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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 02:59 PM
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This is the Thanksgiving dinner Walmart served up to workers as "appreciation" for working today

Walmart really? This is what some workers are being appreciated with today?


"Amen" must not mean what it used to mean.....

At Donald Trump Rally, Ohio Students Become Part of a Lesson


He even got them to mock their brethren who could not get into the hall. “You should have gotten here earlier,” Mr. Trump said to applause.

When he referred to the man identified as the ringleader of the Paris attacks this month as “the guy with the dirty, filthy hat,” the crowd chuckled, but one of the high school girls, unexpectedly appalled, shouted, “You bastard,” before lowering her head.

When Mr. Trump said he would bring back waterboarding as an interrogation tactic against terrorism suspects, and added, “If it doesn’t work, they deserve it anyway,” an older couple behind the group of teenagers threw back their heads in utter delight.

“Amen,” the woman said.

“Oh, my God,” one of the high school girls said. Another covered her mouth in shock.


Fueling Extremism

Terrorism In The USA


Uncle Jeb


"We're ISIS. Join US." (*No Ladies, please)


Horrifying. Armed Mosque Protestor Posts Addresses Of Local Texas Muslims


The leader of a group of armed anti-Muslim protesters in Texas posted the addresses of dozens of local Muslims and "Muslim sympathizer(s)" to Facebook on Tuesday.

David Wright III was behind an armed protest Saturday outside of a mosque in Irving, Texas by a group calling itself the "Bureau on American Islamic Relations," according to The Dallas Morning News.

Wright prefaced the list of addresses, which appeared to be copied over from a city document, by writing that those named "stood up for Sharia tribunals":


Trump knows what the Republican base has become even if mainstream punditry refuse to acknowledge it

As much as they’ve awakened to the threat that Trumpism poses to their party, Republicans and the conservative intelligentsia lack the self-awareness—or perhaps the temerity—to acknowledge that though they now resent it, they’ve been courting it all along.

Trump hardly comes out of nowhere. There's really little about his ascent that is surprising at all if you've been paying attention to the direction of our politics in the last decade. I don't mean that I would have predicted he'd do this well. I didn't. What I mean is that the nature of his success, the effectiveness of his strategy and message, is entirely predictable. What Trump has done is taken the half-subterranean Republican script of the Obama years, turbocharge it and add a level of media savvy that Trump gained not only from The Apprentice but more from decades navigating and exploiting New York City's rich tabloid news culture. He's just taken the existing script, wrung out the wrinkles and internal contradictions and given it its full voice. There's very, very little that is new or unfamiliar in Trump's campaign beside taking the world of talk radio, conservative media and base Republican hijinx and pushing them to the center of the national political conversation. If you're surprised, it's because you haven't been paying attention.

It is Trump who has set the pace. His talent for manipulating the darkest emotions of the conservative id, while minimizing specific policy commitments, has been on full display. In every public appearance, he emitted new, authoritarian-sounding warnings. “We’re going to have to do things that we never did before. And some people are going to be upset about it, but I think that now everybody is feeling that security is going to rule,” he vowed. “We’re going to have to look at the mosques. We’re going to have to look very, very carefully.” Every new sound bite set off a profitable fervor of media speculation, forcing other candidates to raise the bidding or be left behind. “It’s not about closing down mosques,” insisted Rubio, placing himself rhetorically to Trump’s right, “it’s about closing down anyplace — whether it’s a café, a diner, an internet site — anyplace where radicals are being inspired.”

The tea-party movement had initially fashioned itself as wildly anti-statist. Now its advocates have veered into wild authoritarianism. None of this requires intellectual justification in lizard-brain America, and Trump, for now, is the Lizard King.


Howard Dean on authoritarian GOP's fascist Trump meme; They're exposed and panicking


Howard Dean has a very interesting take on the situation the GOP has created for themselves. Chris Hayes plays the devil’s advocate, just a little bit, and it helps to pin down exactly what Howard Dean means in his assessment of the GOP as they react to their leading republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump. The GOP is “terrified” that if Trump wins Florida in March, a “winner takes all” state, he may actually win the republican presidential nomination and most likely lose the general election.

Chris Hayes:

“what do you make of all this?

Howard Dean:

“I make two things of this, 1) republicans are now in full terror mode that Trump is going to get the nomination, they think he can’t win, and 2) this is very interesting watching all these people, that are authoritarians themselves, call Donald Trump a fascist, The republican party is an authoritarian party. If you believe..”

Chris Hayes:

..”well let me just say, they would argue that we’re [they’re] the opposite; that they believe in limited government and strict restrictions on what the government can do..”


“Well they do and they don’t. They also believe in restricting the right to vote, and any party which, as a party, and this one is a party that has done this, which restricts the right to vote, is a party that places their own authority above the authority of the people and above the value of democracy. So I’ve never thought ..”


“So you’re saying that efforts by republicans particularly at the state level to restrict the franchise, voter ID, all sorts of things, show a kind of anti-democratic impulse in the modern republican party”


“Absolutely. And it’s not only that, we're talking about taking away people's rights. What about the republican party taking away women's right to decide their own reproductive future.

“This is a party that has a strong authoritarian bent. It has for a very long time. And claiming that Donald Trump is a fascist?...”


“...But there is a difference. There is a difference between ah, peoples position, say, on abortion , right, and the ah the idea of Muslims registering on some special database..”


“Okay, so their view is it's okay to take away peoples rights to vote if they happen to be poor or black or elderly, but it's not okay to put people on a registration.. look I don’t think either one is okay..we’re talking about grades of authoritarianism here.”

skipping ahead a bit


“The other thing is, we also know that the republicans have been dog-whistling stuff for a long time..Look at Romney saying I'll veto the Dream Act if it gets to my desk"



“the (republican] policy positions are dog-whistling to the same people who are enthusiastic about Donald Trump. That’s the point I’m trying to make. And what’s happening is, the quote un-quote respectable wing of the republicans party has now seen the naked results of what happens when somebody lays it all out there’’


“So you’re case is that what was essentially done is by nudge & wink..and dog-whistle..”


“Exactly. That’s exactly right. Trump is hanging it all out there and it’s scaring the living Hell out of the republicans, because the republicans knew that their view was never going to be successful anyway in front of a general electorate. And it hasn’t for quite some time.

“What they're now afraid of;..here's a guy, out there just laying it all out. Laying their case [agenda] out in a language that everybody can understand, and they're not going to like that, and they don’t like it and they’re scared to death of Donald Trump.”


”..the first thing you said about the desperation, It does strike me you can feel a little panic right now..”


“I have never seen anybody called a fascist, let alone the leading candidate of the party,


“these guys are terrified, ...because there’s a winning path for Donald Trump to win and we’re going to know what it is on the 15th of March in Florida, the first winner-take-all state. If Donald Trump takes Florida not only is Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush dead, they’re all dead because it’s a winner-take-all state and they know it”


“And Donald Trump. It’s important that you say March 15th. let’s just remember that is Florida it is winner-take-all with a huge amount of delegates and it also the state where Donald Trumps polling has from the beginning been perhaps the most dominant."


“I agree. It's absolutely critical. This is do-or-die time. We're seeing this now (the hypocritical fascist labeling of Trump and the GOP effort to take him down] because they now realize that not only is Donald Trump the real thing (Trump mirrors much of the GOP agenda and says it out loud] he's the odds on favorite to win the nomination"


A Thanksgiving Survey

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