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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 03:59 PM
Number of posts: 65,635

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Pete Souza always has a photo to shame Trump.


Aunt Crabby compares Fox "News" To Reality (visual warning)


Robert Reich: The End of Trump Is Near

This morning I phoned my friend, the former Republican member of Congress.

ME: So, what are you hearing?

HE: Trump is in deep sh*t.
ME: Tell me more.

HE: When it looked like he was backing down on the wall, Rush and the crazies on Fox went ballistic. So he has to do the shutdown to keep the base happy. They’re his insurance policy. They stand between him and impeachment.

ME: Impeachment? No chance. Senate Republicans would never go along.

HE (laughing): Don’t be so sure. Corporate and Wall Street are up in arms. Trade war was bad enough. Now, you’ve got Mattis resigning in protest. Trump pulling out of Syria, giving Putin a huge win. This dumbass shutdown. The stock market in free-fall. The economy heading for recession.

ME: But the base loves him.

HE: Yeah, but the base doesn’t pay the bills.

ME: You mean …

HE: Follow the money, friend.

ME: The GOP’s backers have had enough?

HE: They wanted Pence all along.

ME: So …

HE: So they’ll wait until Mueller’s report, which will skewer Trump. Pelosi will wait, too. Then after the Mueller bombshell, she’ll get 20, 30, maybe even 40 Republicans to join in an impeachment resolution.

ME: And then?

HE: Senate Republicans hope that’ll be enough – that Trump will pull a Nixon.

ME: So you think he’ll resign?

HE (laughing): No chance. He’s fu*king out of his mind. He’ll rile up his base into a fever. Rallies around the country. Tweet storms. Hannity. Oh, it’s gonna be ugly. He’ll convince himself he’ll survive.

ME: And then?

HE: That’s when Senate Republicans pull the trigger.

ME: Really? Two-thirds of the Senate?

HE: Do the math. 47 Dems will be on board, so you need 19 Republicans. I can name almost that many who are already there. Won’t be hard to find the votes.

ME: But it will take months. And the country will be put through a ringer.

HE: I know. That’s the worst part.

ME: I mean, we could have civil war.

HE: Hell, no. That’s what he wants, but no chance. His approvals will be in the cellar. America will be glad to get rid of him.

ME: I hope you’re right.

HE: He’s a dangerous menace. He’ll be gone. And then he’ll be indicted, and Pence will pardon him. But the state investigations may put him in the clinker. Good riddance.



Christie on ABC says Trump is like your 72-year-old relative

Christie on ABC says Trump is like your 72-year-old relative: “When people get older, they become more and more convinced of the fact that what they’re doing is the right thing and it becomes harder to convince them otherwise."


Schumer: "Mr Pres.. if you want to open the government-you must abandon the wall-plain & simple"

Chuck Schumer: "It will never pass the Senate. Not today. Not next week. Not next year. So, Mr. President ... if you want to open the government, you must abandon the wall, plain and simple." Via ABC.


"damp to the point that, when he moves, it makes a sound like a dish sponge being squeezed."

🎶"Sponge-don Wet-pants… Sponge-don Wet-pants… Sponge-don… Wet-PAAANTS!" 🎶😁

My sources in the White House describe Trump as "watching television harder than they've ever seen him do it before" and "damp to the point that, when he moves, it makes a sound like a dish sponge being squeezed."


Stephen King: "Trump increasingly reminds me of Anthony Freemont-Monster child in Twilight Zone"

Stephen King:

Trump increasingly reminds me of Anthony Freemont, the monster child in a Twilight Zone episode called "It's a Good Life." Republicans kowtow to him, because he might throw a tantrum and send them away into the cornfield if they don't.


Tired of winning yet?


Chef Jose Andres: Free sandwich to hardworking people of the Federal Gov-Everyday until back to work

All my beautiful hardworking people of the Federal Goverment, come to any of my places with your families at the bar between 2-5 pm for a free sandwich.Everyday until back to work!


Bette Midler: Trump- He's a fucking liar

Trump unwilling to drop his demands for funding for a border wall, sought to blame Democrats for a crisis that he had previously said he would proudly own.


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