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KRUGMAN: Springtime For Grifters

The Opinion Pages | OP-ED COLUMNIST
Paul Krugman
Springtime for Grifters
OCT. 30, 2015

.........Ben Carson was asked about his involvement with Mannatech, a nutritional supplements company that makes outlandish claims about its products and has been forced to pay $7 million to settle a deceptive-practices lawsuit. The audience booed, and Mr. Carson denied being involved with the company. Both reactions tell you a lot about the driving forces behind modern American politics.

As it happens, Mr. Carson lied. He has indeed been deeply involved with Mannatech, and has done a lot to help promote its merchandise. PolitiFact quickly rated his claim false, without qualification. But the Republican base doesn’t want to hear about it, and the candidate apparently believes, probably correctly, that he can simply brazen it out. These days, in his party, being an obvious grifter isn’t a liability, and may even be an asset.


Consider Mr. Rubio, who has emerged as the leading conventional candidate thanks to Jeb Bush’s utter haplessness. There was a time when Mr. Rubio’s insistence that $6 trillion in tax cuts would somehow pay for themselves would have marked him as deeply unserious, especially given the way his party has been harping on the evils of budget deficits. Even George W. Bush, during the 2000 campaign, at least pretended to be engaged in conventional budgeting, handing back part of a projected budget surplus.

But the Republican base doesn’t care what the mainstream media says. Indeed, after Wednesday’s debate the Internet was full of claims that John Harwood, one of the moderators, lied about Mr. Rubio’s tax plan. (He didn’t.) And in any case, Mr. Rubio sounds sensible compared to the likes of Mr. Carson and Mr. Trump. So there’s no penalty for his fiscal fantasies.

The point is that we shouldn’t ask whether the G.O.P. will eventually nominate someone in the habit of saying things that are demonstrably untrue, and counting on political loyalists not to notice. The only question is what kind of scam it will be.

the whole is a good read:

Limbaugh: GOP Leaders Would Be ‘Happier’ with Hillary as President Than with Cruz

Limbaugh: GOP Leaders Would Be ‘Happier’ with Hillary as President Than with Cruz
by Josh Feldman | 5:19 pm, October 28th, 2015 AUDIO

Rush Limbaugh really went off on GOP leaders today for agreeing to a bipartisan budget deal. The House is voting on the deal today, and Limbaugh and plenty of other conservatives aren’t happy about Republicans coming together with President Obama on this.

Limbaugh said the real bipartisan deal going on here is the one “to destroy conservatism.”

He declared, “I have the idea they would be happier with Hillary Clinton as president than Ted Cruz, and that’s not a feeling. I know that almost for a fact.”


Here's Huckabee in 2002 wooing Raytheon, the maker of the blimp he just decried as government excess


The GOP debate audience booed CNBC for confronting Ben Carson about a controversial association

which he denied:


For ten years, he interacted with a medical-supplement maker accused of false advertising. In March of last year, Dr. Ben Carson, the conservative star considered a potential 2016 Republican presidential candidate, appeared in a video for Mannatech, Inc., a Texas-based medical supplement maker. Smiling into the camera, he extolled the benefits of the company’s “glyconutrient” products:

The wonderful thing about a company like Mannatech is that they recognize that when God made us, He gave us the right fuel. And that fuel was the right kind of healthy food. You know we live in a society that is very sophisticated, and sometimes we’re not able to achieve the original diet. And we have to alter our diet to fit our lifestyle. Many of the natural things are not included in our diet. Basically what the company is doing is trying to find a way to restore natural diet as a medicine or as a mechanism for maintaining health

Read more at: http://www.nationalreview.com/article/396193/ben-carsons-troubling-connection-jim-geraghty

REMINDER: Big gov't didn't steal your Social Security, that was Ronald Reagan and GOP in Congress.


Earliest Known Handwritten Draft Of King James Bible Discovers - It Was A Translator's Collaboration

Earliest Known Draft of King James Bible Is Found, Scholar Says

The earliest known version of The King James Bible, perhaps one of the most influential and widely read books in history, has been discovered mislabeled inside an archive at the University of Cambridge. The find is being called one of the most significant revelations in decades. It shows that writing is a process of revising, cutting, and then more rewriting. The Bible is no different in this regard, even though some conservative Christians claim it is the divine word of God himself. Perhaps God, then, is a revisionist. This find certainly seems to suggest that.


