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Gender: Male
Hometown: Louisville, KY
Current location: Central FL
Member since: Thu Sep 16, 2004, 02:03 PM
Number of posts: 53,230

Journal Archives

A key series of questions to ask of #MAGA

"Do you like it when someone lies to you?" (answer should be 'no')

"Do you tend to give someone a 2nd or even 3rd chance?" (answer is probably 'yes')

"What if this person lied so much that it was constant?
What if you knew, deep down, that this person was untrustworthy, worse than a used-car salesman from 30 years ago?
What if this person let you down time and time again?

Would you still put your faith and trust in that person or look elsewhere for guidance?"

If the answer to that LAST question is STILL 'Yes', then that person is gone. Too far gone. Beyond the point of repair.

Sooo....white supremacists/trump supporters are NOT instigating the violence? Hmmmm...

trump is the one encouraging the violence and has stoked the violence

And it is, in large part, coming from his own supporters who are instigators, inciting violence where protesters are peaceful

Nazi's Caught Dressing As BLM Protestors To Instigate Riots

White supremacists pose as Antifa online and instigate violence

Gov Walz: Organized Groups Now Using Protests to ‘Break the Back of Civil Society’

Police: Richmond riots instigated by white supremacists disguised as Black Lives Matter

Mystery 'Umbrella Man' Vandal From Minnesota: Police Say He’s A White Supremacist Instigator

Trump’s words show that yes, he has encouraged violence

'No Blame?' ABC News finds 54 cases invoking 'Trump' in connection with violence, threats, alleged assaults.

Were white supremacists following Trump's advice about dealing with protesters?

trump supporters spraying mace/pepper spray on protesters:

Cutely done....today's Google "Doodle" - Alexandre Dumas


Shouldn't pi have been called cake?

Pies aren’t square. Cakes are. Pies are round.

Thank you. You’ve been a lovely audience. Good night.

LincolnsBible thread - Linking trump org to Manhattan mob


The President and Organized Crime:

- Thread -

Seatbelts on.
You’re gonna hear some audio.
Let’s f*cking do this, shall we?

First, context:
What does it mean to be “mobbed-up”? Well…
It depends on what you do for them - the mafia. /1

It’s an on-going thread but here’s the connection (btw, Fear City is a must-see)




O M G! What are the odds?? This is a-moo-zing!! Nunes and the Cow!

The ultimate tweet of the day!

Just close the Internet for the day. It’s over.

There was a bum steer on my flight this morning. Cow face#TravelingWithDevin

Mother Nature FTW!!

Hurricane Laura Rips Down 'South's Defenders' Confederate Statue In Lake Charles
Just two weeks ago, the Calcasieu Parish Police Jury – similar to a county commission or council — voted to keep the Confederate monument in its place next to a large oak tree at the courthouse. As Laura mangled the statue, its winds also ripped several limbs from the tree, leaving the grass littered with debris.

Yeah. Oh yeah.


TFW when you get the grass cut right before it rains


Just caught this tune. It's just so glaring the chasm of difference of the meaning of FREEDOM between left/right

For liberals, freedom is to live & work w/no judgment or prejudice

For MAGAts, freedom is pushing religion onto others & walking around w/guns

A little help here? Ummm

Go to the 1:39 mark


What’s a “human sex drug trafficker”?

Is she referring to rush Limbaugh maybe?
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