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What Jan Brewer Really Said To The President

By the Numbers: Life and Death Behind IPhone

By the Numbers: Life and Death at Foxconn
by Lois Beckett
ProPublica, Jan. 27, 2012, 12:09 p.m.


Here's a quick look at what we know about Foxconn. (The company disputes workers' accounts of abusive conditions. In a 2010 company report, Foxconn said it promotes "employee respect, an atmosphere of trust, and personal dignity."

Working for Foxconn

1.2 million: number of workers employed by Foxconn in China, according to the New York Times.

40: Estimated percent of the world's consumer electronics manufactured by Foxconn.

7: seconds it takes Foxconn's workers to complete a single step of their work, according to a survey cited by the New York Times.

12: Hours in a typical work shift, according to interviews with Foxconn employees.

83.2: Average hours of overtime worked each month, according to a 2010 survey of Foxconn employee.

13: age of a Foxconn employee Mike Daisey interviewed outside the gates of a Foxconn plant in Shenzhen.

91: cases of underage labor found by Apple's audits of its suppliers in 2010, the year Daisey visited China.

3,000: number of workers Foxconn could hire overnight, according to Apple's former worldwide supply demand manager.

10-20: percent estimated monthly turnover in Foxconn's workforce.

$7,500: amount founder Terry Gou used to start the anchor company of Foxconn Technology Group in 1974, according to the company website.

$5.7 billion: Terry Gou's estimated net worth as of March 2011.

Living Conditions

230,000: number of workers at "Foxconn City" in Shenzhen, according to the New York Times.

13: tons of rice prepared each day at the central kitchen at Foxconn City.

$0.65: meal allowance for dinner at the Foxconn City canteen in 2010.

2: number of free swimming pools there, according to The Telegraph, which noted that the pools "are said to be quite dirty."

70,000: number of workers at Foxconn's Chengdu plant who live in company dorms, according to the New York Times.

20: number of employees sometimes packed into a three-room apartment.

200: Reported number of police officers who responded to a Foxconn dormitory riot.


17: Number of reported suicides of Foxconn workers in China between 2007 and February 2011, according to Wired. Eleven workers died after jumping off buildings in the Foxconn Campus in Shenzhen, which were then draped with preventive netting. (Wired noted that the rate actually seems to be below China's national averages.)

70: number of psychiatrists employed by Foxconn to prevent suicides, according to a 2010 announcement by CEO Terry Gou.

100: Estimated number of employees at a Foxconn factory in Wuhan who stood on the roof of a factory building this month to protest working conditions and wages. Several threatened to commit suicide, according to the New York Times.

$450: monthly salary a worker involved in that protest said employees had been promised for moving from the Foxconn campus in Shenzhen to one in Wuhan.

34: continuous hours a Foxconn employee worked in 2010 before he collapsed and died, according to media reports.

4: workers killed last year by an explosion at a Foxconn factory in Chengdu, China that assembles iPads.

$22: approximate daily salary earned by Lai Xiaodong, a 22-year-old college graduate, working at a Foxconn factory in Chengdu, China, according to the New York Times.

$150,000: approximate amount the company wired Lai's family after he was killed in the aluminum dust explosion.




How Wall Street KNOWINGLY Created The Crisis

Francis Fukuyama on the Financial Crisis

What I thought was most interesting about Michael Lewis's book, "The Big Short," was that there is, to this day, a view about the whole pathology of collateralised debt obligations (CDOs) – these highly complex, packaged mortgage securities – as well as the credit default swaps – the insurance contracts written on those securities – that Wall Street created them and they simply got out of hand. They didn’t anticipate it would be hard to value them, how they would be misused, and so forth. What Michael Lewis points out very forcefully is that they were deliberately created by Wall Street banks in order to produce non-transparent securities that could not be adequately evaluated by the rating agencies, which then could be sold to less sophisticated investors, who would buy the idea that this junk debt actually had triple A ratings. So what this book does quite brilliantly is show that there was actually a high degree of intentionality in creating the crisis.

The worst of all these securities are the so-called synthetic CDOs. A CDO is a bond that represents maybe a couple of thousand mortgages; a synthetic CDO is a group of hundreds of CDOs, all packaged into a single security. When you get to that level of complexity, no one can evaluate what this thing is worth. You can come up with sophisticated rationales for why this might actually follow some kind of market logic, but I think Lewis shows that the reason this happened is that they didn’t want anyone to be able to rate it.

via: http://andrewsullivan.thedailybeast.com/2012/01/how-wall-street-knowingly-created-the-crisis.html

Romney Family "Trail Of Fail" As Reported By Seamus

more Seamus:

Palin Defends Newt, Calls GOP Elites 'Cannibals'

Palin Defends Newt, Calls GOP Elites 'Cannibals'

(NEWSER) – The GOP establishment are "cannibals" who have adopted the "politics of personal destruction" to defend their "chosen one," writes Sarah Palin on her Facebook page. Although the Republican establishment has long fought the grass roots, from opposing Reagan in the 1970s to the Tea Party today, Palin said these latest attacks in Florida against Newt Gingrich represent a major shift—Republicans attacking other Republicans in a primary with the unfairness and ferocity one would expect from the left.

