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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 02:59 PM
Number of posts: 67,344

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Mark Hamill: "May the force be with us this election season."


Cook Political Report: Democrats Favored to Win the Senate

“Democrats remain the clear favorites to take back the Senate with just days to go until Election Day. A lack of tightening in the presidential race as President Trump continues to be a drag downballot is set to doom many Republican incumbents. At this point, many GOP strategists just hope to keep their losses to a minimum and prevent a blue tidal wave.”


33.1% GDP. Congrats. 45.7% was needed to break even.

Today we'll get the best GDP report a $3.3 trillion deficit and a $3 trillion Fed balance sheet expansion can buy.

6 six months in, getting hoax heart surgery for the "damage" the virus did to his atrium

I feel like the people who think Covid is a hoax aren't giving us hoaxers enough credit for our COMMITMENT.

With most of my disease japes, I start laughing inside five minutes. But here I am, six months in, getting hoax heart surgery for the "damage" the virus did to my atrium:



Stick a pin in him already

Charles Pierce has a question for Peggy Noonan

Pierce has two takes.

'Trump campaign officials said they had enough buses ready nearby to shuttle people back to their cars, but said a larger-than-expected crowd, estimated as high as 29,000, slowed the buses’ return. Traffic leaving an Eppley parking lot after the rally added to the delays. That left masses of people huddled in 31-degree weather along two-lane Lindbergh Plaza. Some tried walking back to their cars, pouring into the street, which slowed exiting traffic as well.'

Am I being too cynical because I suspect that the whole fiasco was
arranged so that the "Trump campaign officials" could hype the crowd
size as being larger than expected? Am I being too cynical if I
speculate—And it would be irresponsible not to, right, Peggy?—that
maybe, in keeping with the president*'s general business strategy, the
campaign stiffed the shuttle bus company?"

Reporters estimated the crowd as 6,000.

Social Distance Support Animal

VA judge rules it's no longer public policy in Virginia to honor the Confederacy

🚨BREAKING🚨 We WON the Lee statue case after a judge found that it was raised against a backdrop of white supremacy and that it is against public policy to keep it up. The ruling is *stayed* pending appeal, but this is a HUGE win and we're on the path to bringing down this relic


Just more proof that "we the people" don't matter to this administration.

He can’t fathom that her question is about the health of the crowd not VP Pence

Trump campaign press secretary Hogan Gidley was interviewed on CNN by Alisyn Camerota:

CAMEROTA: Hospitals in Wisconsin are near capacity. Does that give you any pause about going there and holding a big rally?

GIDLEY: No, it doesn’t… the vice president has the best doctors in the world around him.


OMAHA: It's only cold because there's so many thermometers.

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