“You can actually see the way Greek, Latin and Hebrew are all feeding into what will become the most widely read work of English literature of all time,” Professor Miller said. “It gets you so close to the thought process, it’s incredible.”

The draft, he argues, also complicates one long-cherished aspect of the “mythos,” as he put it, surrounding the King James: that it was a collaborative project through and through.

The companies were charged with doing their work as a group, rather than subdividing it by assigning individual books to individual translators, as was the case with the Bishops’ Bible. But the Ward notebook, Professor Miller said, suggests “beyond a reasonable doubt” that at least some of the companies ignored the instructions and divided up the work among individuals, at least initially.

Further, he said, the notebook contains a complete draft for the book of the Apocrypha known as 1 Esdras, but then, after a run of blank pages, only a partial manuscript for the book known as the Wisdom of Solomon, suggesting that Ward picked up the slack for another translator.



Wow! Frenchy musta gone to some tough-ass schools.

The Spring Valley Arrest Video Isn’t Disturbing: Here’s Why
by DAVID FRENCH October 27, 2015 8:05 PM

I’ve known multiple public-school teachers who were grateful for police assistance after spending years getting punched, kicked, bitten, and otherwise physically abused by their students. I distinctly remember seeing my own teachers tossed around like rag dolls by angry students during raging hallway brawls. At some schools, even small children will attack and harm their teachers.


(I have worked in the Public & Private School System for 25 years
- I have NEVER seen the necessity for anything close to what happened here, mho, kp)

President Obama: "Fewer gun safety laws don't mean more freedom, they mean more danger."

"I refuse to accept the notion that we couldn't have prevented some of those murders, some of those suicides, kept more families whole -- protected more officers if we had passed some common-sense laws.

"So, look, I understand we won't all agree on this issue. But it's time to be honest -- fewer gun safety laws don't mean more freedom, they mean more danger. Certainly more danger to police, more fallen officers, more grieving families, more Americans terrified that they or their loved ones could be next.

"So I'm going to keep calling on the folks in Congress to change the way that they think about gun safety. And if they don't, I'm going to keep on calling on Americans to change the folks in Congress until they get it right."

Obama said people"watching certain television stations or listening to certain radio programs" should not believe that he's "out to take everybody's guns away."



I liked this.


Women can’t have it all – because the game is rigged

Work-life balance is a myth. It’s time for women to stop blaming themselves and start demanding change.


Can women have it all? That this is still a major ethical dilemma of mainstream feminism shows how far we’ve still got to go. Yes, even though they’ve taken the nudes out of Playboy. The answer is less important than the fact that the question is vapid. Here's a better one: when did the message that ‘girls can do anything’ get twisted into the edict: ‘girls must do everything?’


The message of “Unfinished Business” is that in order to keep everyone happy, you must simply try harder. It’s difficult to please your boss, your husband and your kids at once, so you must think harder about how you’re going to do it without dissolving into a tangle of shredded nerves in a crumpled skirt-suit. All of this is just an updated version of what we have been told for centuries: women are supposed to work twice as hard as men, for half the reward, a saying I've always understood as a coded threat.

Somehow, modern women have allowed ourselves to be convinced that the right to work outside ‘the home’ is the only liberation that matters - never mind that working-class women and women of colour have always worked outside the home. Slaughter isn’t really talking to them, a fact that she acknowledges in three lines in the introduction, before going back to reframe the debate towards those women lucky enough enough to have a supportive partner, a lucrative career, and the option to pay other people to look after their kids sometimes. Note that nobody is asking whether the nanny can have it all, even if she wants it.

For those few women who might be able to have ‘it all’, the programme sounds utterly exhausting. As I toiled through the latter chapters of career advice, wondering exactly when this notional working mother is meant to sleep, I realised with horror that Slaughter is talking to me. Specifically to me, and to people like me- middle-class, largely white women in professional careers who are at the stage of thinking seriously about how we might to juggle work and children. We’re not supposed to ask if we want to do that, only how we’ll manage.

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