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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 03:59 PM
Number of posts: 67,645

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Donnie for the first time ever in his life:


George wore a wire. You are so f&cked right now.



Fox-"Search for the Truth"

Peru Beauty pageant contestants list violence against women statistics instead of bra and waist size


Papadopoulos's Pleas Deal Is Very, Very Bad News For Jeff Sessions


During his confirmation process, Sessions was asked a key question by Sen. Al Franken, D-Minn.: “If there is any evidence that anyone affiliated with the Trump campaign communicated with the Russian government in the course of this campaign, what will you do?”

“Senator Franken, I’m not aware of any of those activities,” Sessions responded. “I have been called a surrogate at a time or two in that campaign and I didn’t have — did not have communications with the Russians, and I’m unable to comment on it.”

The question, however, was about Sessions’s knowledge of such communications, and we now know he was in a meeting in which they were discussed.




Sessions likely knew that Papadopolous was brokering a deal with the Russians for dirt and apparently that was not an isolated incident.

SESSIONS: Let me state this clearly: I have never met with or had any conversations with any Russians or any foreign officials concerning any type of interference with any campaign or election. Further, I have no knowledge of any such conversations by anyone connected to the Trump campaign. I was your colleague in this body for 20 years, and the suggestion that I participated in any collusion or that I was aware of any collusion with the Russian government to hurt this country, which I have served with honor for over 35 years, or to undermine the integrity of our democratic process, is an appalling and detestable lie.


How Will I Tell The Children That We're Canceling Tony Podesta Celebration Day

An amusing thing about the right is that they don't understand the left at all. 95% of their politics is motivated by pissing of liberals, and they have no idea what pisses off liberals. OK the racism and the homophobia and kicking poor people and similar pisses off liberals, but they're not into that *because* it pisses off liberals, they're just racist homophobes who like to kick poor people. Most of the rest is just PWWWWWWNED LIBTURDS and we just point and laugh because they're idiots.

The latest thing is that conservatives think Dems give a shit about what happens to Tony Podesta, or even know who Tony Podesta is. 99% of the people who "know" who Tony Podesta is think he's John Podesta, the brother. I don't know or care what Tony Podesta's personal politics are, but he's basically a shady lobbyist who operates in the bipartisan world of DC shady lobbying. There are good lobbyists who work for interest groups (environmental, etc.) who obviously have some ideological affiliation, but big lobbyists for hire are bipartisan mercenaries. It's a job, and often a gross one, like being an attorney for Harvey Weinstein.

I suppose he has some elite pals in DC (including, but likely not just, people on the D side of things) who might be sad if he gets locked up and, who knows, maybe Gramps (see recent tweets) is right that he'll bring a bunch of Dems down with him.

And then most of us will cheer. If they're corrupt, get rid of them. It isn't the same thing, though it's the most recent "guilty Dem" thing I can think of, but while Dems weren't thrilled when Anthony Weiner got busted, people were mad that he did it, not that he got busted for it. Lock him up! Oh, they did.


They raped my Grandmother, lynched my Uncle, broke up my family-you find honor, you racist prick?

Wendell Pierce
While they raped my Grandmother,lynched my Uncle,broke up my family to lost history, you find honor & compromise in that, you racist, prick?



"And over there lies the remains over your presidency...."


Was it really my fault?

Someone tell him that is HIS brain on the plate...

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