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This U.S. city has become the first to elect a Muslim-majority city council

November 6, 2015 at 8:58 am

Hamtramck, a historically Polish-Catholic enclave of Detroit, rose to national prominence more than a decade ago when its city council gave permission to a mosque to broadcast its call to prayer from speakers on its roof.

At the time, opponents were angered by what they saw as an intrusion of Islamic practice onto a public space. The city council’s approval of an ordinance to allow mosques to broadcast the Islamic call to prayer onto public streets made it one of the few cities in the United States to approve the practice, according to a 2004 story in the Detroit News. “This is about uniting our community,” Shabad Ahmed, the first and only Muslim member of the Hamtramck City Council, told the newspaper.

Fast forward to 2015, when the city of some 22,000 people physically surrounded by but politically separate from Detroit has elected a Muslim-majority city council, believed to be the first in the nation. On Tuesday, the city elected six city council members, four of Muslim faith.

Hamtramck was originally settled by Germans, but Polish-Catholic immigrants flooded into the area when the Dodge Brothers plant opened in 1914. At that time, Irish and German Catholics dominated the Detroit political scene, so Poles gravitated to Hamtramck.

But the Muslim population in Hamtramck has grown steadily due to immigration, said University of Michigan-Dearborn associate professor Sally Howell, who has written a book on Michigan and U.S. Muslims. Dearborn has many Arab-American immigrants, but Hamtramck likely became the first city to have a Muslim-majority population in 2013. She estimates that about 50 percent of the city is made up of Muslims, and the city has at least seven mosques, more mosques per capita than anywhere else in the country


Does Dr. Ben Carson Know About This? - Search for Secret Chambers in King Tut’s Tomb Begins

Egypt’s Minister of Antiquity announced on Wednesday that investigation on King Tut’s tomb to find secret chambers will begin tomorrow and will last until Friday.

The announcement, reported in the Egyptian media, comes on the 93rd anniversary of the tomb’s discovery in the Valley of the Kings in Luxor. On this day in 1922, British archaeologist Howard Carter found the entrance to King Tutankhamun’s treasure-filled tomb.

A team from Cairo University’s Faculty of Engineering and the Paris-based organization Heritage, Innovation and Preservation will investigate the tomb using infrared thermography.

The non-invasive search follows a claim by Nicholas Reeves, a British Egyptologist at the University of Arizona, that high-resolution images of the tomb’s walls show “distinct linear traces” pointing to the presence of two still unexplored chambers behind the western and northern walls of the tomb.

Read more.

The Article Every Liberal Needs To Show a Conservative

The Article Every Liberal Needs To Show a Conservative April 3, 2013 By Allen Clifton

When you’re like me, and I’m assuming there are quite a few, sometimes you hit a point where you can no longer sugarcoat your political arguments. As you hear the same asinine statements constantly repeated, you just hit a point where you want to stand up and say, “Look you babbling buffoon, let me spell it out for you very simply.”

Now, most times we can’t do this because the person who we’re debating is a friend or relative and we don’t want to be overly rude.

Well, I’ve decided to do it for you.

Here are a few of my simplified responses to the ignorance by many on some key topics being debated in our country (and probably others as well):

*Side note: I’m not going to cover most of the lies against President Obama, I did that previously here.

Gun Rights:

I love when I see Republicans showing off some image of a group of “good ol’ boys” holding shotguns and hunting rifles with some caption like “Want to take our guns? Good luck!” That or someone holding a handgun with a caption along the lines of “Liberals, come and take this!”

Attention all Fox News Sheeple:

Obama never said he was going to take your hunting rifles or handguns away. He said he wants universal background checks, a ban on high-capacity magazines and a ban on assault weapons (a ban that every Republican President in the last 30 years, including Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush has supported).

So, when you share these pictures, acting as if you’re “getting at liberal ignorance,” all you’re really doing is spreading an image around the internet that showcases how you–and any other Republican who sees it and thinks “EXACTLY!”–don’t know a damn thing about which you’re speaking.

We’re Out to Preserve the Sanctity of Marriage

Unless you want to make divorce illegal, don’t tell me about same-sex marriage “ruining the sanctity of marriage.” Divorce did that long ago.

Marriage is a Sacred Bond Before God

Alright you religious radicals, I’ll take you on too.

Let’s assume marriage is a “sacred bond before God”.

First, that would eliminate any government involvement to define marriage. So your push for a government “ban” on same-sex marriage would be pointless.

Second, there are millions of Christians who support same-sex marriage and many churches that would marry gay couples.

So isn’t that up to that particular congregation? Or do you feel your congregation should control all others?

Which, if you feel your congregation should control all other religions (and rule every American), isn’t that a GIANT violation of the First Amendment, which gives Americans freedom of (or from) religion?

Then if you feel your religion should control all others, and all Americans, you then support a theocracy and apparently oppose the United States and our Constitutionally protected freedoms.

Because this country was largely founded to prevent, not strengthen, theocratic rule.

