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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 02:59 PM
Number of posts: 64,097

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....and that ONE RICH GUY lived happily ever after.....

blast from the past:

Artificial intelligence: ‘Homo sapiens will be split into a handful of gods and the rest of us’
A new report suggests that the marriage of AI and robotics could replace so many jobs that the era of mass employment could come to an end

Would You Call THIS Treason?


St. Cruz: "Any president that doesn't start the day on his knees isn't fit to be commander in chief"

Cruz, Huckabee, Jindal preach conservative principles


When Cruz took the stage, he didn't hesitate in diving into how religion and government should be connected.

"Any president that doesn't start the day on his knees isn't fit to be commander in chief," Cruz passionately said.


Ben Carson: ‘My Father Jor-El Sent Me To Earth From Kypton When I Was A Small Child’

“I had a tumultuous childhood and upbringing. There was a lot that I had to overcome significant obstacles to get to where I am today. For instance, my father Jor-El sent me to Earth from Kypton when I was a small child. That was very difficult for me. I had to leave my birth planet and come to a new place and try to fit in and thrive.

There was also a time when I worked a short while at a newspaper called the Daily Planet, and I thought who better to write for a paper called the Daily Planet than a man who came from a different one.

I also have great superpowers that I have to disguise so that I fit in among everyone else. I can’t let people know that I can fly or see through buildings. There will be those who would tear me down and see me as different if those abilities were to be revealed. All you have to know about me is that I love America, and since I love America I will make sure you all are loved.”

you betcha:

Desperate People Make Ideal Workers & Distracted Citizens


Poor people should die of thirst so the rich can have their swimming pools.

Anger drives hunt for 'criminal' water guzzler during California drought
As residents cut water use, even the rich rage at the mysterious ‘Wet Prince of Bel Air’, who used 11.8m gallons in one year


Maureen Levinson, a member of the Bel Air Beverly Crest Neighbourhood Council, nevertheless insists that most residents “have engaged in water conservation efforts”. The bigger concern, she says, is the construction of super-sized luxury homes in the area (locally referred to as “giga-mansions”).

“These development projects include excessive numbers of pools and water features,” says Levinson. She cites one instance where the city authorities have approved five massive pools for a single family dwelling.


"A Celebration Of Ignorance"

Doonesbury Does Exxon

A Study of Contrasts

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