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The Louder the Monkey, the Smaller Its Balls, Study Finds

The Louder the Monkey, the Smaller Its Balls, Study Finds

Written by
October 22, 2015 // 11:02 AM EST

Howler monkeys are the loudest land animals on Earth, capable of bellowing at volumes of 140 decibels, which is on the level of gunshots or firecrackers. Not surprisingly, male howlers frequently use this power to advertise their sexual fitness, catcalling females with their ear-splitting roars.

But in a beautiful twist of expectations, scientists have now found that the louder the monkey’s calls, the smaller the monkey’s balls. A team based out of Cambridge University came to this conclusion by comparing the size of dozens of monkeys’ testes with the hyoid bones located in their voice boxes, which revealed a negative correlation between decibel levels and testicular endowment. The results are published today in the journal Current Biology.

“We found that males with larger hyoids, who can make lower-pitch vocalizations, have smaller testes and live in single-male groups with a harem of a few females," anthropologist Leslie Knapp, a senior author of the study, said in a statement. "Males with smaller hyoids live in multimale groups and have larger testes."

According to the team, this is the first evidence that there is a trade-off between vocal investment and sperm production, and it helps to explain why howler monkeys develop contrasting social structures.

well duh, more:

"corn is stupid"

get's em every-time:

This - should be fun.


Clinton’s featured a performance by pop megastar Katy Perry, who wore an American flag as a cape from her white sequined gown, and a warm-up speech by former president Bill Clinton, who was making his first appearance of the campaign in Iowa on his wife’s behalf. Her campaign said it drew more than 4,000 people.

Bill Clinton made a joking reference to his wife’s effort to make history as the first woman to be elected president.

“There’s been a lot of talk about breaking the glass ceiling,” the 42nd president said. “I am tired of the stranglehold that women have had on the job of presidential spouse.”

Overhead, however, a circling plane towed a banner that read: “REVOLUTION STARTS NOW! FEEL THE BERN!”



A high school teacher helps clarify 'socialism’ for Donald Trump & the rest of us.

"When we teach about the different types of economies," Waite said, "the first thing we do is we talk about economic questions. How is it made? Who makes it? Who gets to buy it? Based on the economy, different people answer those questions."

Simplifying Quill's explanation: "In a communist country, the government answers those questions. There's no private business. There's no private property. The government decides."

"In a capitalist society, the people make those decisions. The businesses, the market decides how much products will cost, how many there are, where it will be made."

"In the socialist system, there's a mix of both. The government operates the system to help all, but there is opportunity for private property and private wealth. That's generally how we talk about it." Back to Quill's point: A socialist government could control all of the means of production -- or it could, for example, use taxes to redistribute resources among the population.

More HERE:


by Brian McLaughlin

The people heard
but they wouldn't listen
their eyes were open
but couldn't see
the killing fields
this war at home
was never something
that should ever be
our children gone
forever lost
the right to bear
it has cost
when a crazy man
can still get a gun
and in his mind
it's for his fun
death will follow
excuses spun
the NRA
again has won


Yiddish Curses on Republicans

Yiddish Curses on Republicans
by teacherkenF

The following was sent to me by a friend who got it from a list s/he participates in. Posting to provide some levity to your day.

May you sell everything and retire to Florida just as global warming makes it uninhabitable.

May you live to be a hundred and twenty without Social Security or Medicare.

May your son be elected President and may you have no idea what you did with his birth certificate.

May you feast every day on chopped liver and onions, chicken soup with dumplings, gefilte fish with horseradish, beef brisket and gravy and may every bite be contaminated with E. Coli because the government gutted the EPA.

May you be reunited in the world to come with your ancestors, who were all Jewish socialist garment workers from New York.


The Media Was Duped EASILY & PURPOSELY Over & Over By The Benghazi Committee's "BOGUS SCOOPS"

Eichenwald points out that the media have been routinely duped by the committee's "bogus 'scoops.'" In fact, the media play a crucial role in the committee's partisan efforts to target Clinton.As Eichenwald puts it, "the modern McCarthys of the Benghazi committee cannot perform this political theater on their own -- they depend on reporters to aid in the attempts to use government for the purpose of destroying others with bogus 'scoops' ladled out by members of Congress and their staffs":

But, as they have time and again, the Republicans on the Benghazi committee released deceitful information for what was undoubtedly part of a campaign--as Kevin McCarthy of the House Republican leadership has admitted--to drive down Clinton's poll numbers.


The historical significance of this moment can hardly be overstated, and it seems many Republicans, Democrats and members of the media don't fully understand the magnitude of what is taking place. The awesome power of government--one that allows officials to pore through almost anything they demand and compel anyone to talk or suffer the shame of taking the Fifth Amendment--has been unleashed for purely political purposes. It is impossible to review what the Benghazi committee has done as anything other than taxpayer-funded political research of the opposing party's leading candidate for president. Comparisons from America's past are rare. Richard Nixon's attempts to use the IRS to investigate his perceived enemies come to mind. So does Senator Joseph McCarthy's red-baiting during the 1950s, with reckless accusations of treason leveled at members of the State Department, military generals and even the secretary of the Army. But the modern McCarthys of the Benghazi committee cannot perform this political theater on their own--they depend on reporters to aid in the attempts to use government for the purpose of destroying others with bogus "scoops" ladled out by members of Congress and their staffs. These journalists will almost certainly join the legions of shamed reporters of the McCarthy era as it becomes increasingly clear they are enablers of an obscene attempt to undermine the electoral process.


Unlike almost every congressional committee investigation in history, the (Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy) has insisted that much of the relevant questioning be conducted behind closed doors.


The other reason to keep the testimony secret has rapidly become clear: so that they can selectively--and often incorrectly--portray to reporters what was said in the statements.


Other false stories repeatedly found their way into the press. There was the "criminal investigation of Hillary Clinton" article that appeared in The New York Times; once the story was knocked down, the Times sheepishly acknowledged its sources included officials from Congress. (The "Clinton is under criminal investigation" story has continued; she's not.) The Daily Beast falsely reported that Blumenthal testified he was in Libya on the day of the Benghazi attack.


Sing-a-long: "It's Gowdy Doody Time."


"It's Gowdy Doody Time.
It's Gowdy Doody Time.
Dim Jordan and Gowdy, too
Say Gowdy Do to you.
Let's give a rousing cheer,
Cause Gowdy Doody's here,
It's time to start the show,
So kids let's go!"

-- Howdy Doody Show lyrics, slightly altered

Sheriff catches private eye working for Senator David Vitter secretly taping him

He was filming the group, the sheriff said. “He was acting very strange and odd,” Normand said in an interview.

Normand confronted the young man, asking him what he was doing.

“Are you filming me?” the sheriff demanded.

The alleged spy, later identified as Robert J. Frenzel, a private investigator from Dallas who has been doing research for U.S. Sen. David Vitter’s campaign, denied taping the group. But he fumbled with his device and couldn’t stop the sheriff from catching a glimpse of its screen, which Normand said showed a recording application. The sheriff then returned to his table.


The sheriff said he soon learned Frenzel works for J.W. Bearden & Associates, of Texas, which has received $135,000 this year from the Vitter campaign for “legal fees,” according to campaign finance reports. A message seeking comment from the firm was not returned Friday.

kinda funny story really:

We DEMAND Answers Too!

toon from 2012: http://steveleser.blogspot.com/2012/12/benghazi-vs-iraq-and-afghanistan.html
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