Same-sex Marriage overall

Honestly, I’m exhausted with the same-sex marriage “debate.” There is no debate.

Procreation is not a requirement for the right to marry, nor are those who procreate required to get married.

“Homosexuality is a sin” comes from religion.

The term “traditional marriage” is defined from religious text.

Our country does not establish laws based on religion. Therefore your “arguments” are invalid.

The end. Republicans: The Party for Christian Values ENOUGH!

If you want to say you’re the party of “Christian values” and you worship Jesus Christ… Start by helping the sick, the poor, the needy—not opposing programs that do.

Republicans are for Fiscal Responsibility Not even close.

There hasn’t been a Republican President that’s balanced the budget since Dwight D. Eisenhower, who served from 1953-1961.

Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush all drastically increased our national debt.

Republicans are the Party of Small Government Big government regulations, they’re un-American!

They’re unconstitutional and ruining your way of life!

Unless that big government regulates:
What language to speak
Religion to follow
When life is created
Who can marry
Who can serve in the military
Invasive health procedures on women
That we have prayer in school
Mosques aren’t built in certain locations
Corporations are people
The Patriot Act Unions don’t have rights
When alcohol can be sold
The requirement of an ID to vote

Then those government regulations are just fine.

How “small government” of you, Republicans!

Abortion Abortion is a Constitutionally protected right.

That isn’t debatable. You might not agree with abortion, you might think it’s murder, you might think life starts at the moment of conception. It really doesn’t matter. Abortion is a Constitutionally protected right—end of story. So when you, and the party that you support, openly attempt to infringe on that right (or outright says they want to end abortion) you’re supporting a stance that violates a Constitutionally protected right. For more on the overall hypocrisy of the right wing’s “pro-life” stance, check out this in-depth article.

The Debt Ceiling is About More Government Spending

No, it’s not. The debt ceiling is about our government paying our bills on money we’ve already spent.

But guess what? Ronald Reagan raised it 18 times and George W. Bush raised it 7 times.

I Want Big Intrusive Government–That Never Does Anything Good–Out of My Life!

Did you drive today? Did you take your children to public school? Did you enjoy a safe commute as you traveled thanks to traffic signals and signs? Did you whisk through your city or state on an Interstate Highway? Did you enjoy running water and plumbing that properly, and safely, disposes of waste? Did you get a college degree at a public university because it was much cheaper than a private one? Hey genius, that’s all government.

Tax Cuts Create Jobs

No, they don’t. The rich don’t need more tax breaks, they want more tax breaks.
But guess what? After you give them those breaks, they’ll want even more the next time. Isn’t that what Republicans are basically saying now? They had the Bush tax cuts for a decade, but now they want even more tax cuts.

Their argument will always be, no matter the economic climate, they “need” more tax breaks to create jobs. Good economy? “Cut our taxes and we’ll create even more jobs.” Bad economy? “Cut our taxes and we’ll create jobs and save the economy.”

Tax breaks don’t create jobs, demand creates jobs.

It’s an endless cycle, and it’s why Trickle Down Economics is a failure.

I’m going to stop there. I’m sure there are more, and one day I’ll probably do another article covering those as well. But I highly encourage any liberal/progressive/Democrat (or anyone that’s simply sick of right-wing rhetoric) to share this article so that those who’ve driven you to the brink of insanity when discussing these issues can see a simple counter to their Fox News-fed bullshit.

Read more at: http://www.forwardprogressives.com/the-article-every-liberal-needs-to-show-a-conservative/

Luckovich Draws: Carson's Pyramids

“I did TOO try to stab someone when I was a kid.
And I DID try to hit my mom with a hammer. You think I’m lying???”


Religious kids are harsher and less generous than atheist ones, study says

When it comes to teaching kids the Golden Rule, Sunday school might not be the best bet.

A new study in the journal Current Biology found children in religious households are significantly less generous than their non-religious peers.

At the same time, religious parents were more likely than non-religious ones to consider their children empathetic and sensitive to the plight of others.

It's a common assumption in the United States that faith goes hand-in-hand with goodness. The Pew Research Center reported last year that 53 percent of Americans think it's necessary to believe in God to be moral.

Americans overwhelmingly elect Christian representatives, and they distrust atheists.


“Latino Rights PAC Offers $5,000 “Bounty” to Disrupt Trump on NBC’s Saturday Night Live TV Broadcast

There’s been a lot of controversy surrounding Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s appearance as host of Saturday Night Live. His repeated racist remarks towards the Latino community are not only deplorable, but they are remarkably inaccurate. He is, quite literally, running on the fears of certain American voters who are terrified of immigrants.

Well, in response to this reprehensible racism that Donald Trump loves to boast about, the Latino Rights PAC is offering a $5,000 “Bounty” to anyone willing to call out Trump’s racism during this Saturday’s live broadcast of Saturday Night Live.

