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Ted Cruz Linked to Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood Shootings

Ted Cruz Linked to Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood Shootings

By mojave mike
Friday Nov 27, 2015 6:38 PM PST

Wasn’t it just last week that Ted Cruz secured the endorsement of leading pro-life activist and misogynist ideologue, Troy Newman? Newman, the president of Operation Rescue, and very recently deported from Australia, openly advocates for the assassination of abortion providers and claims explicit biblical justification for such actions.

But Cruz has also recently stood on the same stage as rabid, anti-gay pastor Kevin Swanson, as part of his effort to curry favor with the “Kill the Gays” extremist and his supporters. When confronted, Cruz has failed, and perhaps more precisely, refused, to disavow this violent philosophy or that aimed at abortion providers by his other dubious supporters.

This sort of pandering may warm the hearts of pious Iowa church ladies, but as far as I am concerned Ted Cruz has blood on his hands, including the blood of “peace keepers.” According to Ted Cruz, “We need leaders like Troy Newman in this country who will stand up for those who do not have a voice. By proxy, at least, Troy Newman stood up today and spoke volumes.

Now, Senator Cruz has some ‘splainin to do.


Planned Parenthood shooter killed a pro-life part-time pastor who worked as a cop

Garrett Swasey, Officer Killed in Colorado, Is Recalled for Courage and Faith

NOVEMBER 28, 2015

Garrett Swasey, 44, the University of Colorado Colorado Springs police officer who was shot and killed while responding to a shooting at a Planned Parenthood office, was described by his fellow church members and friends as a courageous man and loving father who drew strength and inspiration from his Christian faith.

He was married, with two young children, and had been on the campus police force for six years. He also spent seven years as a co-pastor at Hope Chapel in Colorado Springs. “Here’s a guy who worked full time as a police officer, and then gave a great amount of time to his local church and didn’t get a dime for it,” said Scott Dontanville, a co-pastor who knew Officer Swasey for 15 years. “He did it because it was the thing that he felt he needed to do.”


Mr. Dontanville noted that although Officer Swasey would “disagree with the abortion industry,” it would not have been a factor in his actions on Friday.

“I don’t think that was on his mind,” he said. “He was there to save lives. That’s the kind of guy he is.”



Trump Re: Serge Kovaleski: "His meeting with me may have been the highlight of his career"


While we worried about refugees.....


Hopefully, this will remind (or make clear to) Americans that the biggest terrorist risk in this country is not from islamic jihadists (and certainly not from thoroughly vetted refugees), but from right-wing home-grown christian terrorists (who are almost exclusively white and male). A lot of our politicians, especially Republicans, don't want to admit that -- but that is the reality.

(Photo of terrorist being taken into custody is by Reuters. CBS News identifies him as Robert Lewis Dear, age 59.)





No, we don't know for sure the motive of the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood shooter. It's always possible that he was a former employee who'd been fired or something. But contrary to the wingnuts suddenly showing tremendous reluctance to pass any judgement about events today, common sense suggests that a shooting at a Planned Parenthood clinic in one of the centers of anti-abortion activity in the country might just have some connection to right wing domestic terrorism.


If this turns out to be a pro lifer I had better fucking see microphones pushed in the face of every leader of the pro life movement demanding they condemn this, the same way they do with leaders in the Black and Muslim communities. If fucking collective responsibility is good enough for one group its good enough for all.

Seth Meyers re: Trump: "He is one scary dude & what is even scarier - is that he has followers"

"So Trump says he saw this event that never happened on television," "But let's remember Trump also said that he met Vladimir Putin when they were on the same episode of '60 Minutes' even though they filmed their segments 'thousands of miles apart.' So Trump's understanding of how TV works is not 100% trustworthy."

"But Trump doesn't care about that," Meyers said. "When confronted about his lies, he doubles down. And much like the KFC Double Down, each one is getting harder to digest.

"What's scary is that Trump has crossed the threshold," "The threshold from fun wild-card candidate who said crazy things and made debates watchable to someone who's spreading dangerous rhetoric."

In the past I’ve spoken out when I’ve thought the term Fascism was raised incorrectly in political situations. Make no mistake, though, the word applies to this dangerous man. Be it his attacks on any and all minority populations to his lies and manipulation of basic facts, this is a dangerous man that must be stopped.

WOW, more:

Congressman Slams Planned Parenthood On Live TV During Active Shooting At Planned Parenthood Clinic


So, how does CNN handle an active shooter situation in Colorado Springs this Friday? Why, bring in an anti-Planned Parenthood GOP Representative to attack the organization, question whether it was too early for their spokesperson to say the organization was under attack or not and demand that they apologize if they weren't. And to add insult to injury, toss in some lies about the discredited and highly edited videos that the right wing has been using to smear them:

A gunman at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs, Colorado left three people dead, including a police officer, and several others injured. The standoff lasted about five hours.

While the shooter was active inside the Planned Parenthood clinic, Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) went on live TV and blasted the organization. “We saw these barbaric videos, and that was something that many of us have a legitimate concern about,” Kinzinger said.

He was referring to highly-edited undercover videos that falsely claim Planned Parenthood was illegally selling body party from aborted fetuses.

Kinzinger also criticized a statement from Planned Parenthood about the incident as “very premature.” He said that, if it was later discovered the shooter was not targeting Planned Parenthood he would “fully expect an apology.” (The statement, while criticizing “extremists” for “creating a poisonous environment that feeds domestic terrorism in this country,” acknowledged that “we don’t yet know if Planned Parenthood was in fact the target of this attack.”)


yuck, leftovers.....

Planned Parenthood: "Extremists are creating a poisonous environment that feeds domestic terrorism"




When violence is used to scare people from exercising their rights - that's terrorism




Two fake turkeys

Thanksgiving 2003: Bush poses with prop Turkey during furtive 2-hour Iraq visit.

How odd?

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