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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 03:59 PM
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Wake up, world! Time to pay the piper!

Global Warming Picture Of The Year

There's been a massive storm system dumping water over the United Kingdom for the past few days.

Here's the owner of a Northern England wine bar called Plonkers cleaning the inside of the front windows.

If that doesn't sum up the threat of global warming (and the all-too-cautious approach of politicians), I don't know what does. Sure, let's clean the windows while the flood waters are rising!


Trickle Down Economics

State Senators from Harlem, Queens endorse Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton — EXCLUSIVE

In two districts once believed to be Hillary Clinton strongholds, the state senators from Harlem and Queens — Bill Perkins and James Sanders Jr. — will endorse Bernie Sanders instead, the Daily News has learned exclusively.


Harlem, maybe above anywhere else, has been considered not only as a Hillary Clinton stronghold, but as a Clinton family stronghold. After his presidency, Harlem is where Bill Clinton opened up his first office and called his home base for years. Whether you see what happened next as revitalization or gentrification, his presence had a significant impact on Harlem.


While Clinton has a veritable who’s-who among black politicians behind her, having two of the most popular local politicians, both African-American, in her home state go the other way may underscore growing concerns in her base that an establishment politician is not the best solution for many of the ills facing black and brown communities.

Perkins, a lifelong Democrat from Harlem, echoed this in his endorsement of Sanders Tuesday.


We reap what we sow.....

Is there any real point in being angry any more?

The Tamir Rice Shooting Reveals the Darkness at the Heart of Open Carry Laws
Ohio's law clearly does not apply to everyone.
DEC 29, 2015

Is there any real point in being angry any more? Is there any real point even to be surprised? There certainly is no point in emphasizing the damn irony that Ohio is an "open carry" state so, even if the cops assumed Rice was 18, and they also assumed his gun was real, they had no cause even to stop him, let alone open fire. Listen to the spiel that Wayne LaPierre unspools every time he's in a room with more than four people listening: arm yourselves, because the world is a hellscape of violent Others who are coming for you and your children. At its heart, open carry is about open season on the people who scare you. It's certainly not about an absolute Second Amendment right that applies to black people as well as white. Open carry is about You and the Others, and so is the training of our modern, militarized police forces. If only Tamir Rice had not been born with that congenital ability to become huge and threatening the way he did in the mind of Timothy Loehmann. If only…



The Tamir Rice case shows how prosecutors twist grand juries to protect police
The grand jury process didn't fail this time. It worked exactly how prosecutors wanted it to — that's the problem.




Teabagger Mantra

"Mistaken For A Real Prosecutor"



Michael Moore re: Trump's Support In Michigan: "The Republican Party Is Really A Dead Party"

When asked if Trump has a lot of support in his home state of Michigan, Moore explained why the Republican Party is dead.

“Yeah, I would say so. But only among white guys. It’s just a white-guy thing. Let me give you a statistic: 81 percent of the electorate in 2016 will be either female, people of color or young adults between 18 and 35. They don’t look like those men on stage for the Republican debates. When school started in September, for the first time ever the majority of our kindergartners were not white. We are not the America those guys grew up in, or the America they think they’re talking to. Those three groups they have alienated: women, people of color and young people. By turning off 81 percent of the electorate, what is their plan to get into the White House? They can’t make it happen anymore. I mean, it really is a dead party.”


CRUZ: "The new politically correct term is no longer illegal aliens; it’s undocumented Democrats.”

The campaign to deport immigrants and end birthright citizenship is hugely influenced by their fear that they will be demographically smothered in a few years by the American offspring of undocumented workers.
The “path to citizenship” has them terrorized as they see it as an obvious electoral advantage for the Democratic Party.

Ted Cruz has coined a new term in the fight over immigration: “undocumented Democrats.” Speaking in Las Vegas on Thursday, the Texas senator and GOP presidential candidate portrayed the idea of a path to citizenship as a ploy to beef up Democratic voter rolls.

"There’s a reason why I think the new politically correct term is no longer illegal aliens; it’s undocumented Democrats.” -

Read more at http://wonkette.com/597137/canadian-ted-cruz-has-awesome-new-slur-for-foreigns#Itaw8ohwc8fJO5cl.99

They’re already trying to steal 2016:

Inside the GOP voting-rights scheme intended to derail democracy
Republicans want districts more rural and more white, and are eager to suppress minority voting rights before 2016



.......the Republicans have one very big advantage: fear. They have managed to make the process so harrowing that many Latinos don’t feel comfortable voting even though they have a perfect right to do so. And perhaps more relevantly, they are discouraged and depressed about participating in the system because of the invective and hostility coming from so many white Americans, particularly those in power. Getting them to turn out to vote is a huge challenge.

But then that’s nothing new either. Historian Rick Perlstein quoted documentation on the subject back when he was researching his book “Before the Storm” about the 1964 Goldwater campaign and the right-wing takeover of the Republican Party. It’s a memo written by a Johnson staffer outlining the GOP vote suppression scheme called “Operation Eagle Eye.”

This quote from the memo says it all:

“Let’s get this straight, the Democratic Party is just as much opposed to vote frauds as is the Republican party. We will settle for giving all legally registered voters an opportunity to make their choice on November 3rd. We have enough faith in our Party to be confident that the outcome will be a vote of confidence in President Johnson and a mandate for the President and his running mate, Hubert Humphrey, to continue the programs of the Johnson-Kennedy Administration.

But we have evidence that the Republican program is not really what it purports to be. It is an organized effort to prevent the foreign born, to prevent Negroes, to prevent members of ethnic minorities from casting their votes by frightening and intimidating them at the polling place.


Trump and the media, made for each other

By now, it’s clear there’s a powerful symbiosis between (Donald) Trump and the media. We need him for the narrative power, for the clicks and debate ratings and sheer fascination factor. He needs us for the free publicity and the easy, evocative foil.

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