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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 02:59 PM
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Interesting op ed on The Virgin crash at Wired.

Interesting op ed on The Virgin crash at Wired.

SpaceShipTwo is not a Federation starship. It's not a vehicle for the exploration of frontiers. Virgin Galactic is building the world's most expensive roller coaster, the aerospace version of Beluga caviar. It's a thing for rich people to do. Testing new aircraft takes a level of courage and ability beyond most humans. Those engineers and pilots are at the peak of human achievement. What they're doing is amazing. Why Virgin is doing it is not. When various corporate representatives eulogize those two pilots as pioneers who were helping to cross the Final Frontier, that should make you angry. That pilot died not for space but for a luxury service provider. His death doesn't get us closer to Mars; it just keeps rich people further away from weightlessness and a beautiful view.

I said "interesting", I do not necessarily agree, but there is more here:

Luckovich: "Proof Campaign Ads Work"

Leading US Jewish Publication Questions Netanyahu’s Grasp On Reality

it’s fair to ask just who is more detached from reality these days, the president of the U.S. and leader of the free world, or the leader of a small country almost totally dependent on American support?


......one of the leading Jewish publications in the US, The New York Jewish Week, has questioned Prime Minister Netanyahu’s grasp on reality after he dismissed critics of his blatantly illegal plan to build 1,000 new units in the Arab section of Jerusalem as “detached from reality.” Rather than the critics, the Jewish Week argues, it is Netanyahu who needs a reality check as he is recklessly jeopardizing Israel’s most important alliance in the world.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced plans to build more than 1,000 new units in Jerusalem neighborhoods beyond the Green Line, fully aware of the negative response it would receive in America and in the international community. And it did, with the State Department calling the plans “incompatible with the pursuit of peace.”… Netanyahu responded by saying that Israel will “continue to build in our eternal capital,” adding: “I heard the claim that our building in Jewish neighborhoods in Jerusalem makes peace more distant, but it is the criticism itself that makes peace more distant.” He said the criticism feeds the Palestinians’ false hopes and is “detached from reality.”

But it’s fair to ask just who is more detached from reality these days, the president of the U.S. and leader of the free world, or the leader of a small country almost totally dependent on American support? (It’s not so much the $3 billion a year in U.S. aid that counts as much as its support at the UN and in countless other ways that would be felt should the relationship continue to erode.)


Poll Indicates Majority Favors Quarantine For AIDS Victims


McCain: "I see England, I see France, I see Sarah's . . ."

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) came to the defense of his former running mate, Sarah Palin, on Friday, more than a month after she and her family were involved in a drunken, bloody altercation at a house party in Alaska.

During an interview with Phoenix television station KTVK, the 2008 Republican presidential nominee said he wasn't excusing the brawl but went on to blast the media's coverage of it.

"I think these family affairs are -- I don't know much of the details about it," McCain told the TV station. "Things happen in people's families and I'm not excusing it, I'm not condemning it."


"The Big Bang"

Oops - BUSTED: Sharyl Attkisson's 'Hacked' Video Was Made Nine Months AFTER Alleged Hack

BUSTED: Sharyl Attkisson's 'Hacked' Video Made Nine Months After Alleged Hack
By karoli November 1, 2014 6:00 am -

Attkisson's 'Hack'
In a nutshell, Attkisson claims the government hacked her computers in December, 2012 and she reported it to CBS at the time. She claims a PC and her personal Mac were hacked, and the media has accepted this claim with no skepticism. Mediaite went with the assumption that she shot it in December, 2012.

Sharyl Attkisson claims she took video of her computer being 'hacked', but she forgot a couple of details.


A sharp-eyed commenter over at Media Matters observed that Attkisson's video was shot during the Valerie Harper debut on Dancing With the Stars in September, 2013. Here's what WiscoJoe observes:

Attkisson shot this video on or sometime after September 16, 2013. The episode of "Dancing with the Stars" that is playing in the background features Valerie Harper dancing a Foxtrot to "Some Kind of Wonderful" and first aired live on the evening of that date.

According to Attkisson's own timeline her computer was 'hacked' in October 2012, she came forward with this allegation in May 2013, but then waited until September 2013 to take video 'evidence.'

Has Ms. Attkisson provided an explanation of when this video was taken or why she waited for a year, and until after she went forward with public allegations, to take video documentation of her computer being 'hacked'? Is this the standard of investigative journalism that she was doing while at CBS? If that's the case it may explain why she no longer works there.

What a splendid indicator of exactly how much weight her book should receive. None. If she can't manufacture evidence without giving away the fix, she is not to be trusted on anything, whether it's vaccinations or it's Benghazi!

much more here:

Bill Maher pushes Democrats to defend Obama and GO VOTE!

MUST-SEE: Bill Maher pushes Democrats to defend Obama and GO VOTE!
by BruinKid

Last night, Bill Maher delivered a strong defense of the Obama presidency and all its accomplishments, chided cowardly Democrats for running away from it, and urging everyone to GO VOTE!

The midterms are here in four days, and Democrats are in big trouble. Despite the fact that the only idea the Republicans have this election is, "Don't let anybody get you started on rape". But it didn't have to be this way, if Democratic candidates would just stop throwing their own people and achievements under the bus, and distancing themselves from their own president! That is never a winning strategy. Just ask President Al Gore. (audience murmurs turn to applause)

Well, sorry, but the one I feel bad for is Obama.

63 straight months of economic expansion.
A depression averted.
A deficit reduced by two thirds.
A healthcare law that's working and lowering costs.
Two women on the Supreme Court.
bin Laden's dead.
Stock market at record heights.
An unemployment rate that dropped from 10.2 to 5.9%. If you're a Fox News viewer trying to do the math, that's less. (audience laughter and applause)
Gas prices are down.
Is it really that hard a record to get behind? And yet, the way these Democrats have been distancing themselves from the President, you would think he'd just flown in from Liberia with his lunch in a barf bag. (audeince laughter) There are beheading videos with more likes. (audience oohs)


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