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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 03:59 PM
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Conservative Rasmussen Poll shows - America Overwhelmingly Thinks FOX News is the real Fake News"

% of respondents who think the following outlets are ‘Fake News”

Fox News - 40%
CNN - 25%
MSNBC - 9%
ABC - 4%
CBS 3%
NBC 2%

The Winner of the 1st Annual Fake News Trophy Is …

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Voters agree with President Trump that so-called “fake news” is a serious problem in America today. If a Fake News Trophy were to be awarded this year, the winners should be Fox News or CNN depending on which political party you’re in.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 65% of Likely U.S. Voters consider fake news a big problem, with 42% who say it’s a Very Big one. Thirty-two percent (32%) disagree, but that includes only 16% who believe fake news is not a big problem at all. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

Trump suggested earlier this week that the media should award an annual Fake News Award for the worst coverage of his presidency but left Fox News out of the running since it is the only network the president and his supporters believe gives him fair coverage. But 40% of all voters think Fox News should be the winner of the first annual Fake News Trophy.


The Telegraph reports Trump's 'working visit' to the U.K. in January has apparently been postponed


Westboro Baptist Church Will Protest Trump, Says His Sex Life Puts 'Entire Nation In Peril'

Even the Westboro Baptist Church has had enough of President Donald Trump.

The notorious hate group, which often pickets the funerals of dead soldiers and celebrities, plans to protest outside the White House next month after claiming Trump's history of adultery puts the country in danger.

The Dec. 4 demonstration will be focused on Trump's philandering, although it's unclear if the church is taking issue with Trump's cheating on his first wife Ivana or with the numerous allegations of sexual assault and harassment against him — most of which occurred while he was married to one of his three wives.

“We continue to stay on message, like our forefather, John the Baptist, to wit: It is not lawful for you to have another man’s wife. Your proud adultery will cost you your never-dying soul,” reads the announcement on the church’s website.

It then cites a Bible verse on adultery and launches into a declaration that Trump’s cheating is threatening the United States.

“Your actions show that you have no understanding of God’s commandments, nor of His solemn warnings of destruction. Additionally, your refusal to repent of your proud sin, and to wax more and more build in your rebellion on every front and on so many levels, put this entire nation in peril.”

Above the text is a cartoonized image of an uncomfortable-looking Trump with lips stuck out like a blowfish against an upside down American flag and the Bible verse, “The love of money is the root of all evil.”


BREAKING: OFFICIAL, NONPARTISAN SCORE (JCT) Senate tax bill will explode the debt by $1 TRILLION

BREAKING: OFFICIAL, NONPARTISAN SCORE (JCT): Senate tax bill will explode the debt by $1 TRILLION—even after accounting for economic growth.

Senate GOP tax bill would add $1 trillion to deficit, report says, contradicting White House promise that plan would pay for itself

Senate Republicans’ tax plan would add $1 trillion to the national deficit over 10 years, even after the economic growth that the bill would create is taken into account, Congress’s nonpartisan Joint Committee on Taxation reported.

The analysts projected the plan would increase economic growth by a yearly average of 0.8 percent over the next decade, but they said the tax revenue produced by the growth would fall far short of offsetting the bill’s costs.

Several Senate Republicans have said they would be hesitant to support a bill that adds to the deficit, a potential hurdle for GOP leaders as they seek to pass the measure late Thursday or Friday.

©2017 The Washington Post, 1301 K St NW, Washington DC 20071


Labour MP brands Donald Trump 'racist, incompetent, unthinking or all three'

Labour MP Stephen Doughty: "This is the President of the U.S., sharing with millions inflammatory and divisive content, deliberately posted to sow hatred and division... By sharing it, he is either a racist, incompetent or unthinking—or all three.”



OMG: This AL Church billboard is an accurate representation of a churchs moral bankruptcy!


Squirrels, aisle 7

NEW: The White House has a plan to replace Tillerson with Pompeo and put Tom Cotton in charge at the CIA within weeks

WASHINGTON — The White House has developed a plan to force out Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson, whose relationship with President Trump has been strained, and replace him with Mike Pompeo, the C.I.A. director, within the next several weeks, senior administration officials said on Thursday.

Mr. Pompeo would be replaced at the C.I.A. by Senator Tom Cotton, a Republican from Arkansas who has been a key ally of the president on national security matters, according to the White House plan. Mr. Cotton has signaled that he would accept the job if offered, said the officials, who insisted on anonymity to discuss sensitive deliberations before decisions are announced.

It was not immediately clear whether Mr. Trump has given final approval to the plan, but he has been said to have soured on Mr. Tillerson and in general is ready to make a change at the State Department.

John F. Kelly, the White House chief of staff, developed the transition plan and has discussed it with other officials. Under his plan, the shake-up of the national security team would happen around the end of the year or shortly afterward.


Trump is: The Republican Code-Talker

This is a table that the Senate GOP didn't want you to see.

This is a table that the Senate GOP didn't want you to see. They were sitting on it for 2 days. It shows that over 80% (yup, 4 out of 5) of ALL households end up with a tax increase or get basically nothing from their so-called "middle class tax cut."


Accused Pedophile Roy Moore's rally is "Kid Friendly"



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