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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 02:59 PM
Number of posts: 63,885

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What We Should Be Telling Our Children.....

Friend Ben & Friend Bear Go Camping

Ben Carson's book includes a story about single-handedly halting a bear attack during a school camping trip


I was going to check the source (probably sarcasm) but decided that was no longer necessary this election cycle.


Dr. Carson Craziest Statement Yet:


what planet has he been living on?

Bernie Sanders Slams GOP On Voting Rights: 'They're Political Cowards!'



Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) called Republicans "political cowards" for their efforts to restrict voting rights and suggested a constitutional amendment might be necessary to protect the franchise.

"Maybe this is personal because I run for office. Sometimes you lose, sometimes you win," Sanders said, when Rachel Maddow brought the topic up at Friday's MSNBC Democratic 2016 Forum."It has never occurred to me as a candidate to figure out a way to deny the vote to people because they might vote against me. People who do that are political cowards. They're afraid of a fair election."

He said the push for voting restrictions was a "a real crisis in this country" and said legislation or "maybe a constitutional amendment" was needed to guarentee that everyone 18 years of age is registered to vote.

"What Republican are doing is so un-American, so outrageous. It is literally beyond belief," Sanders said. "They're political cowards and if they can't face a free election, they should get another job."


Ben Carson and Klingon Jesus: A Portrait —

Ben Carson's house: an homage to himself – in pictures
The decor at Ben Carson’s home in Maryland shows that Donald Trump may not have the biggest ego among the Republican candidates. On display are awards, certificates, medals, and a painting of himself with Jesus

more pics:


For Sale

FOX "News" Host Fails Math: 'Only 271,000 NEW Jobs, But We Were EXPECTING More Than 180,000'


But it is Doocy’s co-host, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, who really throws the announcement into full spin cycle. This is a textbook example of how you turn one thing into something else with your choice of words and your vocal inflection. Hasselbeck says,

STEVE DOOCY (CO-HOST): You know the music, we are back with a Fox Business Alert right now. The October jobless report for hourly workers, just released 90 seconds ago. The unemployment rate is, as you can see right there, 5 percent. I believe that could be, actually, a little lower than in August and in September as well.

That’s right, Steve. Only 271,000 new jobs were added last month. That is up from September as well. Analysts were expecting more than 180,000 jobs for October.

“Only 271,000 jobs were added?” When they were expecting almost 100,000 fewer than that?

For Fox News, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, and any other Obama-haters out there, here is a comparison between President Obama and President Bush on jobs, using information taken directly from the Bureau Of Labor Statistics:

On this spreadsheet, months with net job losses are in red. Months with job gains equal to or greater than the 271,000 figure that Hasselbeck tried to spin as “bad” are in green. Because a president doesn’t take office until January 20, January 2001 mainly belongs to Bill Clinton, and January 2009 belongs to George W. Bush. But if we leave those two months out of the mix, we see the following:

There have been 16 months with job losses under President Obama so far, all of them in his first two years in office.

There were 26 months up to the same point in George W. Bush’s term where the economy saw a net loss of jobs.

Only during nine months out of Bush’s first seven years did job gains meet or exceed those of October 2015.

The 271,000 jobs figure has been met or exceeded 11 times under President Obama.

Under President Obama, the economy has gained jobs every month since October 2010. It took almost a full year longer for job gains to become consistent under Bush.

From the first full month of their terms to this point in their presidencies, Bush added 5.4 million jobs, Obama, 8.6 million.

Any questions?


...No One Seems To Know Why

There is some wierd shit out there today....

Rush Limbaugh defends Ben Carson's fabrication:


Obama, not going with the flow...


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