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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 02:59 PM
Number of posts: 61,423

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The Great Medicaid Transfer From Red States to Blue States

ACA: self imposed redistribution from poor to rich states

According to an analysis I have done using Kaiser Family Foundation data—in 2016 alone—the 24 expanding states will receive $30.3 Billion additional federal dollars, while those not expanding will forego an additional $35.0 Billion they could have had.

....States that are not expanding Medicaid have historically received more in federal spending per dollar of federal taxes paid by the state ($2.18) as compared to States that are expanding ($1.85)....While the Medicaid program is not the only means through which richer states have cross subsidized poorer ones, it has been a large and consistent source of such flows. By choosing not to expand Medicaid, the poorer, mostly politically “red” states are redistributing money toward the richer, mostly politically “blue” ones.

....The bottom line is that if the current State Medicaid expansion decisions persist, the unintended story of the ACA will turn out to be the redistribution of money from poorer States, to richer ones, an outcome imposed by the poorer states, upon themselves. I will write more about what I think this means for the future of health reform over the next few days.


"Stop the Traitors"

lovely war they are having....

oops, forgot, I am a pacifist.

peace, everyone,

The Women Of The Supreme Court

Here's the new portrait of all women who have ever served on SCOTUS. It's not a big painting. pic.twitter.com/nGPUD6UdFf

"This is no time for my country Right or Wrong - Remember what that brought."

Dead Rock Artist:
"Something flickered for a minute and then it vanished and was gone."

Lou Reed's New York, his 1989 album, hit the Rude Pundit like fist in the solar plexus. It's hard to remember that era, over 24 years ago, in a nation that had been dragged back to a crueler time by the unregulated capitalism and ruthless pseudo-imperialism of the Reagan administration, heading into the dim era of Bush the First. The poor had been turned into a pestilence by the rhetoric coming from the right, by the policies from Reagan, and by the lies from Christian charlatans. More homeless were created in order to pay for a military build-up that brought huge deficits for the nation and enormous wealth for a few cronies. And so, so many Americans bought the bullshit illusion of national greatness, the post-Vietnam War self-fellatio that this country was a destiny, a Valhalla, and not a messy conglomeration of people who, for fuck's sake, needed to learn how to live together or were gonna sink. It was, frankly, an ugly time.

"This is no time for Optimism
This is no time for Endless Thought
This is no time for my country Right or Wrong
Remember what that brought.

For the Rude Pundit, still young, still a bit naive, still believing he could change the world but with grown-up doubt starting to creep in, New York offered a cynical view of an America that had indeed fucked itself. But the cynicism was tempered with a hard-won, embittered hope. The city and the nation that Reed saw had dragged itself into the gutter, all through self-inflicted wounds, and we had to look at ourselves, all of it, understand it, get enraged by it, before we could even begin the long crawl out of this shit-filled pit. Oh, and it helps if you've got insanely great guitar riffs to accompany you on the journey.

"Americans don't care too much for beauty
They'll shit in a river, dump battery acid in a stream
They'll watch dead rats wash up on the beach
And complain if they can't swim."


Remembering Lou Reed: 6 Amazing Performances

New Study Finds 7,500 Kids a Year Admitted to US Hospitals with Gunshot Wounds

New Study Finds 7,500 Kids a Year Admitted to US Hospitals with Gunshot Wounds
posted by GOLDY on MON, OCT 28, 2013 at 9:50 AM
Why does the American Academy of Pediatrics hate America?

A new study says that each year approximately 7,500 children are admitted to U.S. hospitals with gunshot wounds and more than 500 children die during hospital admission from these injuries.

An abstract of the study, titled "United States Gunshot Violence—Disturbing Trends," was presented on Sunday by researchers at the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) National Conference and Exhibition in Orlando, Fla. The study also found that states with higher numbers of firearm ownership had higher proportions of childhood gunshot wounds.

It's mostly handguns, of course, and most of these shootings occur in the home. So that's 7,500 families a year for whom keeping a gun in the home did not in fact keep their children safer. But shhhh. Because America!


Kentucky’s ‘Creation Museum’ in Financial Trouble Due to Declining Attendance

I implore every reader of this blog to help out immediately. We cannot allow the National Warehouse Of American Crazy to disappear. I'm not kidding. Go there. The place is a hoot.

In hopes to draw repeat customers, the museum has added zip-lining and sky bridge courses to their attractions this summer. But when confronted by critics who wonder what the zip-lining and sky bridge attractions have to do with the museum's message, Mike Zovath, the museums co-founder and vice president, says that the extra activities are irrelevant. "No matter what exhibit we add, the message stays the same," Zovath said. "It's all about God's word and the authority of God's word and showing that all of these things, whether it's bugs, dinosaurs or dragons - it all fits with God's word."
Ziplines For Jesus! How can you resist? Make your vacation plans now!

Ziplines For Jesus! How can you resist? Make your vacation plans now!

Read more:

McCain Kisses Up To Hillary Clinton

McCain Praises Clinton's Work as Secretary of State

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) told Bloomberg that Hillary Clinton was an "outstanding" secretary of state -- with the exception of her handling of the attacks in Benghazi, Libya, last year.

Said McCain: "I don't think there's any doubt she has widespread support. Her work as secretary of state, with the exception of this issue of Benghazi -- which isn't going away -- I think has been outstanding. I think she would be viewed by anyone, Republican or Democrat, as a very formidable candidate for 2016."


Grayson Tells It Like It Is!


a very good friend, a life-long Republican, who voted for Bush twice is applying for Obamacare

and yes, I have Republican friends

She has a pre-existing condition. Her husband is retiring soon.
She just had her first grandchild today and is considering retiring as well.

She still dislikes Obama and the "welfare state"....

(this is where I bite my tongue or try not to trip on it)

But there you go.

She actually said "Obamacare is better than no care at all".

I had to agree with her.

peace, kp

The flaws of Obamacare are basically conservative ones. It's too complicated and it's too stingy

The Conservatism of Obamacare

I think Lind's point http://www.salon.com/2013/10/28/what_the_tea_party_misses_if_you_hate_obamacare_youll_really_hate_what_the_right_wants_to_do_to_social_security/ that if progressives dig in and defend Obamacare both as super-awesome and liberal, that they're making a big mistake, is important. The flaws of Obamacare are basically conservative ones. It's too complicated and it's too stingy and (happy to be proven wrong) likely won't cut overall medical spending much.

The point isn't "wah wah wah why didn't Obama wave his magic wand and make Medicare for all happen." The point is that we should continue to explain that Medicare for all would be better, cheaper, and more popular. Savvy people will inform me that Medicare for all won't happen and Obamacare is that best that could have happened. Probably you're right, savvy people! Congratulations on being savvy! I'm not sure why that precludes informing people that a better policy exists, even if it won't happen. Even savvy people spend lots of time talking about things that are unlikely to happen.

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