In a press release from the PAC it states:

“Latino Rights PAC Offers $5,000 “Bounty” to Disrupt Trump on NBC’s Saturday Night Live TV Broadcast

With the description as follows:

“Angered that NBC invited Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump to host NBC’s Saturday Night Live November 7th show, democratic FEC registered Latino rights PAC DeportRacism.com has taken the unprecedented move of offering a $5,000 “bounty” to anyone on the show’s set or in the studio audience who will disrupt the live TV broadcast with the words “deport racism” or “Trump is a racist.” The aggressive action comes on the heels of the work of a coalition of mainstream Latino rights groups that are organizing behind the hashtag #RacismIsntFunny having little success convincing NBC that a person who calls Mexican immigrants “rapists,” “drug dealers” and “anchor babies” has no place on the storied stage of the iconic American comedy institution. Details of the “cash for confrontation” offer are spelled out on the group’s website, DeportRacism.com.”

Here’s the criteria to receive the bounty:

1. Be heard clearly on-air during the live TV broadcast saying “Deport Racism” or “Trump is a Racist.”

2. Be identified by name in media (TV, print, radio or online) news reports as being a DeportRacism.com supporter

They also state that “if more than one person disrupts SNL and meets the above criteria, the $5,000 offered will be divided equally among them.”


Bernie Sanders Puts Hold On Darth Cheney Capital Hill Marble Statue!!!

HUFFPOST HILL - Dick Cheney's Disembodied Head To Live In Washington Forever
Congress Will Honor Dick Cheney With A Statue In The U.S. Capitol

WASHINGTON -- Starting in December, the likeness of former Vice President Dick Cheney will grace the U.S. Capitol, in accordance with a Senate tradition honoring former vice presidents.

The Huffington Post was tipped off by a Senate resolution "authorizing the use of Emancipation Hall in the Capitol Visitor Center for the unveiling of the marble bust of Vice President Richard Cheney on December 3, 2015."



Congress Will Honor Dick Cheney With A Statue In The U.S. Capitol

Congress Will Honor Dick Cheney With A Statue In The U.S. Capitol
As Vice President, Cheney served as president of the Senate.

WASHINGTON -- Starting in December, the likeness of former Vice President Dick Cheney will grace the U.S. Capitol, in accordance with a Senate tradition honoring former vice presidents.

The Huffington Post was tipped off by a Senate resolution "authorizing the use of Emancipation Hall in the Capitol Visitor Center for the unveiling of the marble bust of Vice President Richard Cheney on December 3, 2015."




Robert Reich chats with former Repub Congressman: "So What Do You REALLY Think of these candidates"

Robert Reich
8 hrs · Edited ·

The other night I phoned a former Republican member of Congress with whom I'd worked in the 1990s on various pieces of legislation. I consider him a friend. I wanted his take on the Republican candidates because I felt I needed a reality check. Was I becoming excessively crotchety and partisan, or are these people really as weird as they seem? We got right into it:

Me: "So what do really you think of these candidates?"
Him: "You want my unvarnished opinion?'
Me: "Please. That's why I called."
Him: "They're all nuts."
Me: "Seriously. What do you really think of them?"
Him: "I just told you. They're bonkers. Bizarre. They're like a Star Wars bar room."
Me: "How did it happen? How did your party manage to come up with this collection?"
Him: "We didn't. They came up with themselves. There's no party any more. It's chaos. Anybody can just decide they want to be the Republican nominee, and make a run for it. Carson? Trump? They're in the lead, and they're both out of their f*cking minds."
Me: "That's not reassuring."
Him: "It's a disaster. I'm telling you, if either of them is elected, this country is going to hell. The rest of them aren't much better. I mean, Carly Fiorina? Really? Rubio? Please. Ted Cruz? Oh my god. And the people we thought had it sewn up, who are halfway sane -- Bush and Christie -- they're sounding almost as batty as the rest."
Me: "Who's to blame for this mess?"
Him: "Roger Ailes, David and Charles Koch, Rupert Murdoch, Rush Limbaugh. I could go on. They've poisoned the American mind and destroyed the Republican Party.
Me: "Nice talking with you."
Him: "Sleep well."


Warren: Trim corporate pay tax breaks to cover extra Social Security checks

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) wants to give all Social Security recipients a $580 check — and pay for it by trimming tax perks for corporate salaries.

Arguing that corporate executives are enjoying massive paychecks and bloated retirement accounts, Warren unveiled a new bill Thursday that she argued would even the playing field somewhat.

Noting that CEO compensation for the nation’s 350 biggest companies rose 3.9 percent in 2014, Warren proposed giving Americans that rely on Social Security, veterans benefits, or equivalent programs a one-time $580 payment, which is equal to 3.9 percent of the benefits they would otherwise receive.

Warren’s bill comes a few weeks after the Obama administration announced there would be no cost-of-living increase to Social Security payments in 2016. The rationale behind halting the increase for the first time since 2011 is that low inflation has kept consumer prices relatively flat.

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