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Roland99's Journal
Roland99's Journal
December 10, 2020

Adam Klasfeld Twitter thread on ANOTHER Federal election case in WI. You'll love this

Meanwhile, federal proceedings are about to begin in another Wisconsin case with Trump as plaintiff.

His appointee U.S. District Judge Brett Ludwig is presiding.

(Multiple Trump-appointees have rejected similar suits.)

Follow along with me in the thread.

The kicker!

Bock argues that the election must be voided and thrown out because of ballot policies drawn up months ago and not objected to until after Trump lost, even if there is not a drop of evidence of fraud and they don't allege it.

Really. That's the argumen

This sums it up, "irregardless" of the will of the people.
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Alan Feuer

Bock's argument is basically:
Ballot drop boxes are never mentioned in state election code.
They're inherently dodgy.
WI officials set them up months ago with somewhat hasty procedures.
Therefore, weeks after the election, the vote should be nullified.
December 10, 2020

Jeezus. Twitler on a vote fraud rampage. Lmao

Not linking but go look if you want a morning laugh

December 10, 2020

On This Day

1520 Martin Luther publicly burns papal edict demanding he recant

1684 Isaac Newton's derivation of Kepler's laws from his theory of gravity, contained in the paper De motu corporum in gyrum, is read to the Royal Society by Edmond Halley

1799 Metric system first adopted in France

1901 First Nobel Peace Prizes awarded to Red Cross founder Jean Henri Dunant and peace activist Frederic Passy

1936 Edward VIII signs Instrument of Abdication, giving up the British throne to marry American divorcee Wallis Simpson

1964 Nobel Peace Prize presented to Dr Martin Luther King Jr. in Oslo
December 10, 2020

1-54! BREAKING: Arizona Federal Court DISMISSES Kraken conspiracy lawsuit.

BREAKING: Arizona Federal Court DISMISSES Kraken conspiracy lawsuit.

"Allegations that find favor in the public sphere of gossip and innuendo cannot be a substitute for earnest pleadings"

Trump and his allies are now 1-54 in post-election litigation.


December 9, 2020

Orange County, FL Mayor puts bite in the COVID violation order. First fines have been levied!


@OrangeCoFL has issued its first 2 citations under @OCFLMayor's executive order allowing businesses to be fined for Covid-19 violations. Hong Fu (restaurant/bar) & Universal Hyundai (car dealership) must pay $300. They can contest in court but then fine goes up to $500.

The following businesses received warnings. "They have 14 days to get into compliance before another strike team visit. If the business is found to be not in compliance after the follow up visit, a citation will be issued. If found in compliance, the warning will be moot."

December 9, 2020

DESPERATION - Seventeen states filed a brief in the Supreme Court just now in support of Texas

Seventeen states filed a brief in the Supreme Court just now in support of Texas' request that the justices throw out the results of the presidential election in four other states that didn't support President Trump.

Here's the amicus brief, which is led by Missouri.

This is the product of a lot Republicans in a lot of states using their offices to try to throw out the votes of millions of people in other states who failed to support President Trump.

the gist (from the ToC)
ARGUMENT ...............................................................3
I. The Separation-of-Powers Provision of the
Electors Clause Is a Structural Check on
Government That Safeguards Liberty ......4
II. Stripping Away Safeguards From Voting by
Mail Exacerbates the Risks of Fraud ........8
III. The Bill of Complaint Alleges that the Defendant States Unconstitutionally Abolished Critical Safeguards Against Fraud in
Voting by Mail ..........................................16

So...whining that there was potential or possible fraud just by the nature of having mail-in ballots but no proof of any such fraud

Extending the Deadline to Receive Ballots.
The Bill of Complaint alleges that a non-legislative
actor in Pennsylvania—its Supreme Court—extended
the statutory deadline to receive absentee and mail-in
ballots without authorization from the “Legislature
thereof,” and that it directed that ballots with illegible
postmarks or no postmarks at all would be deemed
timely if received within the extended deadline. Bill
of Complaint, ¶¶ 48, 55. Again, these non-legislative
changes raise concerns about election integrity in
Pennsylvania. They created a post-election window of
time during which nefarious actors could wait and see
whether the Presidential election would be close, and
whether perpetrating fraud in Pennsylvania would be
worthwhile. And they enhanced the opportunities for
fraud by mandating that late ballots must be counted
even when they are not postmarked or have no legible
postmark, and thus there is no evidence they were
mailed by Election Day.
These changes created needless vulnerability to
actual fraud and undermined public confidence in the
election. As the Department of Justice’s Manual of
Federal Prosecution of Election Offenses states, “the
conditions most conducive to election fraud are close
factional competition within an electoral jurisdiction
for an elected position that matters.” DOJ Manual, at
2-3. “[E]lection fraud is most likely to occur in
electoral jurisdictions where there is close factional
competition for an elected position that matters.” Id.
at 27. That statement exactly describes the conditions
in each of the Defendant States in the recent
Presidential election.

So, PA *SET ASIDE* any and all ballots received AFTER election day and, AFAIK, have not yet included them in any official count of votes. So the claim that those were fraudulent ballots to affect an election falls on completely deaf ears and in no way is any sort of evidence of any kind of fraud

this is a FARCE
December 9, 2020


Many of the headlines on the new administration offer get it wrong by emphasizing the headline cost, which makes it sound serious. The key thing is the refusal to extend unemployment benefits, which is cruel and stupid 1/


THIS IS NOT ABOUT STIMULUS. As some of us emphasized all along, when a pandemic is raging the goal shouldn't be to goose the economy but to provide disaster relief to those who can't work because their usual jobs spread the virus 2/

This was true at the beginning: 3/

And it's true now, as our negligence has created a wave of infections and deaths bigger than we suffered in the spring 4/

Sending everyone a $600 check totally misses the point. Most people don't need it; meanwhile it's utterly inadequate for those who do need help. Why would anyone propose swapping out unemployment aid for this? 5/

I actually don't know where this is coming from. One possibility is that Trump, still deluded in the belief that he can steal the election, wants another round of checks with his name on them 6/

Another is that Mnuchin is just stupid, that after all this time he still doesn't understand the basics of pandemic economics. OK, I guess these aren't mutually exclusive 7/

Somehow this makes me even angrier than McConnell's stonewalling. MM is at least evil in an understandable way. What we're seeing here, in the final economic act of the Trump admin, is a special mix of cruelty and cluelessness 8/
December 8, 2020

BREAKING: Michigan Federal Court DENIES Republican motion (1-51 in court cases now!)

BREAKING: Michigan Federal Court DENIES Republican motion to maintain and preserve election data and machines for inspection.

Trump and his allies are now 1-51 in post-election litigation.
December 8, 2020

Deadliest Days in American History (a whole bunch of WOW here)


A friend of mine posted this on FB. Astounding how many deaths are occurring each and every day yet all this admin worries about is grifting its supporters and dragging out the election "fight"

ANY republican that fails to speak up publicly is complicit in all of these deaths!

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