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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 03:59 PM
Number of posts: 67,628

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The name Wimpy is spot on.


Huge graphic on today's NYT front page - "What's really happening at the Border?" - is fantastic


In law enforcement, we call these clues...


Trump is doing immense damage. He has a hidden helper: Mitch McConnell.

"There is a terrible rhetorical habit of treating GOP conduct toward Trump as mere passive acquiescence. In fact, this is better seen as an active enabling."

In refusing votes on Dem bills reopening govt, Mitch McConnell isn't merely sitting on sidelines.

He's *actively shielding* Trump from having to veto them once they pass.

This, even though he *knows* Trump has no endgame:


RUDE PUNDIT: A Polite Note to Nervous Republicans: You Don't Have to Be Republican

Hey, there, Republicans in Congress,

The Rude Pundit here. I'm not gonna pretend I really give a damn about your futures, your souls, or your careers. But I don't wish physical harm on most of you, so listen for just a moment or two.

Right now, you're dealing with some big deal shit here just from this weekend: Trump was (and likely still is) the subject of a counterintelligence investigation by the FBI for possibly working with Russia. And he's been hiding what he's talking about with Vladimir Putin. You put that on top of every other connection to Russia involving him or his family (I know, they're awful, right?) or his administration or, really, a whole bunch of your fellow Republicans, and, well, you know, if the fur hat fits...

It's stupid to even pretend anymore that you don't get that Trump is compromised. Every single time I've spoken to someone with connections to the White House, they say the same thing: a whole bunch of the people who ran the hell away from Trump did so because of "the Russia stuff." They know that the ship of state is going to run full speed into a scandal iceberg so big that it'll make Watergate look like a cube in that drink you make yourself every morning and every lunch just to make it through the day. And you know it. You know it because there wasn't an upheaval of outrage at the reports, just a sigh or whine from a few members of the GOP. If you thought Trump's relationship with Putin and Russia were defensible, you would have been out there defending it. Big league.

You're trying to figure out what to do when the ship slams into the iceberg and breaks apart before sinking into the depths. You're an elected official, so you can't just bail (well, you could, but maybe you haven't put in enough time to get that cushy lobbying gig). Or maybe you have a slight nagging sense of right and wrong and, goddamnit, it just won't go away when you think about how you have to support Trump on so many things you know are wrong: the wall, the treatment of our allies, the blind support for dictators, this fucking shutdown that is hurting your constituents. You have to stay silent or maybe you can get away with a brief statement about how "disappointed" you are because, you know, tax cuts or something.

But this shit is just eating at you because you know...you fuckin' know...

Lemme put it this way. If this were President Hillary Clinton, you know that your party would have already burned her at a stake next to the Washington Monument or your ravening hordes of voters would have torn the Capitol down. And then what would you have done? You would have turned to anyone in Congress who enabled such treachery and sent the mob after them.

Well, guess what? You're the enablers of treachery now. And you're just lucky that we're a mob that believes in the judicial system. But every moment you stick with Trump and every moment you don't go after the other Republicans who might be compromised is another moment that makes you an accomplice, that makes you even dirtier, that makes you compromised. You're nervous now because you know you bought this ticket, and you're hoping if you close your eyes, it'll all get better.

It won't.

Here's the good news, as your evangelical frauds like to say: You don't have to be Republican. It's true. You don't.

It is more than possible, even likely, that the GOP brand will be poisonous. Oh, sure, it will always have the support of a third of the country who are so racist and terrible that they will support traitors if it keeps the Messicans and Mooslems out. But that's gonna be your cap. You're dead to the new generation of voters. And your voters are literally dying out.

So helicopter off the ship. Just bail on the GOP. Go Democrat. Go independent. Caucus with the Democrats, join the investigations, become a truth-seeker instead of a lie-keeper. Do it now, especially in the Senate, and you'll be ready to be on the right side of history. Goddamn, wouldn't you wanna do it just to see the look on Mitch McConnell's perpetually shocked bitch face?

Or we'll just watch you drown with the rest and put your name on a shit-colored monument to your betrayal of your country.


(Note: I don't really believe any Republican has the guts to do this. The party went all in on Trumpism, and all of the fuckers who went along with it deserve whatever they've got coming.)


Trump lost the house - So he shut down the government.


Thoughts & prayers 🙏🏼 for Steve King who is having a sad....

New: @SteveKingIA says he has been kicked off all House committees by @GOPLeader, and hes not happy about it.


Gotta say this is brilliant


I hear potus likes polls - here's a good one for him

from Quinnipiac:

Did Trump's recent televised address to the nation change your mind about building a wall along the border with Mexico, or not?

Yes: 2% (not a typo)

No: 89%


mr pete & I are still laughing....

When your populist gesture is mostly you being a cheapskate

News: Due to the government shutdown, President Trump is personally paying for the meals that will be provided to the Clemson team during their celebration tonight, CNN has learned. Trump said he's serving "McDonald's, Wendy's and Burger King's with some pizza." WH statement:


Now with video:
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