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Of course Charlie Pierce says it best on the NYT/Chalabi connection

One of Iraq's Leading Warmongers Gets a Nice Send-Off
So long, suckers

Ahmad Chalabi has died and gone to what I am sure will be a most interesting—and distressingly well-attended—Final Judgment. (The prosecution table is going to need to be about as long as the Euphrates.) Naturally, the New York Times has given him the Opinions Vary sendoff that we should have expected from the newspaper that bought Chalabi's long con more dearly than most institutions did.

His group, the Iraqi National Congress, would get more than $100 million from the C.I.A. and other agencies between its founding in 1992 and the start of the war. He cultivated friendships with a circle of hawkish Republicans — Dick Cheney, Douglas J. Feith, William J. Luti, Richard N. Perle and Paul D. Wolfowitz — who were central in the United States' march to war, Mr. Cheney as vice president and the others as top Pentagon officials. Mr. Chalabi's contention, broadly shared by United States intelligence agencies, was that Mr. Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction. Mr. Hussein had fatally gassed Kurds and slaughtered Shiites and other Iraqis, and he had refused to fully cooperate with United Nations weapons inspectors. But most of the case for war was predicated on faulty intelligence, including the testimony of defectors. As it became clear that Iraq did not have an active chemical, biological or nuclear weapons program and as the occupying American forces did not receive the welcome that the Iraqi opposition had predicted, the Bush administration distanced itself from him.

​Well, that's one interpretation, anyway.​


GOP-Approved Debate Question


GOP's Tantrum Backfiring







While The RNC Screws Around With Debates The DNC Swooped In To Steal It And Latino Voters

Snooze, you lose, RNC. While you’re over there throwing a tantrum about actual debate questions, the DNC is taking your debate. Friday, RNC Chair Reince Priebus sent a strongly worded letter to NBC News head Chairman Andrew Lack saying that the RNC will be “suspending” all partnerships with NBC News including pulling out of the NBC News debate in February of 2016.

The debate was to be a partnership between NBC News, The National Journal, and Spanish network Telemundo, but the candidates threw a little fit when CNBC pressed them on their policies. It didn’t stop them from lying about said policies, so it’s unclear why this was such a big deal. So, understandably, networks are moving on.

According to a Washington Post report, Telemundo is now in talks with the DNC for adding a Spanish town hall to their debate/forum schedule.

“If this comes to fruition,” Greg Sargent for The Post writes, “Democrats would effectively be moving into the breach created by the RNC’s decision. It would mean Democrats end up holding two debate-style events on Spanish-language networks, since they are already set to hold a Univision debate in March.”


Ahmed Chalabi, Iraqi exile who helped spur U.S. invasion, dies of heart attack

IRBIL, Iraq — Ahmed Chalabi, a well-connected Iraqi exile whose false claims about Saddam Hussein’s arsenal helped spur the U.S.-led invasion in 2003, has died of a heart attack, Iraqi state media said Tuesday.

He was found dead in his home in the Iraqi capital Baghdad on Tuesday, according to Ali Yaseen, his driver. Chalabi was 71.

Chalabi’s political fortunes were closely linked to the war — and the years of bloodshed and unrest that followed — that many claim he helped spark as a trusted and well-paid adviser to American political and military decision makers.

He became synonymous with the spotty — and sometimes wrong — intelligence used to bolster assertions by President George W. Bush and others that the Iraqi leader possessed weapons of mass destruction.


Here's how a former CIA analyst described the closed loop between Miller, Chalabi and the Bush White House, in a James Moore piece in Salon:

"Chalabi is providing the Bush people with the information they need to support their political objectives with Iraq, and he is supplying the same material to Judy Miller. Chalabi tips her on something and then she goes to the White House, which has already heard the same thing from Chalabi, and she gets it corroborated by some insider she always describes as a 'senior administration official.' She also got the Pentagon to confirm things for her, which made sense, since they were working so closely with Chalabi."


Local Vermonter tells touching story about Bernie Sanders kindness for a homeless citizen.


Megyn Kelly Ridicules GOP Debate Letter: Want A Foot Massage Too?


Fox News host Megyn Kelly on Monday night mocked the letter drafted by Republican presidential campaigns listing a series of rules and questions for networks hosting future debates.

After listing some of the demands, including that networks not allow lightning rounds or candidate-to-candidate questioning, Kelly jokingly suggested, "And then maybe the foot massage?"

She then criticized the campaigns' request that they approve any graphics about the candidates ahead of the debate

"Can you imagine having to submit our graphics for approval to the candidates? Good luck with that," she said.

Video & more:


Obama Mocks Thin Skinned Republicans For Throwing A Tantrum Over CNBC Debate

While speaking at a DNC fundraiser, President Obama went to town and mocked the Republican candidates for throwing a fit over the questions that were asked at the CNBC debate.

The Hill reported on President Obama mocking the Republican candidates:

“They say, ‘when I talk to [Russian President Vladimir] Putin, he’s going to straighten out,‘” he said at a Democratic National Committee fundraiser in New York City. “And then it turns out they can’t handle a bunch of CNBC moderators.”

“If you can’t handle those guys, I don’t think the Chinese and the Russians are going to be too worried about you,” Obama added.

VIDEO is REALLY Good!!!!!:

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