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Boehner Caves - GOP: House to vote on Homeland bill without conditions

GOP: House to vote on Homeland bill without conditions

WASHINGTON (AP) — In a major victory for President Barack Obama, the Republican-led House relented on Tuesday and will back legislation to fund the Homeland Security Department through the end of the budget year, without restrictions on immigration.

House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, outlined the dwindling options for his deeply divided GOP caucus on Tuesday morning after the Senate left the House with little choice. Boehner pointed out that the issue is now in the hands of the courts.

"I am as outraged and frustrated as you at the lawless and unconstitutional actions of this president," Boehner told his caucus, according to aides. "I believe this decision — considering where we are — is the right one for this team, and the right one for this country."

Conservatives had demanded that the funding bill roll back Obama's immigration directives from last fall. He signed orders sparing millions of immigrants from deportation. Democrats had insisted on legislation to fund the department, which shares responsibility for anti-terrorism operations, without any conditions.

The GOP leadership's decision angered several conservatives.

Boehner is expected to move soon — as early as Wednesday — to bring up the clean [Senate] bill to fund the Department of Homeland Security for a vote on the House floor, according to two House GOP sources familiar with leadership discussions…Boehner’s allies are expected to push rank-and-file members to vote for the clean DHS bill, making the argument that they support fighting back against President Barack Obama’s executive actions on immigration, but it’s time to move on from waging the battle on a critical spending bill that funds domestic security


old man winter


"You gotta watch that guy..."

DICK Cheney emerges to whip up GOP team support For Netanyahu

Dick Cheney to address senior House Republicans
By LAUREN FRENCH 3/2/15 10:34 AM EST Updated 3/2/15 10:58 AM EST

Former Vice President Dick Cheney will speak to the House Republican whip team Monday evening, a source familiar with the meeting said.

Cheney will likely address the series of foreign policy issues before Congress, including Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s upcoming joint address on Tuesday and the ongoing negotiations with Iran over Tehran’s nuclear program.

The weekly meeting with the whips gives the Republican leadership team a chance to outline its strategy and message for the week and often features big-name speakers.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2015/03/dick-cheney-senior-house-republicans-address-115654.html#ixzz3THHVFmAG

National Bank of Abu Dhabi: Even at $10 per barrel, oil can't match solar on cost

........a new report from the National Bank of Abu Dhabi, as you can imagine, a big player in oil & gas, says that "fossil fuels can no longer compete with solar technologies on price", and that the majority of the $US48 trillion needed to meet global energy demand over the next 20 years will come from renewables.

“Cost is no longer a reason not to proceed with renewables,” the NBAD report says. In some instances, the price of renewables are remarkably low. “The latest solar PV project tendered in Dubai returned a low bid that set a new global benchmark and is competitive with oil at US$10/barrel and gas at US$5/MMBtu.” This was a 200MW bid by ACWA Power at $US0.0584/kWh (5.84c/kwh), without subsidies. Of course, sunnier countries will have lower costs, but over time even cloudier places will see solar eclipse dirty sources.

The report also addresses intermittency:

As for intermittency, the age-old argument against renewables, the report says intermittency and variability are not an issue. “There has been an historic concern that renewables are an unreliable option, because the wind blows only intermittently and the sun does not shine all the time, but that is proving to be less of an issue,” it says.

In the Gulf region, it says, demand peaks tend to occur in the middle of the day, and grids “can now easily cope” with at least 40 per cent of renewable input before requiring modifications. And gas is an ideal complement to deal with the intermittency where it occurs.

“Furthermore, developments in storage technologies are progressing rapidly, and in the next few years utility-scale solutions will be deployed that further minimise concern around what was until recently seen as a major inhibitor to the uptake of renewable generation.


LA TIMES slams 'Meet the Press' over climate change jokes: "How Low Can News Departments Sink?"

'Meet the Press' treast climate change as just a laughing matter

"Meet the Press" likes to swank around as though it's our premier network public affairs program. Yet somehow its producers and host think it's all right to treat a manifestly ignorant statement about climate change as "a fun moment" involving a "fun little prop" -- and to pander to American anti-intellectualism by implying that the global warming debate is just too serious and boring to waste time on, like high school kids grousing about having to go to math class. One can almost hear the producers of "Meet the Press" going, "What, climate change again? Cue up the escaping llamas."

How low can the news departments of our major networks sink? We've already reported on the decline of journalistic standards at CBS' "60 Minutes," in the context of its flawed and credulous reporting on disability and the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. And now "Meet the Press," by endorsing a display of pure ignorance about an urgent issue of public policy as a "fun" prank, cedes the last shred of its credibility.