Palin notes that this is not just about Mitt Romney versus Gingrich—it's establishment versus grass roots and independents. After all, "the establishment has been just as dismissive of Ron Paul and Rick Santorum," she writes. The big challenge is not just replacing President Obama, but "who and what we will replace him with." She questions "whether the GOP establishment would ever employ the same harsh tactics they used on Newt against Obama. I didn't see it in 2008," Palin writes. "So, one must ask, who are they really running against?" (This is why Politico calls Palin Gingrich's "secret weapon."


Newt and Mooselini in cahoots? OH, GOODIE!

The Return Of Queen Esther

"What we do know, I think, is that Newt will not bow out if he loses Florida and may go on a scorched earth Palinite crusade to stop Mitt on Super Tuesday. And what we also know is that Palin is fanning the flames. If Newt were to do better than expected in Florida, her clout as a king-maker soars. And the chance that she would lead a Tea Party revolt at the Convention grows."

I mean what if Newt and Romney are so damaged by the end of this that neither has a chance. Could Queen Esther return?


.....says everything about both Dole and Newt:

"Why do people take such an instant dislike to me?" asked a perplexed Gingrich, to whom Dole bluntly explained: "Because it saves them time."

the rest is good too:

Impeach Obama? Grover Norquist predicts a rebellion if President Obama wins reelection

Impeach Obama?
Grover Norquist predicts a rebellion if President Obama wins reelection and doesn’t extend the Bush tax cuts.
By Nancy Cook
Updated: January 28, 2012 | 8:34 a.m.

NJ What if the Democrats still have control? What’s your scenario then?

NORQUIST Obama can sit there and let all the tax cuts]lapse, and then the Republicans will have enough votes in the Senate in 2014 to impeach. The last year, he’s gone into this huddle where he does everything by executive order. He’s made no effort to work with Congress.

NJ The Republicans seem more divided over tax policy than in the past. The House Republicans didn’t want to pass the payroll-tax holiday bill, even though that was a tax cut. Senator Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania proposed revenue increases as a super-committee member. Do you think the party is in disarray over its take on taxes?

NORQUIST Those are different things. Toomey is deciding on which unicorn he’d like if unicorns existed, and you’re asking me if I’m unhappy about his choice of a pet? There aren’t any unicorns. The Democrats are not going to make permanent what they said was their nonnegotiable plan for a 25 percent corporate and individual tax rate. The Democratic Party cannot physiologically do that.

NJ So you don’t get mad when Republicans propose tax increases if you feel they won’t come to fruition?


“If Obama is the food stamp president-then Bush was the planes crashing into buildings president"

Maher Mocks Conservatives as Racists and Defends Liberal Hatred of Bush


The one complaint they have is they really are sensitive about the idea that they are racist. And not all of them, of course, are. But then they do like nine racist things every week.

And this is what I want to say to them, is like stuff like this strikes me, like saying that you're threatened, Newt Gingrich calling Obama the "food stamp President" because he took office in a recession when people were needing more food stamps. It's like calling George Bush the "planes crashing into buildings President."

..............Say what you will about the left's hatred of Bush, at least we were hating on the real guy. We didn't invent a boogeyman who tanked the economy, took us to war on false pretenses, and tortured prisoners. That was the actual guy.

Read more: http://newsbusters.org/blogs/brad-wilmouth/2012/01/28/maher-mocks-conservatives-racists-and-defends-liberal-hatred-bush#ixzz1kmDTmnF1

Read more: http://newsbusters.org/blogs/brad-wilmouth/2012/01/28/maher-mocks-conservatives-racists-and-defends-liberal-hatred-bush#ixzz1kmDDalNn

Buffett rule could raise up to $50 billion per year while affecting just 0.8 percent of taxpayers.

A new analysis from Citizens for Tax Justice has determined that the Buffett rule as laid out in Obama’s SOTU could raise up to $50 billion per year to pay down the deficit, while affecting just 0.08 percent of taxpayers. – Analyzing the Buffett Rule


Citizens for Tax Justice has calculated that President Obama’s “Buffett Rule” would, if in effect this year, raise $50 billion in a single year and affect only the richest 0.08 percent of taxpayers — that’s just eight percent of the richest one percent of taxpayers. [...]

To calculate the $50 billion figure, we assumed that there would be a minimum tax that applies to adjusted gross income (AGI) minus charitable deductions. (We’ll call this modified AGI.)
We assumed that a taxpayer with modified AGI greater than $1 million would face a minimum tax of 30 percent of modified AGI. The taxpayer would pay whichever is greater, their personal income tax under the existing rules or this minimum tax.

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