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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 02:59 PM
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Boehner: "We'll Work To Protect The Constitution of The USA" As Soon As We Get Back From Vacation

We will not stand idle as the president undermines the rule of law in our country and places lives at risk ... we’ll work to protect the Constitution of the United States.”


And then, with the rule of law, lives and the Constitution all at risk, Republicans headed out of town for their extended Thanksgiving vacation.


I couldn't be happier for them:

tears of joy all over the blogosphere today:
Poster “shares a personal anecdote related to the president’s looming executive action”:

Nearly 10 years ago, my aunt and uncle left behind a comfortable, middle-class life in Mexico after receiving death threats from a drug cartel. My aunt months pregnant, they respectively abandoned a successful small business and a professional career to seek refuge in the U.S. from a drug war that has claimed the lives of at least 85,000 people. (A war, I should add, fueled by American drug consumption habits and lax gun restrictions.) They’ve lived here without legal status since.

I couldn’t be happier for them, their daughter, and millions of others expected to benefit from the executive action. And I’m grateful for a president who has concluded that we are neither safer nor more prosperous tearing families apart, relegating productive members of society to lives of constant fear and abuse.


Wait, what are family values again?

One president declares war on the wrong country, killing 100,000+, and he’s lauded.
The next president allows American children to continue living with their parents and he’s the lawless one?


Wow, maybe there is hope for our planet?


More about this here:

Jorge Ramos: This is the most important immigration move in almost 50 years

Updated 11/20/2014 9:13 pm

Many immigrants in the United States are now living the best moment of their lives. President Barack Obama’s executive decision, which will halt deportations and provide work permits to more than 4 million immigrants, isn’t everything we expected, but it’s reason to celebrate. Yes we can.


We must not forget that Republicans and their leader, John Boehner, blocked immigration reform in the House of Representatives this year. They had more than 500 days to discuss the measure but they refused to vote on the Senate’s plan. They also didn’t propose anything new. Their inaction pushed President Obama to the extreme.

We have to recognize it. Obama didn’t think he had the legal authority to protect millions of undocumented people. He told me personally, and repeated it many times after, “I am not a king.” On another occasion he said “I am not the emperor of the United States.” But the president evolved and changed his point of view. And now he thinks he has the authority to do what he did today, Nov. 20.

Obama is right. This is precisely what presidents do: they make executive decisions about big problems facing the country. Republican Presidents Ronald Reagan and George Bush Sr. also made executive decisions — in 1987 and 1990, respectively— that benefited millions of undocumented people. It is hypocritical to criticize Obama for doing the same.


...And people are asking WHY Obama Acted Without Congress......sheesh

Next, let’s have a look at the projected levels of cooperation in the post-executive order world:

Isn’t it amazing how visual aids can bring the complex interplay between confusing datasets so sharply into focus?


"Where's global warming?" thought the Buffaloan. Then he looked at a global map

@brownpau "Where's global warming?" thought the Buffaloan. Then he looked at a global map.

— Stefan Rahmstorf (@rahmstorf) November 21, 2014 https://twitter.com/rahmstorf/status/535772207654662146


BREAKING VIDEO: Police Lied. Mike Brown was killed 148 feet away from Darren Wilson's SUV

BREAKING VIDEO: Police Lied. Mike Brown was killed 148 feet away from Darren Wilson's SUV

For 104 days, the police have lied and said Mike Brown was killed 35 feet away from Darren Wilson's SUV. It was actually 148 feet.

This distance is essential to the defense and how Darren Wilson must demonstrate that he "reasonably feared for his safety." At the point in which Mike Brown ran half a football field away, how reasonable is it for an armed officer to fear anyone?

Below is the first video filmed from Canfield Drive showing the exact measurement between where Darren Wilson's SUV was parked and Mike Brown died. After that we methodically debunk the lie that Mike Brown was killed in close proximity to Darren Wilson's SUV.

Our starting point, which is 17 feet behind the driver's side window of Darren Wilson's SUV is this yellow fire hydrant next to the storm drain.


Our end point is 2943 Canfield. Notice the building number in the back of this photo below where Mike Brown's father and family members are standing over the exact location where Mike Brown was murdered.


Watch us measure the distance below.

131 feet, 1 inch (Distance between the fire hydrant and where Mike Brown died)
+ 17 feet (distance between the fire hydrant and the driver's side door of Darren Wilson's SUV)
= 148 feet.

The St. Louis-area police have continued to advance this lie for over 104 days since Mike Brown was killed on Canfield Drive on the afternoon of August 9 in Ferguson, Missouri. Here we will methodically expose this lie and examine just why it's so important.


Using Google Maps, the approximate distance from the front of Darren Wilson's SUV to where Mike Brown was shot before falling down is actually 148 feet.




Here have an Orange Twist


Picture taken inside a house in Buffalo.

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