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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 03:59 PM
Number of posts: 65,635

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Right on, Rob Reiner!

Each day this mentally unstable man takes a step closer to destroying 242 yrs. of self rule. And though Democrats want to be restrained, impeachment is inevitable. Then GOP Senators will have to make a choice. Either protect Democracy or continue to enable an ignorant criminal.


Retiring Republican: "I've never seen somebody more scared of their base than the president."

“I’ve never seen somebody more scared of their base than the president.”

As he walks away: “that’s a good F’N quote.”


"Things are so chaotic at the White House that some Republican senators can't get in..."

Senators summoned to meet Trump having a tough time getting in. “Things are so chaotic at the White House that some Republican senators can’t get in because Secret Service didn’t even have time to clear them (or the staff who is driving them there!),” source tells


Mexico will pay for the wall - N O T.

Great Video:

Serving Up - A Silver Platter Of Season's Greetings


John Fugelsang Speaks For Many Of Us:


My President changed military policy to something Putin wanted without even consulting the military while simultaneously threatening shutdown over a racist ineffective wall the majority of American taxpayers oppose and all I got was this lousy 500-point stock drop.


These quotes from Trump & Bannon explain The Hell we find ourselves in.

Two quotes you need to read side by side.
1. From Trump
2. From Trump's chief strategist, Steve Bannon

Spread this widely.



CNN Chyron says it all.


Luckovich: My editor probably won't let me do this cartoon.


WOW - Erdogan bossing potus around - Warned Trump to get out of the way in Syria


Sr US defense official tells me: The President made the decision to pull out of Syria last Fri Dec 14 after speaking with Turkish President Erdogan, who told Trump Turkish forces were planning to enter Syria to go after the Kurdish PKK and warned US troops to get out of the way.


If this report is correct, the President and his Adm must officially inform the American public and US allies that this is the case. That we are leaving #EastSyria because of President #Erdogan request. Better inform the Congress and Americans about the reason, early, not late...

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