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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 03:59 PM
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Donald Jr.?

Is this Donald Trump Jr, because, if so, he's in far more legal trouble than just lying to Congress or other matters before Mueller.

What the US Attorney's Office in SDNY #CohenSentencingMemo said about hush money payments and "Executives" of Trump Org:


2 years ago: "There's two people I think Putin pays: Rohrabacher & Trump"

as all this unfurls, remember:

2 years ago, current House GOP leader told colleagues, “There’s two people I think Putin pays: Rohrabacher and Trump”

when they laughed, he added, “swear to God”

current House Speaker then said, “no leaks. this is how we know we’re a real family”


"This is the biggest scandal in the history of the American presidency..."

December 8, 2018 at 7:58 am EST By Taegan Goddard 62 Comments

Paul Waldman: “One of the remarkable things about the discussion we’ve been having lately is that the president still seems to think that he can be saved from whatever this investigation uncovers. He just announced that William Barr will be his next attorney general, and the New York Times reported that in private, ‘Mr. Trump has also repeatedly asked whether the next pick would recuse himself from overseeing the special counsel investigation into whether his campaign conspired with Russia in its interference in the 2016 election.’ It’s as though he thinks this investigation is in its early stages and can be quashed by a properly loyal underling.”

“But at this point it doesn’t matter. It’s far too late.
Trump’s former aides have cooperated, they’ve conducted their interviews with the special counsel, they’re being sentenced, the documents have been reviewed, the connections have been traced, and the full picture is soon to be revealed.”

“This scandal can’t be hidden away. Republicans in Congress can’t save Trump, his attorney general can’t save him, and no amount of desperate tweets can save him. Accountability is on its way, and it’s arriving very soon.”


“This is the biggest scandal in the history of the American presidency…”

Sometimes I get so bogged down in the minutiae of the Trump-Russia investigation that I lose sight of the scandal’s scope. This Twitter thread by David Rothkopf puts it in perspective. It’s long, but that’s because the list of misdeeds is so extensive, and reading a brief reference to each one is instructive and devastating:

So we know this, Russian government representatives reached out to the Trump campaign in 2015 and undertook multiple initiatives and had multiple points and series of contacts with Team Trump for the next couple years.

It’s not just the Trump Tower meeting. It’s not just the interactions with Wikileaks. It’s not just the Russian ties to Cambridge Analytica. It’s not just Konstantin Kiliminik, a Russian agent working hand in hand with campaign chair Paul Manafort.

It’s not just the ties between Flynn and the Russians. it’s not just the links between the Russians and Eric Prince through the meeting in the Seychelles and beyond that. It’s not just the ties of Wilbur Ross. It’s not just the Trump Organization dealings with Russia.

It’s not just Jared Kushner’s dealings with Russia. It’s not just Kushner and Flynn’s dealing with Kislyak during the campaign. It’s not just the candidate Trump asking for Russian help. It’s not just the GRU hacking for which indictments have already taken place.

We can go on. But let’s not stop before we discuss the many benefits the Russians delivered to Trump via hacking, the dumping of files, the manipulation of social media and other avenues…all to support Trump over Clinton. Nor should we fail to discuss the benefits Trump…

…offered the Russians since he gained power. There was his covering up their hacking and his efforts to slow investigations of it. There was his denying the conclusions of the intelligence community about the Russians. There were the talks between Flynn and the Russians…

…about waiving sanctions. There were the meetings with Trump when he was president when he handed over classified information to the Russians. There were whatever promises or concessions were made in Helsinki. There was a pattern of placating the Russians or…

…failing to enforce sanctions for months and months. In other words, there was plenty of quid and plenty of quo ($50 million penthouse apartments and the promise of big deals or financing benefits aside).

From the outreach to Cohen to just the first mos of the admin we can count more than a dozen separate avenues of connection at the highest level. In any normal campaign or administration, just one would set off alarm bells and have the president calling the FBI into action.

But instead, in addition to those dozen avenues, the offers that were explicitly or tacitly accepted, benefits to both sides & the overt betrayal of the U.S. to advance the political or economic interests of Trump and those close to him, we have the president obstructing justice.

Actively obstructing. Threatening to fire all those getting closer to the truth. Lying and lying and lying some more and urging staff to lie and witness tampering and so on.

This is not a case of possible collusion. This is sweeping, multi-layered, high level conspiracy led by Vladimir Putin and the Russian intelligence community and involving the active cooperation and complicity of a man who was a candidate for president and then president…

…as well as his entire team. This is the biggest scandal in the history of the American presidency and there is not another that is close to it. But that is not all we know.

The DoJ believes the president of the United States directed the commission of campaign finance felonies as a candidate. The NYT produced extensive and compelling evidence of serial tax fraud by the Trump family. The state of NY is investigate fraud in their charities.

The House will soon begin investigation of Trump money laundering. A case involving his violation of the Constitution’s emoluments clause is under way. In other words, as massive as the Russia scandal is, it might not be the biggest Trump scandal.

It might not even be the scandal that brings Trump down. But what we know is that all of these or any of these scandals must bring him down. This criminal has no business being the White House. He has no business walking freely among us.

2019 is going to be the worst year of Donald Trump’s life except for all those that will follow it. These cases will be investigated further and then proven. Some may be prosecuted while he is in office. Some may wait until he leaves office.

But someday this is already certain, no senior American public official–not Richard Nixon, not Andrew Johnson–will go down in more disgrace or be more reviled by history than Donald Trump. And that is as it should be.



No one throws legal shade at potus like George Conway

Totally clears the President. Thank you!

Except for that little part where the US Attorney’s Office says that you directed and coordinated with Cohen to commit two felonies. Other than that, totally scot-free.


Trump has finally realized he just might be in some trouble, Roger Stone says:


Malcolm Nance calls for everyone on Twitter to report this tweet for violation of Terms of Service:

Malcolm Nance is calling for everyone on Twitter to report that particular tweet for violation of Terms of Service, and I recommend the same:


We ALL need to Report this tweet for violation of @Twitter terms of service. He is now causing threats and harm that will end in death or injury. Let him do this by press release.



Trump finding common ground between Republicans & Democrats:

Donald Trump Is A Threat To Our Security!


Guaranteed: Senator Collins would have "concerns."


Let's be honest, if Jeffrey Epstein was Trump's next nominee for the Supreme Court, every Republican Senator would vote to confirm him.


He's lucky she had the grace to simply look away from his orange fucking face.

ENOUGH. Criticism of Sec Clinton for possibly issuing a mild snub to trump stops now. He has spent years calling her crooked, exhorting his cult to screech "lock her up," & otherwise insulting her. He's lucky she had the grace to simply look away from his orange fucking face.

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