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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 03:59 PM
Number of posts: 65,125

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It is DISGUSTING that the rich get to hide $ in the Caymans while saying the poor don't pay enough

Romney has said he was unemployed. He's right. He actually does nothing to earn most of his income. He's just in possession of a giant pile of cash. He pays some people to do stuff with that giant pile of cash so it earns a rate of return. And because we are ruled by horrible people who think the lives of the 1% are more important than everyone else, the tax rate on any money that pile of cash earns is much lower than it is on the money earned by people who actually work.


It is DISGUSTING that the rich get to hide $ in the Caymans while saying the poor don't pay enough

..................It is a disgusting outrage that the people who made wealth in the America we all worked together to build can hide that wealth in the Cayman Island to avoid taxes while demanding that the poor and working class pay more.


So here is a New Rule: [font color=purple]You are not a patriot if you hide money you made in America in the Cayman Islands to avoid taxes, and you're not allowed to call yourself a patriot until you put your money where your mouth is and take it out of the Cayman Islands and bring it all back to America where it came from.[/font]

Rant off

Screw these whiny multi-millionaire tax cheats.


New Research: People - DON'T - Get More Conservative as They Get Older

People Don't Get More Conservative as They Get Older

"Amidst the bipartisan banter of election season, there persists an enduring belief that people get more conservative as they age -- making older people more likely to vote for Republican candidates," according to Discovery News.

"Ongoing research, however, fails to back up the stereotype... In fact, studies show that people may actually get more liberal over time when it comes to certain kinds of beliefs. That suggests that we are not pre-determined to get stodgy, set in our ways or otherwise more inflexible in our retirement years."


take that tea-nutters...


ROMNEY’S FOUNDATION DONATED TO ANTI-GAY MARRIAGE GROUP | Mitt Romney 2012 tax returns reveal that the former Massachusetts governor donated more than $4 million to the Mormon Church, which is actively opposing marriage equality around the country. Last night, CNN reported that the Romneys’ Tyler Charitable Foundation also gave to the anti-gay Massachusetts Family Institute over a period of several years. The group opposes same-sex marriage in the state. Watch the report:

QUELLE horreur!-WTF Is a "European Welfare State"?

QUELLE horreur! One of the uglier revelations about President Obama emerging from the Republican primaries is that he is trying to turn the United States into Europe.

“He wants us to turn into a European-style welfare state,” warned Mitt Romney. Countless versions of that horrific vision creep into Romney’s speeches, suggesting that it would “poison the very spirit of America.”


Doesn't This Answer Lose The Conservatives For Romney?

Williams: What have you done to further the cause of conservatism as a Republican leader?

Romney:Well, number one, I've raised a family. With my wife we've raised five wonderful sons and have sixteen wonderful grandkids. Number two, I've worked in the private sector. The idea that somehow everything important for conservatism or for America happens in government is simply wrong.


Does Newt's Open Marriage Mean Cain Can Re-enter The Race?

Just asking after i saw this:

Herman Cain To Deliver Tea Party Response To Obama's 2012 State Of The Union Address

$60k a day!!!!!?

$60k a day!!!!!?

Mitt Romney Tax Returns Released: Paid Just 13.9% Rate In 2010, Had Swiss Bank Account


$42.5 million in income translates to roughly $60k a day, more than most Americans make in A YEAR. There's rich, and then there's ridiculously rich. Especially when your vast wealth has come at the hands of the employees of the companies you own.



Key passage from Reuters story ...

Romney kept a Swiss bank account until 2010, when he closed it because it posed a "political liability":

Romney advisers stressed that the holdings in the Caymans -- along with those in a Swiss bank account that was closed in 2010 after an investment adviser decided it could be politically embarrassing to Romney -- were reported on tax returns and were not vehicles to avoid taxes.


The Republican Spiritual Crisis

Judge says Obama must appear in ‘birther’ suit

Judge says Obama must appear in ‘birther’ suit

By Agence France-Presse
Monday, January 23, 2012

WASHINGTON — A judge in Georgia has ordered President Barack Obama to appear in court this week in a lawsuit challenging whether he is a natural-born US citizen qualified to be president.

The latest case was spawned by the so-called “birther” movement that has made claims — which have not been substantiated — that Obama was born overseas.

Although it is unclear whether a court could force a sitting president to appear in a court case, Georgia Deputy Chief Judge Michael Malihi has denied a motion by the president’s lawyer to quash a subpoena that requires Obama to show up.

A Georgia resident made the complaint, which is intended to keep Obama’s name off the state’s ballot in the March presidential primary.



Judge's order in ‘birther' case unlikely to draw Obama

The court will only be ordering Obama to appear once Taitz files, and the court grants, a motion to compel.

Go Newt! Go Go Go!!

Go Newt! Go Go Go!! I would advise all angry right wingers to donate as much money as possible to Newt's campaign. Please do it now - you are doing the right thing.


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