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This is not similar to the Obama kerfuffle in my opinion. With Obama, people were saying that he forged his birth certificate and was not born in Hawaii. He was born within the jurisdiction of the United States, he proved it ....and yet they all yammered on.

With Cruz, we know that he was not born within the jurisdiction of the United States, so, there's a legal question as to the meaning of natural born. With no Supreme Court decision directly on point, we can't know for sure what natural born means, all we can do is guess.

I'm so sick of this idea that feminism is all about the whims of the individual.

Feminism is a collective movement about changing those dominant systems that keep women relative and subordinate to men.

It's not about gee, i like this and I'm a woman, so all feminist MUST support me. Gee, it's my choice to think my man rules the household and it's his duty to hit me if I get out of line. Gee, it's my choice to allow men to determine my worth based on how sexy i am. Gee, it's my choice to let my husband control the finances and give me a small allowance.

No. A woman does not either support every single individual choice ever made by a woman or else not be a feminist. I'm sick of the ignorance and extreme oversimplification of women's "choices" and "consent" in a patriarchal society. It's BS and the idea was marketed to us by sex industry profiteers.
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