trump campaign credentialed:


Charles Pierce on what SUPERTUESDAY means for the Republican Party:

The Republican Party's Implosion Has Been a Long Time Coming. Today Is the Day.
I love the smell of reckoning in the morning.

"On Tuesday night, Donald J. Trump is odds-on to win at least seven of the 11 contested Republican presidential primaries. If he does so, he is better than odds-on to be the Republican presidential nominee. The facts are as stark as the slopes of Lookout Mountain in the early morning light. It is a consummation devoutly to be wished, especially by those of us who see the Republicans as having been cruising for this particular bruising ever since it so greedily ate the monkeybrains in the 1980s. But, from the people who make their living at being Republicans, we are seeing the kind of existential panic that you only see once or twice in a century. It's Watership Down, with Super PACs and Mitch McConnell."


Ex-CIA director to Trump: 'Bring your own bucket' if you want to waterboard

”If any future president wants (the) CIA to waterboard anybody, he better bring his own bucket, because CIA officers aren’t going to do it.”

Michael Hayden is the only man ever to have been head of both the National Security Agency and the Central Intelligence Agency.

Hayden was responding to comments from Republican frontrunner, Donald Trump, that torture and waterboarding work in interrogations.


WSJ: “it would be terrible to think the left was right about the right”

Speaking of disapproval, WSJ, wringing its hands about the rise of Trumpolini:

It would be terrible to think that the left was right about the right all these years. Nativist bigotries must not be allowed to become the animating spirit of the Republican Party. If Donald Trump becomes the candidate, he will not win the presidency, but he will help vindicate the left’s ugly indictment. It will be left to decent conservatives to pick up the pieces—and what’s left of the party.

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