It's true that there's room for levity in reporting on politics, but this effort was spectacularly tone-deaf. Ridiculing or minimizing climate change as a topic only wonks care about -- or conniving with our least-informed political leaders to do so -- is an abandonment of every principle "Meet the Press" should stand for.


MOTHER JONES Has Obtained O'Reilly's OWN VIDEO From Falklands - Contradicting His "WAR ZONE" Claim

Bill O'Reilly's Own Video From Falklands Protest Contradicts His "War Zone" Claim

He has said he saw civilians massacred in Buenos Aires. The report he filed at the time said nothing of the sort.

Throughout the controversy set off by a recent Mother Jones article about Bill O'Reilly's mischaracterizations of his wartime reporting experience, the Fox News host has angrily insisted that "everything" he has said about his journalistic track record has been accurate. But his accounts have been contradicted by O'Reilly's former colleagues and other eyewitnesses—and, it turns out, by O'Reilly's own reporting at the time. Mother Jones has obtained the CBS News report O'Reilly filed at the end of the Falklands war. It makes no reference to the dramatic and war-like action—soldiers "gunning down" Argentine civilians with "real bullets"—O'Reilly has claimed he witnessed.


What's notable about O'Reilly's report is what's not in it. He does not refer to Argentine soldiers gunning down civilians or mention any deaths. He says nothing about soldiers chasing him and his crew. And there's no reference to a CBS cameraman being injured. (A reporter who witnesses soldiers shooting protesters and killing many civilians would presumably be compelled to report on those horrors.) His report depicts exactly what other journalists and eyewitnesses have said took place: a violent demonstration in which tear gas and rubber bullets were deployed. In this 1982 report, O'Reilly called the demonstration a "disturbance." But in later years—on his Fox News show, in his writings, and at speaking engagements—he has claimed that the event was a bloody melee that amounted to "combat" in a "war zone."

Here's a full transcript of Bill O'Reilly's 1982 report from Buenos Aires:

More than 10,000 people gathered in front of the presidential palace tonight a full 30 minutes before President Leopoldo Galtieri's scheduled outdoor address. The mood was bitter. Anti-British and -American signs were hoisted. But most of the insults were directed toward Galtieri’s government for surrendering on the Falklands. Police were pelted with coins. And some journalists behind the lines were hurt. Then suddenly the police struck back, firing tear gas and rushing the crowd. There were many arrests. But still some in the crowd would not leave. Fires started up, and groups re-formed continuing to denounce the military regime. Galtieri's outdoor address was canceled but later he appeared on nationwide TV as scheduled, admitting the Falklands struggle is over for now but vowing Argentina will never give up its claim to the islands. Galtieri made no mention of the evening’s disturbance, and Argentine television labeled it a minor incident. Bill O’Reilly, CBS News, Buenos Aires.



“I was in a situation one time, in a war zone in Argentina, in the Falklands, where my photographer got run down and then hit his head and was bleeding from the ear on the concrete. And the army was chasing us."



Speaker Boehner's Fifth Column Tactics are damaging America's Image here and across the globe.

When will we-the-thinking-people say... ENOUGH'S, ENOUGH?


The 10 Smartest (and the Dumbest) Presidents in America’s History

Dunce Caps:

George W. Bush

No one can really be surprised at Bush 43’s presence on the Dumbest President roster, can they? After all, when entire books are compiled of “Bushisms”, his reputation precedes (and follows) him. He was a “C” student at Yale, where he no doubt was accepted due to his wealthy and distinguished political family, and no sane person would have predicted great things from him. Yet, as George W. said, “They misunderestimated me.” Despite dodging the Vietnam War by joining the Air Force Reserve, and failing at numerous businesses, he somehow parlayed ineptitude into becoming, first, a do-nothing governor of Texas (where the governor, by state law, literally does almost nothing), and then 43rdPresident of the United States. As President, he enjoyed vacations, taking 879 days of leisure time, more than two years of his tenure. He also disregarded the threat from Al Quaeda, screwed up the search for Osama bin Laden, blundered into the Iraqi War, checked out on Hurricane Katrina, presided over the beginning of the Great Recession, and generally managed to drive the country into deeper debt than ever before.

In the immortal words of George W.:

"I'll be long gone before some smart person ever figures out what happened inside this Oval Office."

Washington, D.C., May 12, 2008 http://www.msnbc.com/the-ed-show/how-will-you-remember-george-w-bush

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